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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah August 18th 2008

A week of some frustration as on Wed. we flew from Karratha to Perth which was not the preferred option.The AA have provided a fantastic service and this morning(Monday) are having the Landrover towed to the agent in Perth for repairs and the caravan to our nominated caravan park till the car is ready which,hopefully, will be tomorrow.Meantime we have made great use of the lay-by first by catching up with friends from HK,Bruce & Jill Mais, at the Perth apartment and then with sister Sue and John in Mandurah.John arranged a couple of days annual leave to get a week off and we have made the most of it by catching up on all the development round Mandurah and by venturing further afield.On Sat. we went up to Perth to get a few items out ... read more
Araluen Tulips
Award winning close up
Aussie Bull presentation

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah April 8th 2008

Hey readers! Today started with a race. Me, against the clouds. I had a slightly earlier start than most days as i made my way on the train to Mandurah, which is around 50km south of Perth. The guidebook suggested going there so i did. Now i have to admit, my first impressions having travelled for an hour were not overly impressive, however they were quickly changed. From the train station i made my way by courtesy bus to the foreshore area where things immediately began to perk up. I quickly found the board walk, around the harbour past some cool cafes etc, yes more cool cafes, before finding the madurah marina. Mandurah marina...well its a very swich place, lots of nice apartment buildings etc, as well as a cool indoor market of gifts etc and ... read more
Indoor Market
Break-water lunch spot
Long Beach1

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah April 1st 2008

Most bank holiday weekends equate to spending the majority of time stuck in traffic in unison with the rest of the population, getting nowhere fast, with the kids repeating ‘are we there yet’… Well it’s a little different here mainly because WA is so vast and has more than its fair share of hot spots and activities to suit every type, from the beach bum to the adrenaline junkie. On Good Friday we set off early morning on our way to Mandurah, in search of the dolphins that are known to inhabit the quays and are of a friendly and inquisitive in nature. AKA tourist hunters.. Mandurah is approx an hour south of Perth, straight down the freeway. The train line has only recently been introduced down as far as Mandurah, due to the demand to ... read more
The Tourist Hunters
Millionaire corner...
What a life...

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah January 17th 2008

Finally we arrived, late, tired and wet to a huge hug and over excited auntie who had been waiting for an hour in arrivals. The drive back seemed to go on forever because we were soo tired. Having landed at half three in the morningwe didn't make it to a bed until nearly six! Waking up the next morning was hard work and so we stayed in it for as long as we could until we were wrenched from it with the promise of the beach and a great sunset into the Indian ocean. It was most impressive. What was even more so was the T-bone steak i consumed later (Thanks John). The following day saw us trip (early) into Mandurah, the temperature soured as we got outside, majorly hot. For this reason we headed to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah December 4th 2007

We awoke to our alarm at 5am, packed our bags and jumped on the MRT around 6am in order to get to the airport in time for our flight. The airport was surprisingly simple to follow and before to long we were checked in and our bags were on their way to the aircraft!! We headed off to get something to eat and ended up in Burger King for one of their healthy breakfasts!! The place was really busy and we ended up sharing a table with 3 business men from the phillipeans!! They were extremely friendly and very well educated to the point where they spoke English with an American accent!! They were very interested in our trip and all would love to visit the highlands of Scotland and one of them ended up giving ... read more
Mandurah Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah October 1st 2007

Hi everyone, We are in Singapore at the moment and felt we should really update our blog to keep you all up to where we are. 1st October - we spent a lovely couple of days in Mandurah for my birthday, one to celebrate and one to recover - twas awesome. Ask Ria about the "number 11" from the restaurant! Onwards we went south, roughly along the coast. Stopped at all the major places including, Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, Albany, Valley of The Giants, and loads of cool places inbetween. We camped out for free mainly and cooked dinner over bush barbecues and generally had a very "outdoors" experience. Over the last few days however it started to rain and we decided to head back to Perth sharpish. Our last days in Perth we sorted out ... read more
Bday dinner

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah August 9th 2007

I leave on the 24th. At the moment, i am still working building Patios/Car ports, But the rain has slowed us down, im not making the money. Its been raining, i have been spending money. Hmmm...Problem. I've told Nick to tell people im coming. Ed will be happy. Im not sure wat im going to do while im there. IT would be nice to travel a bit. Maybe go to the coast. Or to a game park. At least see the country. I am also worried about crime etc. Either Australia has made me soft, or i was naive when i lived there. 15 days to leaving. ITs coming, it's going to be a opener.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah July 5th 2006

Well the four weeks in WA went so much quickly than I thought it would. Catching up with my family and friends has been great but it's gone way too quickly. I did get to catch up and Sim and I did get to be tourists at the Roundhouse in Freo .............. It was so nice to be home and go to some of my favourite places, but I really should have made the effort to see more. But with travel insurance, bank accounts, organising accommodation for when I get to the UK, and seeing people (and all those sleep-ins) there just wasn't enough time. Thanks everyone for helping me get into holiday mode (no Trevor it wasn't that hard for me) and we'll have to make sure we keep in touch. There will be lots ... read more
Shannon, Me and Jason
Mum at home
At the Roundhouse in Fremantle

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Mandurah June 17th 2006

Hello again - thank you for all your messages, it is greatly appreciated. Well we are in Mandurah about 75kms south of Perth where we have been for the last 6 days. It has grown up around the entrance to the Peel Inlet and is a really lovely place where we have enjoyed relaxing. The town itself faces the estuary with a lovely esplanade area (they call it a foreshore) where you literally sit and watch all the dolphins playing in the water. It also has a great play park for Kiera which she loves, in fact they are so nice in Aus and we are seeing so many, me and Rik have decided to write the Playpark guide to Australia!! We have been out and about for a couple of days as we have hired ... read more
Mandurah Museum
Kiera posing

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