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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Norseman September 28th 2016

A quick exit from Eucla saw us on the road around 8.30 am on Tuesday. We were aiming for a 400 km drive around halfway to Norseman but we decided to keep the loud pedal down to get to Perth by Saturday to watch AFL Grand Final so a 600 km drive saw us to the Fraser Range Sheep Station. This place is great and we will likely stay here on our way back through. Communal fire pit, awesome camp kitchen and people. And a working washing machine which was a blessing. Also, I can not stress enough how good a warm shower can be! Been six days without one so was pretty much due. Not much else to report as we spent most of the day driving. Some good scenery but that was about it. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Norseman July 20th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 17 My spouse’s homing instinct is stronger than a prized pigeon. He thinks by sitting in the car 15 minutes before any one else is ready is going to get us to our destination much quicker. At 0600 we are on the road. I am sad about missing a photo opportunity of the Penola windmills which is a conglomeration of different sized windmills in a small area. It was pitch black and even if it wasn’t dark, it was totally overcast making for a very ‘flat’ picture anyway. As the sun rose I glanced quickly over my shoulder to see the pretty purple clouds and during this split second Brendan said he saw a wombat. Unbelievably this is the only wildlife I haven’t ticked off my list and I missed it ... read more
Front Fender Damage During Day Light Hours
Boys With Nullarbor National Park Sign

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Norseman May 11th 2013

What have you heard: The Nullarbor is boring? This is our third crossing and still find this area full of interest, even if spaced out over a few hundred kilometres. Keep the eyes open and something to thrill will surely pop up. Last time it was gigantic pieces of machinery being transported. There are signs asking us to watch out for camels, wombats, emus and kangaroos. But nothing prepared us for the adventure of the day. We were able to watch one of creation's most amazing birds, The Wedge Tail Eagle. Sadly, some of the wild life gets hit by passing trucks at night. In the past we have seen many crows feasting on the carrion, (road pizza to my Kiwi friends), but this trip we watched several families of wedge tail eagles joining the feast. ... read more
Marg completes the longest straight.
On the road early
Sunset on the gums

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Norseman May 10th 2013

We have stoped a couple of times previously in Ceduna. This is a town where there is a real cultural mix and a happy hunting ground for lovers of Aboriginal Art. There are some very talented artists here, and every time we come, we just love viewing their latest works. The best of the best are outside our budget, but are wonderfully crafted, often blending aboriginal traditional techniques within modern art styles. Almost always these works tell a story. One we admired was a traditional styled 'Bush Fire'. The patterns and styling were fantastic. Ceduna is also a grain export port, and the dock was busy during our stay. The plains from the top of the Eyre Peninsular to Ceduna and west are very productive with a mix of grains, canola and sheep stations. The farmers ... read more
Ceduna Sunset
Ceduna sunrise
More jet streams

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Norseman April 28th 2013

Another packup, another farewell (to the Gordon's, thanks for the great company and look forward to meeting again somewhere down the track!), another long day in the car and we finally arrive at Norseman. Matt conducts some caravan roofing repairs whilst the girls and I play bocci (a quick game as the mozzies rapidly move in for the kill!). I figure if I cover every joint or possible leak point in copious amounts of silicon then the stupid thing can't possibly f-ing leak, half an hour of lying on the roof of the van hand squeezing silicon over everything...and I do mean everything...hands, arms, hair (yes I even managed to get some in "my hair"...impressive ha). We headed into the main street to explore the sights and sounds of Norseman: 1. Tin camels on roundabout 2. ... read more
Main Street Norseman
2. Bronze Horse Statue

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Norseman March 23rd 2013

Une fois la traversée du désert finie, je me suis à nouveau retrouvé dans des zones très vertes et humides, où la forêt plonge presque dans la mer. J'ai encore fait pas mal de randos, exploré quelques parcs nationaux, refait un peu d'argent (parce que la traversée m'a coûté cher en essence et qu'il n'y a pas beaucoup de villes)... Puis j'ai eu quelques jours de très mauvais temps. Le mauvais temps, en général, ça ne me gêne pas; mais en Australie je n'ai pas vraiment pris de vêtements chauds, et on fait quand même assez vite le tour d'un van... Mais quand le beau temps est revenu, j'ai pu continuer ma route, et l'état de l'Australie de l'ouest, fidèle à sa réputation, est magnifique et inhabité. J'ai quand même passé plusieurs jours à Denmark, une ... read more
Que pour les courageux!
La route inondée
The bridge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Norseman February 17th 2013

Hey chicito !! C'est officiel ! Le voyage à enfin commencé, on pourrait même dire que je suis en plein dedans ! Après une courte période de stop jusque Adélaide, le lift ! Comme je vous l'expliquais : 4 frenchy, euuuuh 5 au final, et 2 Allemandes, faisant route pour Perth, 3000 km à travers l'Australie... dont au moins 2000 bornes de désert ! Et quand je dis désert, je parle bien de désert, vous savez... cet environnement particulièrement hostile à l'être humain. Certes ce n'est pas le Sahara, mais c'est bien un désert quand même ! Alors je vous entends de là vous dire « Mais qu'est qu'il est aller faire dans le désert, pourquoi n'a pas t il prit l'avion pour Perth, c'est moins chère et plus rapide ! ». Hé bien si vous ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Norseman July 26th 2012

I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was make sure I was still alive. Sweet, no crazy axe-murderer had killed me during the night! I looked over and Cole was asleep still holding a hurley in one hand and his penknife in the other (he sleeps by the door). Great I thought he wasn’t dead either. Better get up and do something so then. We ate an uneasy breakfast as the other lad was up and about as well taking down his tent and stuff like that. As we were taking down our tent the man approached me and said something in English but with a thick accent. When he repeated himself at my request I learned that he was named Mikel and he was French. He asked where we were going ... read more
Frenchman's Peak
Coley at Summit
Me at Summit

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Norseman April 1st 2011

Friday 1st April and a very loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our very special Son-in-Law, Darryl. We must be suffering from a sort of ‘jet-lag’ because we woke up again at about 5.30am and jumped out of bed ready to start the day! To be fair, this is equivalent to 8.00am SA time so it’s just a matter of adjusting to sun-up and sun-down times which most of the other campers in WA seem to have adopted. We did a few jobs around the caravan and I got some washing done (and it literally blew dry in a few minutes!). Graham had a shave (the first for a week!) and then set about repairing the cycle rack. He seems to have fixed it but only time will tell. We’ve turned the table around 90˚ inside the caravan ... read more
Norseman, the horse with the golden touch
Norseman and his owner, Laurie Sinclair
There was some time to relax and have fun

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Norseman April 1st 2011

Crossing the Nullarbor Left Cape Bauer and found some cute fields of yellow flowers on the way to Streaky Bay. We had a look in town, then proceeded north west towards Ceduna, getting some more fuel – 80.98L @ 159.9c/L. There were many photo opportunities along the coast to admire our Great Australian Bight, with the Head of the Bight an absolute beauty! A pity it’s not the right season for whale sightings, but a temporary smidgen of blue sky all the same. Nullarbor roadhouse had not changed much in the 10 years since Sheree had previously visited, with expensive fuel prices as expected – but being aware of the vast distances between towns ahead (and unpredictable fuel), we added 39.07L of diesel @ 204.9c/L. After travelling 762km we arrived at our camp destination for the ... read more
Picture perfect
Tripod comes in handy!
Great Australian Bight

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