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Been travelling on and off for some years now... with different styles of travelling.
So lots of different posts on my blog.

2010 11 months travelling through Central America, South America, NZ, (campervan), Fiji and Australia, mix of backpacking, volunteering and tourist!

2017 Central America, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, mainly volunteering (Turtles and Permaculture farming) and some Air BNB

Next adventure... 2018/19 I have bought an old 1995 campervan and I am going to tour around Spain and Portugal, mainly doing Workaway volunteer work with private landowners.

Head off 30th October, return…..


Europe » Spain » Galicia » Lugo November 18th 2018

Hola Chico’s! I am back on another adventure and will be writing some more blogs and pictures, a bit lengthy for some of you lol but good for my memories! Those who love the pictures, some get auto set with the text but more at bottom plus a second page and always best viewed on a bigger screen! :o) I returned from my 8-month Central American travels at the end of May 2018. Spent some time with family and friends, doing odd jobs at some, deciding the next thing to do whilst enjoying the amazing UK summer. Also managed to walk along Hadrian’s wall from Newcastle to Carlisle, 84 miles over 6 days with a friend. I had considered going back to Nicaragua but with the troubles when I left I thought best to wait until ... read more
Spot Murb
Pond reflection
Ferry to Bilbao

Hola chicos! It's been a few weeks, seven I think since my last blog! Mainly as I have been in the same spot, not many exciting things to report! So a short blog with some updates of my stay in Masatepe Nicaragua. Had another 2 weeks in Granada after my last blog, my landlady took me to Managua for the day to see a Baseball game, my first ever, it was actually quite good. We had seats right behind the plate, in a new stadium which was actually quite empty. Took a taxi ride from my last Air BnB in Granada, on 26th March about 45 mins drive west to a town called Masatepe, a more rural location. I have been staying here for the last 5 weeks, only 3 weeks left, before heading to San ... read more
The pool with a view!
Hammock time
Barby night

Hola chicos, just a short blog to say I am still alive. So flew from Costa Rica back to Nicaragua, at the airport realised my debit card was missing! doh! Think I left it in an ATM at the supermarket in San Jose, cancelled and nothing been taken so all ok just lucky I have my credit card with me, think the first time I have ever lost a card. Unlike UK the money comes out first..... Picked up by a shuttle at Managua airport and headed back to Granada, staying in an air bnb for 30 odd days. I have a nice one bed open plan apartment, hot shower, kitchen, decent wifi and access to a real washing machine! Is in a good location only 15 min walk into centre of town and 5 min ... read more
Volcan Mombacho
Walking through Granada
Granada colonial architecture

Hola chicos y chicas, just a short blog for the last week or so.... enjoy the photos, don't forget to check all the photos after the text!! Left Isla de Ometepe, couple of chicken buses and then the ferry to San Jorge, staying one night before catching a shuttle to Granada about an hour travel North. "Granada is a city in western Nicaragua and the capital of the Granada Department. With an estimated population of 123,697, it is Nicaragua's sixth most populous city. Granada is historically one of Nicaragua's most important cities, economically and politically. It has a rich colonial heritage, seen in its architecture and structure." Not the one in Spain! But named after it. In its history it was invaded by English, French and Dutch pirates, including Captain Morgan the infamous Welsh pirate. Seems ... read more
Iglesia de La Merced
Monkey aboard
Masaya volcano lava at night

Hola, chicos. Well into my last week at the Bona Fide project on Ometepe Island Nicaragua. I have mentioned and shown pictures of the farm but thought would try and give a better eplanation of the farm! As mentioned in earlier blogs the farm is 26 acres and was back in 2000 a cow field, reforested by planting 11,000 plus trees and 1,000 fruit trees in 2001. That owner then sold the farm due to illness and the current owners still run it as a Permaculture farm,Bona Fide, a non profit organisation. It has been designed and planted as an agroforestry farm, incorporating various species within each other. I am told over 76 number of plant species,. The farm runs an annual Permaculture Design Course, has intern programmes and also educational group visits. The main food ... read more
Big hands or small Bannanas!
Bits sunbathing
Last bit of the door

Hola Chicos, It has been a few weeks since the last blog, so just a short one with some activities I have done past few weeks. Spent the last few weekends seeing more of the island. Sherri and I rented bicycles one Saturday to go and see the San Ramon Waterfall. We caught the bus for a few stops to a bike rental, $5 per day. The waterfall is 50 metres high and situated partway up the Volcan Maderas, on the opposite side of the volcano from the farm. The road was paved for approx. 25% of the journey, the rest being rocky and rough! It took just under 2 hours to get to the waterfall entrance, a Biological station, but with a stop so probably an hour and a half, 14km. Oddly if you google ... read more
More steep paths!
Sherri walking up the start of the trail
Collecting palm leaves for a roof

Buenas chicos, Only been a week since the last blog but done a few things and lots of new pictures to share so another blog! Mentioned in my last blog the list of things I want to see and do while here on Ometepe, well this week managed to tick one off, the hardest one, hiking Volcan Concepción. Levis, who also works at the farm, was our qualified guide for the hike, he has done this hike over a hundred times and only a handful has he seen it cloudless. Unfortunately it had clouds the day we went, however the plus is that if hiking in full sun it must be a killer! Also dont realise how high you are and I am not great with heights! The hike is approx 6.5km up and down with ... read more
Up we go
Getting steeper
Another needed rest

Hola, so I have been enjoying my stay at Bona Fide Ometepe, over xmas and the New Year, been here 4 weeks already, 6 weeks left, it is going too quick! Been a few weeks since the last blog. So how is life on Bona Fide permaculture farm on Ometepe? Well things are great, plenty to do in the mornings and time to chill and wander about afternoons and weekends. Except the downer of when your new buddies leave on their travels or going home. One guy , Dylan my roomie,, who left a week ago surprised us all and came back for new years! Great to see him come back but sad to see him go again! He is back home now in Florida. All of the original people here when I arrived have gone ... read more
My new safe place
View from my new home

Central America Caribbean » Nicaragua December 16th 2017

Hola! Hi y'all, posting my blog from a hostel/cofee plantation on Ometepe Island Nicaragua, having arrived at Project Bona Fide. So I caught the ferry to San Jose del sur on Ometepe Island then a shuttle to the farm entrance. The ferry I caught was a really stable quiet ride with great views and plenty of seating for the 1 hour 15 min journey. First impresssions of the island, from the shuttle, was it reminds me of Utila Honduras but larger and obviously two volcanoes staring you in the face. Road is paved most of the way to the farm, then a uphill hike to the farm which is situated at the lower slopes of Volcan Maderas. Walked up the hill approx 20 mins, sweaty work as around noon and full backpacks! Got to the main ... read more
Ometepe from the ferry
Kitchen shot
The nursery

Ola, a short blog of my week between volunteering projects. Originally I was just going to have a couple nights in San Jorge which is where you catch the ferry to Ometepe, where my next project is (Bona Fide Permaculture farm). However Javi at the Cabuyal camp had told me about San Juan del Sur (SJDS), a cool surf/backpacker town not far from the border, so thought I would give it a go. So I left Liberia on the shuttle bus, lots of fun crossing the border into Nicaragua, glad I did with shuttle company as had to do lots of different things, over complicated! Pay a leaving fee for Costa Rica which you receive a ticket for, back on bus to passport control, out of bus for customs and another passport check, walk through no ... read more
Just arrived San Juan del Sur
Bless you my son

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