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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City December 19th 2015

Just spent an overnighter at The FourPoints By Sheraton in the city. We were going to see the Hugh Jackman show "From Broadway To Oz" at the Perth Arena, so we decided to make a night of it and stay at a hotel as well. Kinda like being a tourist in your own city. The FourPoints is right across the road from the Perth Arena so it made sense to stay there. The hotel itself has had many names over the years including The Orchard Hotel and The Grand Chancelor and to be honest it wasn't on the top of my list for Perth hotels I wanted to stay in but we figured it's close so why not. We drove up (dropped off by my daughter) and were greeted straight away by a staff member who ... read more
Room FourPoints By Sheraton Perth
Bathroom - FourPoints By Sheraton Perth
Bathroom FourPoints By Sheraton Perth

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City November 5th 2015

I always looked on frequent flyer points and the like with distrust and an "it's all too hard" attitude. Well that was until my wonderful son started to show me some tips on how to make the points/system work for me. Here's some hints about points: Credit Cards It's not about spending money and waiting for the points to trickel in... That's going to take a life time for most of us mear mortals. So start looking at cards that offer points when you sign up. Take Amex, there is a current promotion on that if you sign up for a card (depending on the type) you can get up to 80,000 points! That's basically a one way ticket to the UK from Australia! And all you actually pay is the annual card fee (again about ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City October 29th 2015

The next thing on my to do list was updating my passport. This is something I always dread doing...I mean in a world where doing things completely online is the 'norm', we still have to fill out a mountain of paperwork, get two photos done (you know the ones were everyone looks like Mr Bean, a drug mule or worse!) and then wait in line to get the paperwork sorted by a 'happy little camper' at the Post Office! But this time around it was actually an easy process and almost a pleasant experience. So if your not up to date with the changes in renewing an adult passport in Australia, you can now do the paperwork on line. It took about 5 mins to complete. Just a few basic details and it was done, just ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City October 26th 2015

I am backtracking a little here as the the last stages of the blog yesterday were written under extreme tiredness. As I was writing as my eyes were closing and I didn't go into as much detail as I may have liked. Sunday After we arrived at the hotel by taxi, we went into reception snd our booking was found easily enough. Our room is on the Penthouse floor, although I wouldn't set your imagination of luxury running to high. The place is ok, but a little tired and far from new. At best 2 star, but more than adequate for our needs for a couple of days. We are paying more at AU$ 310 for two nights bed and breakfast, which is more than we did at the Ramada Plaza in Bangkok. We settled in ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City October 25th 2015

Saturday Time for more travelling, today we leave Thailand and head for Perth, via Sydney. Our flight is 18.25, so we have a little time earlier in the day, to do a couple of things. We packed, went down to the lobby area to leave our luggage at the concierge and pay our bill at reception. The service as always at the hotel was excellent. Our total bill at the hotel for the four nights was TB 10,117, which works out roughly £25 per person per night. Not bad for a five star hotel. We had spotted a couple of places of interest along the road, the first being The Protestant cemetery. A cemetery created a number of years ago that allowed somewhere for foreigners that died in Bangkok to be buried. Protestant was probably stretching ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City October 22nd 2015

Having not travelled internationally for nearly 10 years and a big reason for that is being a BBW airlines/tour operators just don't cater for anyone who is slightly larger than average let alone a BBW! But last week with the help and push along from my 20 year old son, I decided to get off my "fat butt" and get back into travelling. So we started to book some flights. It was then it dawned on me, perhaps there are other BBW and BBM who freak out about the thought of travelling and want to know if this airline, that airline etc will suit their needs. Hence this blog! I don't head off until July 2016 but will be counting down and updating the blog regularly before and during the trip.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City October 22nd 2015

Talking to fellow BBW/BBM travellers we have come up with the top three fears when travelling on planes So first fear... Seats - Will my butt look big in that seat? Aka... Will I fit in the seat? Second fear... Tray Table - Will the tray table make in down flat or will it be another flight of not eating just because the tray table can't lay flat cause it gets caught on my stomach? Third fear... Seat Belt - Well more an embarrassment than fear... Getting an extension for the seat belt. Seats ... Consider that the average economy seat width is only 17-18 inches and the average traveller is getting wider and wider... It makes no sense to make the seats so small. But I guess passenger comfort doesn't get in the way of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City June 14th 2015

First up, its a Happy Birthday to our son Eden! Sorry we didnt get to spend time with you today! We didn't post the blog last night because we decided to go to a movie last minute. We saw Jurassic park. It was okay, a big screen movie and the theatre was MASSIVE, a bit of a culture shock for us country bumpkins! But the popcorn and icecreams were awesome so thats what its all about! Oh bad news! The split system in the Bago was brand new when we headed out on this journey. The cooling element has been given a real workout since we left. But the first night in Perth was the first time we turned the heating on.. (sigh...) Within an hour it made a loud pop and stopped working! Arghhh! We ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City June 12th 2015

Well dear me, we knew it was going to happen, as you travel south its bound to get colder... But none the less its a bit sad to know there'll be no more blinding heat, high humidity, warm salt water and sun tans... Oh well.... It all started at about 3 am this morning! The lightening lit up the Bago and the thunder rolled across the sky from one side to the other. Then the rain! The Bago was totally shocked! Whats this 'precipitation' thing you talk about???? We have only rain once in the whole trip and that was in the hire car in Cape Tribulation and the Bago stayed basking in the sun at Port Douglas. So he was a bit shocked! It rained quite a bit on the way in to Perth also. ... read more
Lancelin surf beach
Lancelin surf beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City June 6th 2015

Elle pourrait se résumer aux 3 mots suivants: fun, friends and family. Le choix initial relève plus ou moins du hasard: un bref passage par un site comparateur de prix, puis un passage avisé par Trip Advisor pour observer les commentaires. Les auberges les moins chères n'étant clairement pas recommandées. Me voici donc au Witch's hat (littéralement le chapeau de la sorcière) à 15 minutes à pied du centre-ville. Une petite auberge sympathique (50 lits environ) avec une cour intérieure et des grandes tables sur lesquelles on prend nos repas, une grande cuisine collective et un salon avec quatre canapés bien confortables (mieux qu'Acticall !). L'ambiance est bon enfant et on se sent limite comme à la maison. Un beau melting-pot de nationalités. En grande majorité, l'Europe est représentée avec les français, britanniques, allemands, irla... read more
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Pizza night

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