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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah December 2nd 2010

G 'day all, Just a short blog as I am finally leaving Baldivis, time for a holiday break! lol Leaving here tomorrow evening to catch the train into Perth (Peggy catching with me), then the bus to the airport for my overnight flight to Cairns, arriving around 4 in the morning! The last few weeks I have been basically doing same as last blog, working outside or inside the house doing jobs then stopping mid afternoon for a beer in the sun and maybe a dip in the pool! Fixed the indoor spa which was leaking, well fixed the leak then the pump would not work! So fixed the pump too! Had to fix Andis repair to the wooden pool fence (he put a screw into irrigation pipe!), we also spent the morning digging out some ... read more
Big patio spider
Another big spider!
Scorpion in the lounge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah October 11th 2010

Hello all you lovelies Just to respond to some of your comments - Susan , its not clever presentation at all - I cannot take the credit - I just upload the photos and the blog site arranges them on the page...good isnt it. Great to hear from you, Penelope, and if I can make anyone smile I am happy about that too. Les- you can do better than that with your poetry - and about the church bells- apparently people complained about them ...and I thought they should have lived in Dubai and then they would have something to complain about !!! John - you made me laugh as usual!!! I was told that the kangaroos just sit there while the golfers tee off and take no notice of balls heading their way. So I ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah October 8th 2010

Second blog today - I am trying to catch up with the news. If you read the Canada Trip blog 2 years ago you may remember my search for bear’s claws ( wooden not real) - well this time its Kangaroos Paws - and no I haven’t bought a gun …this is the name of some beautiful wildflowers. Highlight of the day yesterday was a trip to Kings Park in Perth ( and it’s the wildflower season here). Luckily I was shown round by a local as I met up with my friend Jill’s distant cousin Miriel and she knew quite a lot about the Aussi flora ( flowers not margarine).So thanks Jill for introducing me to Mireil. We wandered the park and even a little off the path adventure into the bush( not far from ... read more
Posh homes
Fremantle town (10)

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah June 6th 2010

Mandurah (67 813 habitants) est la deuxième ville par sa population de l'Australie-Occidentale, en Australie. C'est une ville côtière à 75 km au sud de Perth, la capitale de l'État, au nord de l'estuaire de la Harvey River. La région de Mandurah était habitée par les aborigènes Noongar. En 1829, un colon britannique, Thomas Peel arriva dans la région avec ses ouvriers et son matériel pour s'installer dans la colonie de la Swan River. Arrivé trop tard, il trouva la place prise et alla s'installer plus au Sud mais différents problèmes le conduisirent à déménager et il migra vers ce qui est devenu Mandurah. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah May 22nd 2010

We set off today for Mandurah which is about hour south of Perth the second-largest city in Western Australia it is also the home to Bobby's Great Aunty Muriel and uncle Allen who emigrated here in 1997. We have a special mission Bobby great grandad has asked us to deliver a hug and kiss to his daughter, which we do. After having lunch at the marine we then set off for the lovely home. They make us feel completed at home in their lifestyle village and takes us for nibbles and BBQ at the villiage community centre and to play snooker where Philip gets beat heavily but blames it on the way the balls go down in australia like the water he claims they go down a different way. Everyone makes us feel very welcome and ... read more
Mandurah Marine
In Bed at  Muriel's

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah June 27th 2009

On Monday we took the train to Mandurah which is a marina about an hour away from Perth. The weather wasn't great when we got there so it was quite quiet, but I can imagine that in the summer the waterfront is heaving. We decided to take a boat trip as this is the best way to see the many canals and million dollar homes that line them and we were told you can often spot dolphins. As we left the boats mooring we caught our first glimpse of some dolphins feeding in the water. After half an hour of cruising we came to the end of the canals and some open water. By this point the weather had also picked up and the sun was shining. Just as the boat was turning round to go ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah June 21st 2009

The morning kept improving, so by the time we'd packed up ready to leave, we'd decided we'd head back down to Busselton and see it in the sunshine. What a difference a day makes - and so great to actually get some vitamin D which we've been missing these last few days. We parked and went into the shops on the edge of the Busselton jetty where, not only souveniers of the better variety were sold, there was also a museum telling the story of the long jetty. It was built in 1865, taking 95 years to complete the total 1841 metres length and what a busy jetty it was for a century. maintenance ceased when operations stopped and the jetty began to deteriorate, then in 1978 a cyclone destroyed a good deal of the jetty. ... read more
Looking to the end of the jetty

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah March 18th 2009

Plans are well under way for the next journey round this great paddock, this time on a Can-Am Spyder 3 wheel roadster, towing an Elite Sprinter camper triailer ...... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah October 22nd 2008

22/10/08 Wednesday Day 69 Today we’re in another new place, Mandurah, another 30 kilometres south of Rockingham. Found our caravan site pretty easy with the help of my sat nav on my phone. Thank god for that. Otherwise I’d be driving around for ages trying to find places. First place to visit was the Abingdon Miniature Village which is basically a biggish enough pretty garden with miniature English style house models placed around it and it’s only up the road from the caravan park which itself is a few miles outside the city. It also has a maze in it. We weren’t sure what we had gotten ourselves into when on arriving there were loads of nan and grandas being helped out of cars and buses into the place. Oh it also has a tea shop. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah October 10th 2008

Well we left Scarborough beach at the right time - the night before we left there were tantrums and couples fighting in the corridoors - mental. We avoided it all by drinking beers with other calm people in the pool room. We headed to Fremantle along the coast and stayed there for 5 nights - this hostel was much cleaner (no parrot poo) but lacking in character compared to the hostel/commune we had just come from. We did have the dorm to ourselves for 3 of the nights though which was nice especially as we were trying to conserve money and hanging out reading and playing nintendo was easier when we weren't sharing a room. Fremantle is really really lovely - quiet wee seaside town full of old buildings and with a lovely atmosphere. Everything seemed ... read more
fremantle prison
artwork by prisoner
the gallows

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