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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance February 28th 2013

Favored Spots. For the past ten years Little Wharton beach has been one of my favored stopping off points but now since the introduction of a Rotaloo compost toilet it seems I’m not the only one. Mid week in late February and a dull day should mean I have the place to myself but no there is a constant stream of cars mostly those who have come for the fishing which I have been reliably informed is not good. A car pulls up alongside, just a foot too close given the available space. Two women one with a seriously bad bleached hairdo, the other with an unflattering baseball cap and both in shorts that were so obviously designed to be worn by teenagers, but then looks who talking when I don teenage cast offs and not ... read more
The cave Hammer Head
 Across to Wharton from above the cave
Red Star fish

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance December 15th 2012

15th December 2012. The cooler evenings have been great and after nice nap, we were up early as we were keen to get to one of our favourite destinations, Esperance. On our last trip from Sydney to Perth, we decided Esperance was the best (that was before we went to Exmouth and Monkey Mia!!). After lunch, we arrived in Esperance and went for a drive along ocean road. The view was as memorable as the last time we were here. As the sun went down, we ventured into town and parked near the port. After dinner, we departed Esperance and headed towards Norseman. We fueled up and camped for the night just outside Norseman, getting ready for our trip across the Nullabor.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance December 8th 2012

Hi Happy readers Yes another day of relaxing travel and so much more to see. The last two days we wet wild and woolley in Albany we managed a beautiful drive around the coast down to the Whaling Station and many other top spots Had a great breakfast in a beautiful converted cottage yesterday then a relaxing time reading and resting whilst the heavens continually opened. Our trip down to Esperance was without incident magnificent scenery in most regions and what a changing scenery we had. From farmland to forestry to even some mining and many many road trains carrrying grain down to Esperance. We are staying here for 2 days before tackling the drive East. So I guess our first stage is now complete From the Top to the Bottom, now across before the upward ... read more
Hello Esperance

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance November 19th 2012

At one of Greg’s regular Friday lunches he had heard of this wonderful place to eat, just north of Esperance. After a couple of emails and an internet search, we knew that we had to visit the Gibson Soak hotel for dinner. The hotel was set up to service the traffic between Esperance and the goldfields when 22km was a day’s travel by horse cart, so it had a rich history. Although there was no caravan park they were happy for us to park on the grounds. So with no camp fees and no drink driving concerns; we had a perfect set up for a good night. The bar was just a typical small country pub bar, but the dining room menu was promising. After a good read of our options we both decided that we ... read more
A table for two in the ‘formal’ dining room
Joan and one of her Shanks
Greg is in his element

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance November 17th 2012

Heading to Esperance mining road trains suddenly changed to grain road trains. The number and frequency of these showed the harvest was in full swing. Over the next couple of days we passed lots of very large grain delivery sites with big queues of road trains. Chatter over the 2-way had changed to how long drivers had to wait in the queue or how slow things were at the delivery sites. We were passed by an over-size load heading to Queensland. The cargo was a donga, obviously quite light but rather large. We overheard a 2-way conversation in which the driver was telling how he had already moved 120 of these units and there were 380 in total for him to move from Ravensthorpe to a mining site in central Queensland. The mind boggles! This prompted ... read more
Blue water, rocks and islands
Fish and chips on the foreshore
Stunning blue water

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance November 16th 2012

Uphill and down dale we went on the way to Ravensthorpe. Coming into and leaving Ravensthorpe we again saw large mines in the near and far distance. We presumed these were the nickel mines we often hear about in the news. An interesting caravan park! Messages left at the currently unattended office in the park told us to find a site, set up and come and see them later. Fortunately we were relatively early in the day so managed to find a site that was sort of level. As there wasn’t much to see around the area we left the van hitched to the car for a quick getaway in the morning. Like the well ‘inked’ park manager, the ablutions block and other buildings had unique character. The office was surrounded by toilet pans, some with ... read more
Thongs on a tree in the caravan park
We are now seeing mallee and wheat fields

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance November 12th 2012

We said goodbye to Western Australia and headed for Albany, a small town on the South coast. As we pulled in, we saw giant piles of wood chips waiting to be loaded and shipped to China. I don’t know how many eucalyptus trees were there but I think of the Koala’s who need the trees to survive and wonder. It is 11/11 or Remembrance Day in Australia, Veteran’s day in the States. We were all given poppies to wear. Shuttle buses carried us into town and dropped us off at the Town Hall. We drove through the side streets as a Remembrance Day ceremony was being held at St. John’s Church. The homes we say were small but immaculate, some with gardens filled with roses. Later we looked at pictures of homes for sale and noticed ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance September 28th 2012

Mandura We went to a caravan park called Timber Tops. It was right in the middle of town so we could walk or ride our bikes everywhere. Mandura is really big and reminded us a little of cotton Tree on the Sunshine coast. It had this really cool old fashioned lolly shop. I convinced mum and dad to let me at it. All week dad was going on and on about Father’s day and how he doesn’t believe in it. He thinks every day is Father’s day. On Friday we decided to host Steve’s Day instead of Father’s day. He got to spend the whole day doing his favourite things. He went for a run and a bike ride. After that we dropped him off to an Irish pub. I made a card for him and ... read more
peaceful bay
bridgetown cidery

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance July 25th 2012

On awaking on Day 13 of our trip we were greeted the sound of rain pelting of the tent. A lovely start to the day and it was to be our first time taking down the tent in the rain. We got lucky though and in-between a couple of breaks in the rain with got the campsite down, said our goodbyes to the couple in the caravan next to us (who gave us an 8 cent off voucher for petrol at Coles and a bag full of freshly made sausage rolls) and hi the road again. Esperance is about 500 km east of Albany and still on the coast so it took us most of the day to get there (considering we only left at about 11 and it gets dark at about 5). We arrived ... read more
Long Straight
One Other Tent
Me Patting a Wild Kangaroo

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance May 4th 2012

RAVENSTHORPE and ESPERANCE. We stayed at a campsite at Ravensthorpe, which was fine for an overnight stop, but as there is not much there, we quickly moved on to Esperance. Esperance is a seaside town on the south coast of Western Australia and claims to have Australia’s best and whitest beaches. I wouldn’t argue with the claim, they are excellent near to the town. There is a 40km drive (free brochure from the tourist info centre) that takes in a lookout point, the main local beaches and the Pink Lake –definitely worth a drive around. There was still fishing and surfing taking place, even at this time of year (April -Autumn). Esperance seems to be primarily a tourist town, but has a sizable port. It is beautifully located with a number of islands off the coast. ... read more
Crowded White Beaches
Sailing By
More of the coastline.

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