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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City May 9th 2015

Good day all We hope this message finds you fit and well. Firstly apologies to family and friends who have recently celebrated birthdays for failing to send you our wishes but we've had something on our minds - a car! Unfortunately Trev and I were involved in a serious car accident on Friday 1 May trying to outrun a cyclone that was due to hit Coral Bay/Exmouth area in Western Australia where we were staying. We hit a big patch of standing water, lost control of our lovely 'Pippa' Pajero which flipped and rolled 3 times and crashed on the opposite side of the highway. Verity was very lucky to walk away with only a fractured right wrist and stitchesto a laceration on the same arm. Poor Trev came off far worse with compound & compressed ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City February 5th 2015

Wow! Its 38° in Perth We take a taxi, driven by a very still and quite man, and arrive at the hotel all OK, we did drive past the WACA, After a snooze we go out to explore the local area we walk along the river watching the sun set, we end up at a pub called the lucky shag! Great food a real buzz but thankfully no shags involved ;-) Day 2, up early to catch a boat for a wine tasting cruise, very relaxing with lots of wine, it wasn't really tasting more like drinking:-) with a trip around the winery and then lunch with 8 more wines to drink, followed by fortified wines (port) which we declined, caught the boat back, a very relaxing day. Was woken up during the night with a ... read more
our wine tasting and dinner Hic hic!
Big boat to Rottnest Island
Fast RIB around the island

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City February 5th 2015

Our taxi arrives on time to take us to kulua Lumpur airport, cases loaded and off we go, but the driver seems to have a problem in that he can't sit still! He keeps bouncing! I can't take my eyes off of him as I try to work out the problem, does he need the loo, has he got a condition, has he got a bug up his bum, ( or something else for that matter) there's no bag filling up anywhere! But this bloke cannot keep still, the car is all over the place, I look over to Keith for some reassurance but hes got his eyes closed as if nothing is going on ( best to stay quite here!) . 45 minutes later we arrive at the airport all in one piece, thankfully I ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City January 29th 2015

We have just walked around the WACA (for those uninitiated amongst you ) this is the Western Australia Cricket Association ground in Perth, 😍 just a stones throw from our hotel. I was convinced that I could smell the leather of the koocabura but keith thought it was more like curry. Then as we walked back to our hotel I saw Steven Finn 😃in a restaurant.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City January 23rd 2015

We love a day out in Perth City Centre. This is such a busy colourful city where tourists and locals enjoy the great summer living and buzz of so much activity. We can catch a bus close to Michael's place to Butler Railway Station, and then direct into the city centre by train. Total journey time is about 1:15 which is quite convenient. One thing we have noticed is that in Perth they love their bronze statues. Be they historical figures, or representations of wild life, there are many to view. One of my favourites is the clown doing a hand stand in the Hay Street Mall. The set of kangaroos down by the Supreme Court Museum is worthy of note too. We find the map confusing to tell you where this is - it could ... read more
Tail of the snake
Plumeria take 2
Time for a drink

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City December 31st 2014

Ce petit voyage avait été prévu depuis un moment. L'itinéraire est: Perth - Wave Rock - Esperance - Albany - Walpole - Pemberton - Perth et décision dernière minute: Pinnacles et Lancelin; un peu plus de 2000 km en 5 jours !!! Cette fois ci ce n'était que Valentina et moi. 31 décembre: direction Wave Rock pour notre première escale à 4h de route de Perth dans les terres. Après avoir quitté Perth les routes ont commencé a être désertes. On croisait quelques voitures de temps en temps. Les paysages étaient chouette; les arbres verts, l'herbe jaune, la terre rouge et le ciel d'un beau bleu. Par contre les routes sont toutes droites tout le long et donc c'est de temps en temps très ennuyeux ! Il n'y a pas grand chose en route, juste quelques ... read more
New Year roadtrip WA - Wave Rock(38)
New Year roadtrip WA - Cape le Grand National Park Esperance(764)
New Year roadtrip WA - Cape le Grand National Park Esperance(766)

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City December 26th 2014

Décision de dernière minute: on (Valentina et moi) loue une voiture et on part pendant 3 jours au sud. On demande la veille au soir si un de nos colloc veut se joindre a nous et le matin même du 26 décembre un de ses ami vient aussi avec nous, nous voila donc 2 français, une italienne et un allemand en route pour un petit bout de route. On roule donc en direction de Bunburry: on s'est juste arrêtés pour manger un bout, et pour voir un petit phare noir et blanc. Ensuite Busselton où on est aller directement à la jetée pour le coucher du soleil. C'est une jetée de presque 2 km. C'était vraiment chouette; il y avait de belles couleurs. On a décider d'aller passer la nuit à Dunsborough pour passer la nuit ... read more
Xmas roadtrip WA - Busselton (443)
Xmas roadtrip WA - Busselton (456)
Xmas roadtrip WA - Busselton (403)

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City December 14th 2014

Avec 30°C en moyenne dehors je n'arrive pas du tout à avoir l'esprit de Noël cette année, mais je voulais quand même partager quelques photos de la ville illuminée pour cette période. Le décalage avec les températures et les décorations sont assez bizarre pour moi. Voir des sapins de Noël en debardeurs et short ce n'est pas tous les jours que ça arrive. C'était de même pour mon anniversaire que j'ai passé pour la première fois en faisant 1 barbecue au bord de la rivière par un magnifique soleil ! Je dois avouer que je préfère un Noël avec -20°C et de la neige jusqu'au cou ! ... read more
Mon anniversaire à la rivière
Mon anniversaire à la rivière
Hay street

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City November 7th 2014

I love a great night out as much as the next guy, so when I heard that my good buddy, Jason, from college was finally tying the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Tammy, I was ready for the bucks night challenge. Jason and I had been close ever since we pre-gamed for a big football together as juniors in college. We met on the morning of the game and hung out all through the day. That weekend was one of the best weekends of my life. We partied all night long and into the morning, and I certainly felt it that Monday in class. Ever since college, we have been in touch. I go to visit him in Perth, Australia where he lives with Tammy, and he comes to New York to visit me sometimes. We’re ... read more
Perth Bucks Night
Perth Bucks Night

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City October 12th 2014

Voici quelques photos de Caversham Wildlife Park qui se situe a environ 30 minutes en voiture de Perth. Je suis allee avec deux de mes collocs, Valentina et Rodrigo. On a passe une tres bonne apres midi.... read more
Perth. Caversham Wildlife park (17)
Perth. Caversham Wildlife park (27)
Perth. Caversham Wildlife park (28)

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