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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah September 26th 2019

This morning we had a wonderful 8.7 mile bike ride around the Mandurah estuary and inlets. We are allowed to cycle on the pavements, so it was a safe way to go! Sue cooked us a delicious quiche which included some veggies from their garden. In the afternoon we wondered around Sue and Terry's colourful garden (see photos for some of the plants) Later in the afternoon we enjoyed meeting some of S&T's Rhodesian friends over a lovely afternoon tea party. The coffee cake was made by Sue, iced by Terry and Alan applied the nuts. We were all quite tired by the evening.... read more
Sue and Winks on the bridge across the estuary
Marina on one of the many inlets
The bridge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah September 18th 2019

After an easy morning we had an early lunch and headed off to the cinema to see 'Downton' the film. It was very much like the TV series but really impressive on the big screen, with a happy ending! After the film we went for coffee and delicious churros (doughnut mixture made into 'sticks' and dipped into chocolate) at San Churro's cafe overlooking the estuary. On the way home we called in on Leon Holmes, the well known Austrailian 'plain air' artist. He has his gallery in the house next door to his own residence and it is full of his gorgeous paintings. Leon is a really dyamic, energetic guy and full of bright ideas and a very friendly and personable young man. Alan is going to buy one of the super light weight pochard boxes ... read more
At the restaurant
Visit to Leon Holmes

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah September 17th 2019

Today at 9:00pm Sue did her chairman duty at the Mandurah Probus club meeting and we all went along to listen. After the meeting we were treated to a very nice tea Including delicious meat pies, We decided not to stay for the talk, so Terry took us to Mandurah Estuary Eastern Foreshore where we had a walk to the new bridge before going back to the football club, where the meeting had been, to collect Sue. Delicious home made pumpkin soup for lunch. Winks, Sue and Al went to the printers to have some work for Probus duplicated. After that we went to the cinema to book tickets to see Downton Abbey, for Wednesday, as rain is forecast. We then visited the Arts a Centre, where there was an art exhibition. We had a 'tour' ... read more
The new bridge over the estuary
The  Foreshore
The harbour from the theatre

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah September 16th 2019

Today we went to the local shops at Halls Head near Mandurah, where we did some essential shopping and so Winks could get an Oz sim for her iPhone. Sue had arranged for us to have coffee and giant muffins for morning tea/coffee - the best muffins ever. When we got back to S&T's house, Sue, Winks and Al went for a walk to the local park and looked at some of the local foura and fauna. Terry and Al took the car for a wheel rotation and a great coffee at the tyre shop. This evening we all went to pick up bikes for Al and Winks loaned by local friends. This was followed by a short ride to the Peel Estuary. The day ended with a glorious sunset Plus a delicious salmon dinner with ... read more
Winks and Al with acacia blossom
Inlet from the restaurant.
The Peel Estuary.

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah December 27th 2018

We left Gnomesville and retraced our steps partway, stopping to have a look at a tiny little church but it was all locked up, which surprised me. We missed the turning we needed and ended up in another National Park forest before eventually getting on the right road and rejoining Route 1, now called Ocean Drive, at Australind. We saw two emus just wandering down the verge but this was a much busier road for them to negotiate and I don’t know what they thought they were doing. We stopped in a layby for a break and it was full of really interesting trees – some dead, some thriving and one slap bang in the middle of the layby but there was enough room to drive round it. I would have explored further but still had ... read more
Our chalet (1A), marina-side
View from our deck
The cut behind our chalet

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah September 1st 2018

First day in WA and a trip to see Serpentine Falls. There are waterfalls and there are waterfalls, but sometimes it is not just the falls but what is surrounding the falls that give it appeal. The bush had plenty to offer and the falls, well they weren't spectacular until a mother duck and babies followed her down a smaller set of falls - off camera of course.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah July 24th 2016

Geo: -32.533, 115.733Had a pleasant drive down to Mandurah and spent a good couple of hours walking around the marina with the kids enjoying themselves looking round the shops and indoor market enjoying all the new and wonderful toys and novelty things to be found. We had a wonderful meal in the Catch 22 restaurant on Dolphin Quay, after which we strolled down to the beach where Jacob & Sophie had fun on the sand. After a while Sophie enticed Shell down to the beach were they both had great fun, with Shell helping Sophie to do cartwheels on the beach. After a brief rest the kids made their way across to the park so they could use all the exercise equipment. We'd never been to Mandurah before, it's a pleasant and vibrant place so I'm ... read more
Where'd Sophie go?

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah March 12th 2016

It is only 1hour from Perth to Mandurah by train. There is also a good bus service connecting the train station to Central Mandurah. We reserved a small apartment near to the marina area for 3 days. Mandurah has some good walking areas , around the marina and alongside the waterfronts and inland waterways. On our first night we had some excellent thai food at Silk restaurant. Next day we took a cruise. This went through the marina then across the water to the Venetian style canals lined with multi million dollar homes. En route we saw several dolphins next to our small boat. The cruise continued into the enormous Peel inlet. A short ride in a local bus to Erskine took us close to the Len Howard Conservation Park. We followed the trail , around ... read more
our cruise liner!
appartment site in mandurah

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah February 23rd 2015

20-22nd February 2015 A Bad Case of Crabs Well here we are again after another great weekend, after the usual running around to finally get gone on Friday night. I collected Caroline from the station at 4.50 in Cockburn, then it was back to the house to collect Roobie, who had been prepared throughout the week and at the very last minute we put the final stuff in the fridge then shut everything down ready to depart. Our destination for the weekend was not too far away as we were off with the 4 wheel drive club for the annual crabbing weekend and we were staying at the Estuary Getaway Caravan Park, and there would be about 30 of us. As far as we were concerned as long as we getting a change of scenery then ... read more
A Bad Case of Crabs
A Bad Case of Crabs
A Bad Case of Crabs

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah February 1st 2014

I was only home for less than 24 hours then we were going away again, we were off to our 4 wheel drive clubs Australia day event at the Water Mark Kilns in Northcliff. Caroline had booked a few days off so when she collected me from the airport she was technically on leave. The Thursday was a bit of a blur for me, I was walking around completely dazed and confused , but I’m sure I contributed in some small way We had to get Gypsy ready as we were meeting the ‘Forward party” for the Toyota Landcruiser club, Australia day long weekend trip on Friday morning at 09.30 at the Dorsett Road Pull in, which was were possibly 25 vehicles would gather to drive down to our destination. All the Caravans were going together ... read more
On the beach

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