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Oceania » Cook Islands » Aitutaki January 29th 2019

For all the internet researchers who have stumbled across Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, firstly kudos for the meticulous research on potential travel destinations. And if by chance you clicked on google images of this paradise, I can understand if some skepticism may be creeping in. Perhaps you're wondering if an island could possibly be as beautiful and captivating as the images portray, has there been some liberal use of photoshop? Well my friends, rest assured Aitutaki is everything and more than you could ever imagine. For my part, nearly a week has passed in wonderful Rarotonga, when all the talk revolved around a visit to this tropical wonderland. A few guests from the hostel were keen to take the plunge, and I formed the impression that most visitors to the Cook Islands have a visit ... read more
Transluscent lagoon
Island resort
Beach scene

Oceania » Cook Islands » Aitutaki September 7th 2018

There's a saying on the island that there's no blue like Aitutaki blue, and they're not lying. I've been incredibly lucky to visit some incredibly beautiful places, but when it comes to amazing blue water - one of my favorite things - Aitutaki was absolutely mind blowing. You don't want to know how many pictures I have of nothing but water. The main island is surrounded by the amazing lagoon and all sorts of postcard-perfect smaller islands (called motus). It's the sight of all sorts of Survivor-like shows, and a few of the motus were closed for filming something called "Shipwreck" while we were there. Pretty-ness aside, it's also one of my favorite islands to visit. It's tiny, maybe 2,000 people?, and primarily gets supplies delivered once a month by a cargo ship. As a visitor, ... read more
Colorful gas station (there was a matching shop across the street)
Soccer field in the main town (also the departure point of some lagoon tours)
View heading up to the top of the island

Oceania » Cook Islands » Aitutaki July 25th 2018

Stewdate: 25-07-18 After checking out of the Rarotonga Pacific Resort, I was transferred by mini-coach to the Rarotonga Domestic Airport and connected with Air Rarotonga GZ614 (on a Saab 340 turbo-prop) for a mid-morning 40-minute flight to the second largest Cook Island of Aitutaki. On arrival, I had a short 10-minute transfer to the Henry-family owned "Tamanu Beach Resort " on the west coast of the island for a 5-night stay in a 1-bedroom bungalow. The hospitality at the resort was evident with being greeted on arrival at reception with a fruit juice and being shown to the bungalow before noon!. This is a lovely place for just relaxing / walking on the beach / snorkelling on the reef. Enjoyed a relaxing evening meal (lamb rack) and Lion Red beer at the Tamanu Restaurant & Bar. ... read more
Stew - Aitutaki Lagoon
Maina Superstore (Arutanga)
Aitutaki's highest point (Maunga-pu)

Oceania » Cook Islands » Aitutaki April 12th 2015

Hi everyone, had a fantastic day yesterday (well everyday is like that !) but this was great, we made the painful decision to go to another island, the catch is, you can only get to these other places by planes !! Oh yes, back to that one again, so we put our brave heads on and booked to go to Aitutaki which was a 40 minute plane journey away. Ok, 40 minutes isn't long but it is if you're scared !! We got picked up very very early, except that I was awake at 04.30 because the Rooster started yelling !! We were met at the airport by the guide called Paul where we met the other parties. Onto the airstrip we went, quivering might I add !! Didn't even go through security, got a ticket ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Aitutaki May 9th 2013

THE We left Sydney at 6pm on 1st May and flew via Auckland to Rarotonga, capital of the Cook Islands for the penultimate leg of our adventure. We then arrived at 3pm on 1st May...despite completing two flights and a 9 hour stopover at Auckland, we had arrived 3 hours earlier than when we had set off!! We had crosssed the international date line and gone back a crazy is that?! There had been a cock up with the booking when we arrived in Auckland .... we thought we were 'in transit' but it appeared to be two seperate flights instead. So, we had had to briefly enter New Zealand again to collect our luggage and then immediately check in again and go through customs again. This was a real flying visit and the quickest ... read more
Back in Auckland - flying visit!
Our bungalow at Sunrise
Gravestone outside the front door!

Oceania » Cook Islands » Aitutaki February 13th 2012

Det har altid været en drøm for mig, at opleve en ægte Stillehavs ø, sådan lidt i stil med det man ser i Robinson, dog under lidt mere ordnede forhold, og dog uden der bliver alt for kommercialiseret. Derfor vidste jeg, da rejsen igen gik til New Zealand, at jeg måtte bruge nogen dage til at finde sådan en, da New Zealand nok er det tætteste ”land” man kommer disse øer. Derfor havde jeg hjemmefra udset mig Cook Øerne, som min destination, som ikke er så kendt og opskruet som Fiji eller så dyr som Tahiti. Den er dog heller ikke helt ukendt, hvilke jo også har noget at sige, da jeg gerne skulle kunne betale mig fra at komme dertil J. Efter billetten var købt fra Auckland til hoved øen Rarotonga, gik det lidt op ... read more
Aitutaki lufthavn.
Min hytte ved vandet.
Udsigten fra huset.

Oceania » Cook Islands » Aitutaki January 18th 2011

Blog #31 – The Cook Islands – Aitutaki – Jan. 12th to 15th, 2011 - then home to Canada - This is the second largest, second most visited, and second most populated island in the Cooks with 2500 people. When we reached the airport the ticket agent asked if we were Jim and Carole. “Yes” we replied, “but how did you know?” “Everyone else on the flight is local” she answered. It reminded me very much of flying to Old Crow. The flight took 45 minutes – just long enough to drink a coke and read the daily paper thoroughly. It seems strange that there is an outer world – flooding in Queensland, shootings in Texas… Everything on Aitutaki is on a somewhat less sophisticated scale than Raratonga, and time runs even more slowly. I like ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Oceania » Cook Islands » Aitutaki September 20th 2010

INDIANAPOLIS -- Things worth noting from the Giants' loss to the Colts on Sunday: What it means: That the New York Giants aren’t in the Peyton Manning/Indianapolis Colts class yet. They can beat the Carolina Panthers, but they aren’t among the elite. When the schedule came out, though, did you really think the Giants were winning this one? The Giants at 1-1 after a 38-14 loss to the Colts is what we expected. Tomorrow’s talker: The Giants seemed so wary of the pass game that they may have overdone it with with the extra defensive backs. That made it easier for the Colts to run it, and Joseph Addai and Donald Brown looked just great with the ball in their hands, combining for 161 yards and a 4.5 average. Addai looked particularly fresh, decisive and darting. ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Aitutaki April 19th 2010

From Rarotonga, I took a 4-day break to Aitutaki, a group of small islands in a fantastic paradise lagoon. It's a 50 minute flight in a tiny 15-seater airplane with amazing views of the islands and the lagoon. Unfortunately for Aitutaki, it was hit by a cyclone about 2 months ago, destroying a lot of nature and houses on the island. Luckily, most of all the businesses were back up and running again, and the islands were still beautiful to visit. The lagoon was not damaged. I stayed with Gina, a local "queen" who has a four lodge garden. Officially, she really is a queen, although the meaning is somewhat different I think. She didn't really have a court or anything, but she was a queen after all! I was the only one staying at her ... read more
Aitutaki from the air
Island and snorkelling trip
Island and snorkelling trip - Paradise!

Oceania » Cook Islands » Aitutaki April 19th 2009

Breakfast LV - same same TC 5 slices pawpaw, tiny banana, 5 pieces watermelon, coconut slices Filtered coffee Lunch: no shops open for pies - I seriously did go searching - so forced to go to Samade on the Beach (O'otu) BBQ tuna, chicken. Curried Pawpaw salsa, crunchy salad with green, orange and red capsicum, crispy potato bake. One of our best - and cheapest meals, with a gorgeous view of the lagoon (and the St Kentigern's rugby team cavorting in the water). Tiger beer Dinner: BBQ at Tamanu ... read more
O'otu Beach
Samade Lunch
Samade on the Beach

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