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The next zoo that I visited is a much smaller place called the Armadale Reptile and Wildlife Centre (formerly just the Armadale Reptile Centre) which is in the City of Armadale, south east of Perth. It is actually located very near to the next two places I will be writing about in this thread, the Cohunu Koala Park, and Wungong Dam (a birding site) and the three could very easily be done together if you wanted to (though I did them on three separate trips because they aren’t too far from where I stayed in Perth). The Reptile and Wildlife Centre is a very small place with mostly very cheaply built enclosures. As well as being a zoo open to visitors, it also functions as a rescue and rehabilitation centre for native wildlife. As far as ... read more

The next zoo that I visited was AQWA, the Aquarium of Western Australia which is located in Hillarys Boat Harbour in the town/suburb of Hillarys which is quite a way north of Perth. It's not a huge aquarium, but has a wide range of species and exhibits from across Western Australia. From the outside the aquarium was quite a large building located right on the coastline. Just inside the entrance to the aquarium is a row of five small tanks, each representing the one of the different geographical sections that the aquarium is divided into, with each representing a different part of the Western Australian coastline separated by latitude. These different sections are the Perth Coast, Shipwreck Coast, Great Southern Coast, Far North Coast, and Coral Coast. The aquarium also has two sections that are not ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth July 6th 2016

The next zoo that I visited after Caversham was two days later when I visited Perth Zoo. At Perth Zoo there were a couple of things that I particularly wanted to see that I knew were not guaranteed sightings because they were often hiding. These were species in the nocturnal house, the Dampier Peninsula Monitor, and the Numbats, and as a result I ended up doing the zoo in a bit of a weird order starting with the nocturnal house which is at the other side of the zoo. So I got to the zoo at about quarter to ten (the zoo opens at nine) because I wasn’t actually staying in the city itself but in the Perth Hills a little way away. I started by heading straight to the nocturnal house because I wanted to ... read more

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Caversham Wildlife Park is quite a large zoo located a bit of a way North-east of Perth but still within the Perth suburbs. The zoo almost exclusively holds Australian native animals, and has a rather impressive species list with not too far below 200 species. I was particularly impressed at the diversity of native bird species held. The zoo is located within Whiteman Park which is a large recreational park with lots of bushland and lots of wild Western Grey Kangaroos which can be seen easily on the drive up to the zoo. I believe there are lots of birding opportunities in the park as well, but I didn’t actually have time to spend birding because the zoo does take quite a few hours to see thoroughly and is a bit of a drive from Perth. ... read more

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So, what did I take? The following list (I have a fantastic spreadsheet but I can't work out how to cut/paste into this blog- nothing I try will work with the formatting, so..... I have very laboriously retyped everything). My original spreadsheet has all of the weights/totals/subtotals and links to the products. Below is just a list of items. The spreadsheet was a work of art- lots of colour coding.... There's a couple of snaps of the list with weights - suboptimal pics I know! What worked? I have star rated and made a few comments. I had a lot of confidence in what I had packed and on the whole was really pleased. I actually had a light fleece zip jacket added into my gear at Pemberton I think but sneakily I managed to offload ... read more
Dodgy Pics Of List

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth June 27th 2016

So I wasn’t sure quite how to approach the almost five weeks I had in Perth with regards to this thread. Most of the time was actually not doing anything very interesting, and I only did some birding in the mornings and evenings, and fitted stuff in whenever I could. Though my day trip to Rottnest Island certainly deserves its own post, and I plan to review the six different zoos that I visited while in Perth. There were also little bits and pieces of birding and wildlife watching here and there that deserve a mention so in this post I’m going to go through week by week what I did mentioning the noteworthy wildlife here and there and making a note of the stuff that I’m going to give separate posts to. ---------- Week One ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth June 11th 2016

This was my last day in Perth before my much anticipated Queensland trip and I spent the morning birding with my aunt who I was staying with before being picked up by my other aunt who I was doing the Queensland trip with. It’s a bit confusing isn’t it! Anyway, we started the morning by heading to a small lake between King’s Park and the Swan River, however the day did start particularly well with three Carnaby's Cockatoos in a tree right outside the house just as I was getting into the car. When we approached the lake we were met by quite a few darters sunning themselves right next to the path and perched on a bench. They seem to be really common all around the Perth area and I saw loads along the Swan ... read more

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After breakfast, we headed out for a day of birding to possibly central Perth’s best and most famous birding site, Herdsman Lake. This promised to be a very good day of birding… but the weather disagreed. It was raining in the morning and continued raining as we drove to Herdsman lake. When we got there it was still raining so we parked near the visitor centre and ran in to look around. There were several live animal exhibits here and various displays about wildlife, introduced species, etc. The live animals held were King’s Skink, Motorbike Frog, Splendid Tree Frog, Oblong Turtle, Western Bluetongue, and a tank with introduced fish species. Now the thing I’m wondering about – is this a zoo? Also in the visitor centre on an upstairs floor was a bird hide looking out ... read more

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Now having more or less adjusted to Western Australia time I was able to get up for an early morning walk in the bushland and rural housing in the local area where I was staying in Kalamunda. This started with a pair of White-cheeked Honeyeaters signing prominently in a plant with spikey leaves and yellow flowers that I have been told is called parrot brush. This plant is very popular with honeyeaters and I was able to find all four of the species that are commonly found in Perth in the clumps of these plants which are New Holland, Singing, Brown, and White-cheeked Honeyeaters. There were also quite a few Common Bronzewing Pigeons sitting on the paths as we went past. We soon left the bushland area and walked along a suburban road where, much to ... read more

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he next day I got up over an hour earlier at around nine o’clock for a bit of a longer trip for birding. We headed to a slightly further away area to visit some parts around Beelu National Park. We parked in a place called Fred Jacoby Park which is an area planted with some introduced plants however despite this some slightly more unusual birds were around including Grey Currawong and Splendid Fairy-wren. We then continued further away, passing a few extremely noisy Red-tailed Black Cockatoos, and into some more natural woodland where some very cool birds started to turn up. These included several lifers such as Varied Sitella, Western Spinebill, Western Yellow Robin, and some unusual birds that I had seen in the past such as Rufous Treecreeper, Golden Whistler, and Red-capped Parrot and I ... read more

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