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July 20th 2014
Published: July 20th 2014
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Ceduna to Norseman 1200 km

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 17

My spouse’s homing instinct is stronger than a prized pigeon. He thinks by sitting in the car 15 minutes before any one else is ready is going to get us to our destination much quicker. At 0600 we are on the road. I am sad about missing a photo opportunity of the Penola windmills which is a conglomeration of different sized windmills in a small area. It was pitch black and even if it wasn’t dark, it was totally overcast making for a very ‘flat’ picture anyway. As the sun rose I glanced quickly over my shoulder to see the pretty purple clouds and during this split second Brendan said he saw a wombat. Unbelievably this is the only wildlife I haven’t ticked off my list and I missed it in a split second. About 25 km before Nundroo (the first roadhouse after Ceduna) we hit a kamakazi roo which came out of no where are not sitting on the side of the road like they are supposed to. It came off second best with the trusty Territory which sustained a bent number plate and cracked plastic work on the front grill. Thank goodness it wasn’t worse or that the air bags didn’t go off. Thank goodness it didn’t happen on my shift so now Brendan was annoyed about it but I guess it’s all part of the “Territory”. Of course we’re all hyper alert now and are spooked by every shadow and bush. The wildlife sign for the 92 km doesn’t me any comfort or instill any excitement as it did on the way over. Only 1200 km to go to Norseman and 3 hours until we hit the actual Nullabor Plain and the roos can’t hide.

To pass the time away I have been reading a brilliant book called ‘The Cattle King’ which is about Sidney Kidman who created an empire of over 100 stations spreading over NT, SA, WA, QLD & VIC where he ran, cattle, sheep, camels and horses. He achieved so much over his life time and gives a real insight into how rugged the interior of this nation is and of bushman culture. The thing is, it never rains on the Nullarbor Plain, except when I want to take pictures of it! We somehow missed the best lookout on the way over as there are many, and now we are a great look out over the Bunda Cliffs. I know one thing though, I would not want to be that person who is on foot pushing a wheelbarrow (yes you read right and yes, ‘some mother’s do have ‘em’) during a thunder storm. What would one do? Lie down and play dead? The treeless and everything elseless Plain is also not the time to play ‘I Spy’. Instead, after finishing my book, I decide to write a little parody of our experiences of the drive today and it is designed to be sung along to the tune The Seeker’s “Morningtown Ride”. My song is called “Boringtown Ride” and it goes like this…

"Road train indicator’s goin’ makes it safe to pass. Underneath their ipods are both my sleepy boys.

Driving, eating, whining, all along the way. All bound for Norseman, 1000 miles away.

Driver hits a roo, driver quickly brakes, driver inspects the damage and signals all is safe.

Driving, eating, whining, all along the way. All bound for Norseman, 1000 miles away.

Maybe there is a rest bay where all the caravans camp at night. All the grey nomads are warm and snug inside.

Driving, eating, whining, all along the way. All bound for Norseman, 1000 miles away.

Somewhere there is a tree, somewhere there is a bend. Somewhere there is the border many miles away.

Driving, eating, whining, all along the way. All bound for Norseman, 1000 miles away.”

It’s simply amazing how the imagination gets carried away with nothing else to occupy it and so I actually thought about filming myself singing it and posting it on FB where it would definitely go viral. At Balladonia we fill up and due the storm the EFTPOS machine is temporarily down. Some customers were really angry, but what do they expect when you are in the outback! We didn’t have to wait for long and we got to Norseman without further incident at 1800 SA time, 1630 WA time. It is also raining in Norseman and we are a bit concerned about the state of the 300km gravel Hyden road after this rain, but we’ll make some enquiries in the morning and see what happens. This is possibly my last blog as I know what tends to happen once one get home. Life takes over and my mind is fuddled with too much daily drudgery. So to those who have been following, thank you for reading as I have, despite some of the down times, enjoyed every minute of it (except Admiral’s Arch where I nearly met my doom).

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Truck at BalladoniaTruck at Balladonia
Truck at Balladonia

Not quite a triple but large enough!

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