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I am currently travelling the world for 12 months, decided to go see the world while i can.
Left January 29th 2010, starting with 12 weeks volunteer work near Honduras on a Carribean Island called Utila looking after Endangered Iguanas!, a short stay in Panama City then a 62 day GAP Adventure - Quito to Rio (inc. Iguassu falls, Machu Pichu, Nazca Lines, Salt Flats, Amazon Jungle, Lake Titicaca to name a few!) , then 6 weeks touring NZ in a campervan, 2 weeks chilling in Fiji , 3 months around Australia then home via Singapore, then what I dont know!
Mind you that is the plan at the moment..................................

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Marky Larfs 2010 Great Adventure

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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City December 20th 2010

Hi all, so this is my last blog, 41st one, bit spooky as same number of years I have been kicking around on this planet! Blogs total around 45,000 words and 1000 pickies! Can vividly remember writing my first one back in January in Miami! Writing this one the day before I fly home from Cairns, via Brisbane and Singapore, 24 hours in the sky plus few hours at airports! Finishing and publishing at Esmes house. So last few weeks of my travels, or in my case last few weeks chilling in the sun! Arrived at Cairns airport at silly oclock in the morning, 0410 to be precise! Caught a bus to the hostel, Northern Greenhouse, three of us got off the bus and the guy on reception let us crash in the tv room as ... read more
Me at the Lagoon
Walking up Mt Whitfield
View from Mt Whitfield

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah December 2nd 2010

G 'day all, Just a short blog as I am finally leaving Baldivis, time for a holiday break! lol Leaving here tomorrow evening to catch the train into Perth (Peggy catching with me), then the bus to the airport for my overnight flight to Cairns, arriving around 4 in the morning! The last few weeks I have been basically doing same as last blog, working outside or inside the house doing jobs then stopping mid afternoon for a beer in the sun and maybe a dip in the pool! Fixed the indoor spa which was leaking, well fixed the leak then the pump would not work! So fixed the pump too! Had to fix Andis repair to the wooden pool fence (he put a screw into irrigation pipe!), we also spent the morning digging out some ... read more
Big patio spider
Another big spider!
Scorpion in the lounge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Warnbro November 21st 2010

G'day all, added another map to show latest travel since two blogs ago and includes route to next destination Cairns. Decided to stay in Baldivis with Tania, Peggy and Andi as enjoying doing odd jobs, enjoying the sunshine and a cheap life!lol. Plan to get a direct flight to Cairns to spend my last two weeks holidaying in Cairns, enjoying the beach, snorkling the barrier reef and trekking in surrounding forests, before my long journey home to blighty. So what else has been happening here in Baldivis? Well we finally finished the painting, painting an area of around 200 square metres, yes I am sad and I measured it to calculate the paint covereage, every individual beam size!lol Well we needed to know to make sure we bought the right amount of paint and yes I ... read more
After painting
Painting finished!
Me on the patio

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Warnbro November 10th 2010

G'day all, hope you all well. Mary, Dennis and Ant dropped me off in Darwin City centre where I would be staying for a couple of days, a rest after working hard for two weeks! Left my backpack in the hostel storeage as can not check in until one and yes you have guessed it went for a wander around Darwin. It was only nine in the morning and it was already really hot getting into the thirties at midday. First visit was a macdonalds Mcmuffin and a coffee and some free wifi before walking through town and down to the harbour waterfront. The harbour or wharf area has lots of new buildings mainly residential flats , restaraunts, wave pool and a sandy cove for safe swimming away from jellyfish, sharks and crocs. I visited some ... read more
Darwin coast
Darwin harbour
Fruitbat sleeping in tree

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Batchelor October 23rd 2010

Hi all, added a map this time so you can see where I have been so far in Australia, plus also added some pickies Yuka who I met on the train (last blog) sent me. After leaving Alice and catching The Ghan to Darwin I was met by Dennis and Mary at the station. Oh forgot to mention the Alice Springs hostel was evacuated at one in the morning on my last night there, when the fire alarm went off! Also the train stopped at Katherine on the way to Darwin, where we could go for a choice of short tours. I went on a canoeing trip where we were driven by bus from the train station to the gorge park and then canoed up the river to the main gorge and back again. Was very ... read more
Katherine gorge
Katherine gorge

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs October 7th 2010

G'day all, The tour bus picked me up from the hostel at 0600, another nice early start! After all the pick ups the bus was full with 24 people. Pickles, our guide, got each of us to get to the front of the bus in turn and using the microphone say our names, where we from and a little about our travels. There were about 6 germans, 2 Polish, 4 Norwegian, 4 English, 1 Kiwi, 1 Japanese, 1 Spanish, 1 Mexican and a Korean on board. Three of them were couples the rest travelling alone or in small groups, 70% were girls. We had a long drive to reach the Uluru area but stopped about three times for drinks, toilets and a chance to ride camels and see some kangaroos. One place we stopped had an ... read more
Sunset at Uluru
Sunrise at Uluru
Here comes the sun

Oceania » Australia » South Australia October 6th 2010

G'day. I arrived in Melbourne early Sunday morning after the 12 hour overnight train from Sydney. Had some breakfast before walking to the hostel, only ten minutes away from the station. As I was early I had to leave my rucksack in the luggage room and went for a wander around Melbourne. Melbourne is the second largest city with approx 4 million people living there. I walked back to the train station first to book my next two trains, Melbourne to Adelaide and Adelaide to Alice Springs on The Ghan. I had decided two nights would be enough in Melbourne and one night in Adelaide, as I said before wanted to get to the Northern Territories before the worst of the wet season hits during November. I then wandered all over Melbourne walking down Flinders Street ... read more
Melbourne cricket ground
The Ghan
More Melbourne

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney September 25th 2010

G'day all! Finished writing this in Melbourne but travel blog site was down so published a day later. Well I arrived in Sydney around lunch time on Tuesday 21st September, sorted myself out a telephone sim card, Dee had given me an old one she had but it did not work, think too old. Then went to look at the accommodation board in the airport to find a hostel. While I was looking a guy tapped me on the shoulder and said he had a hostel central in the city and he was here to pick up another customer and that he would take me into the city for free. So I went with him and booked in to the Oasis hostel for two nights. The hostel was near Central train station and everyone there friendly..... ... read more
Skyline from ferry
Manly Beach
Skyline viewed from Botanical Gardens

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands September 21st 2010

Hi ya all, been off internet for two weeks as been living on a Pacific Island with no internet and little or no telephone signal. So this blog a bit longer than usual to cover the past two weeks, publishing it after arriving in Sydney today. Also apologies to not sending any birthday wishes, especially to my partner in crime Gibbo for the 7th and also for not thanking people for sending me birthday messages. Also found out after I left Fiji that there was a 6.2 earthquake day I arrived! Arrived at Fiji airport in Nandi on the 7th September, with no accommodation booked. When you arrive at the airport you are welcomed by some guys singing and playing the guitar, cool. Once through customs, immigration and picked up my bag I headed to a ... read more
Yasawa Flyer
One of the islands

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island September 6th 2010

Hello all, so last blog left you having been at Nelson watching movies. Added the map again, done a total of 5750 km in the van in the six weeks touring NZ. Drove to Picton, about 2 hours drive, checked into Top 10 park. Collette's flowery van was already there but she had gone for a walk along Charlotte sounds. Met up with her when she got back and had bangers and mash! Again. Next morning we drove to the ferry port and caught the ferry back to Welly, weather not as nice as last crossing, and then drove 2 hours in our two van convoy to Wanganui. Just a stop over really on the way to the last few things to do, namely Waitiomo caves and Tongariro crossing. However the Crossing is weather dependant as ... read more
View down into cave
Practising abseiling!
Going down!

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