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October 11th 2010
Published: October 11th 2010
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Hello all you lovelies
Just to respond to some of your comments - Susan , its not clever presentation at all - I cannot take the credit - I just upload the photos and the blog site arranges them on the page...good isnt it. Great to hear from you, Penelope, and if I can make anyone smile I am happy about that too. Les- you can do better than that with your poetry - and about the church bells- apparently people complained about them ...and I thought they should have lived in Dubai and then they would have something to complain about !!!
John - you made me laugh as usual!!! I was told that the kangaroos just sit there while the golfers tee off and take no notice of balls heading their way.
So I know that some of you are wondering what thrombolites are ... ( not to be confused with thrombosis) -well they are a geological structure building up in shallow water ...tiny micro organisms which sebrete calcareous materaill and build up circular rocks shapes in the water...they are lving today and are similar to some of the first organisms on Earth 600 million years ago.... so hence my delight that I could actually go and see them just down the road from Mandurah....I had read about them in my OU Geology courses but never thought I would see any. Science lesson over.
My few days here have been packed thanks to Julie and Gary yesterday she had me out early to visit the Mandurah community museum and a heritage building Halls Cottage... lovely exhibits and great to see records of oral history of the people of the area. While we were out Gary had his instructions and he was organsing the barbie for brunch so we came back to sausages, bacon, hash browns, beans..yummy after a hard morning at sightseeing.
Then off again to the thrombolites and guess what the wind blew up and the rain came down as you see in the photos........ and, Christine, you see me wearing the new jacket you made me buy - it is waterproof. We were almost blown off the boardwalk...but I was so happy to see these structures - Julie must think I am bonkers.
A nice family night watching TV in the home-movie room followed and it's nice to know that I am not saying goodbye to Gary and Jukie and Leanne as hopefully they will be coming to visit me in my next place at the weekend.
So its pack the car and off to Busselton Beach Resort... this is one of my timeshare weeks so on my own for a few days and I might even get some time to read a book by the pool. Not sure if there will be wireless there but will find somewhere to blog in the week.
Lv Lynne xxx

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11th October 2010

Hi Lynne, I've just discovered your blog emails in my spam box! I'm pleased you are having a great time and have packed a lot into such a short time. My school had an Ofsted inspection last week so my stress levels are very high! Take Care. Love Anne
12th October 2010

Dear Lynne, You came to us as a guest (strange axe lady) but left as a Friend and it was so lovely to have you here with us, and for us to see the wonders of Western Australia through your eyes and be reminded how lucky we are to live here. You are truly a lovely lady and a great Inspiration we admire you so much for your guts to travel alone in this world and to have picked us to be your hosts.It really was a pleasure and we look forward to joining you again at the weekend.
14th October 2010

really, lynne, i am not feeling had me by the throat this week and undermined my creativity ha ha! thank god it's weekend! bye from the sunshine xxxxxxxxx
15th October 2010

Well, you look as if you're having fun, bit like a wet weekend at Whitley Bay apart from those . thromblewhatsits. Am a bit behind with your blogs as it's been a busy week -too busy- so will catch up this weekend and do some virtual travelling in your suitcase (BOO!), Sue xx

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