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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance September 24th 2015

Sadly no whales were around Fowlers Bay yesterday morning when I treated myself to a 2.5 hour cruise in the hope of sighting some. And while it was a lovely thing to do and most enjoyable, the weather was absolutely perfect, I found the experience very tame after the absolutely spectacular day I had the day before on my 4x4 tour previously described. And while some of the photos I took will probably make it into my “abstract photography” album, really there was nothing taken that could rival the previous day’s pics. One good thing came out of it though – note to my Marine Rescue friends – I did not get seasick or show any tendency to do so, even though the swell was noticeable outside the heads. So full steam ahead I should imagine ... read more
Head of Bight far horizon
Head of Bight up close cliff face
Head of Bight with landscape

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance September 23rd 2015

Thursday 17th September We arrive at the camper van depot around 9.30 and have it is checked over before we swap it for our Hi Top van. We have driven over 8,500 Km. We get away soon after 10.15. A fairly easy change over. Our first stop along the road is Northam. At Tourist Information we get given a Heritage walking trail with a booklet prepared by local school children. We soon see some wonderful looking buildings and the school children's booklet provides some excellent background to them. On finishing we treat ourselves to a couple of beef pies and sit in the park to enjoy them. A nice warm sunny day. On the road again and running alongside us all the way is a 750 diameter pipe taking water from Perth to Kalgoorlie. We pull ... read more
2 Our constant companion
3 Cunderdin Museum
4 Rabbit proof!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance April 20th 2015

Got to Esperance on 20/4/15 and stayed at Breitte, Aaron, Thomas and Oliver's awesome new house. Was great to catch up with these Champs and we has a great time. The day we got there we went for a drive and checked out Twilight Cove. OMG amazing beautiful! Weather was perfect for the first 3 days we were there. Next day we borrowed Aaron's kayak and spent the day at Twilight Cove. Paddled out to the rock with both girls one at a time and explored all the other rock islands out there. Wednesday we drove along the beach to Cape Le Grand. Checked out Hellfire Bay and Lucky Bay. Wow! The water is an amazing colour I've never seen before. The next couple of days the weather was plop so checked out town and took ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance December 29th 2014

Taking your pants to Paradise. 29th December 2014 Sometimes when we blog its just hard to get the right title and we realised a long time ago that it’s all about the title, then there are other times when we are writing and good titles just keep appearing out of the pages, like the other day when we wrote Chicken tracks, I think we ended up with 5 options to choose from. Funny really we had a pretty big day yesterday 29/12/2014 and I woke this morning with a title on my mind, even before I had struck a blow on the computer keys. As you are aware we have been having our Christmas break in Cape Arid National Park, Western Australia, we were invited down here by Andy and Karen, two people who we have ... read more
Taking your Pants to Paradise
Taking your Pants to Paradise
Taking your Pants to Paradise

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance December 23rd 2014

We woke to a fairly decent morning on a campsite in Esperance, at least it wasn’t raining. Even though we don’t like caravan parks, our main goal was to charge all our batteries, that is the two deep cycle batteries that power the freezer in our truck and also the two deep cycle batteries in Roobie as we need plenty of battery power whilst we are camped at Cape Arid. We also needed to top the water tanks up on Roobie, which is 90 litres for showers and general use hot water and 90 litres for drinking. As usual I was up early and strangely enough Caroline put in an early appearance at 6.00 am, our plan today was to get our last few chores done in Esperance and get away as soon as possible as ... read more
The Clock Struck Ten
The Clock Struck Ten
The Clock  Struck Ten

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance October 21st 2014

Hi travel followers. Here is our latest travel update from Esperance Western Australia. On leaving Albany we headed for Ravensthorpe which was just basically a stop off point for a quick diversion inland to Hyden where the renowned "Wave Rock" is located. This was another item on the bucket list that is now ticked off and I must say it was well worth the 195km trip through the never ending wheat fields (Western Australia's grain belt). Even though the weather was atrocious, it managed to clear enough for us to walk and see the Wave Rock, the Hippo's Yawn and Mulka's Cave (excellent rock art) with an abundance of wild flowers thrown in. We continuously marvel at what mother nature can do with solid rock over a lot of time. From Ravensthorpe we then headed to ... read more
A storm building over the endless wheat fields.
Lyn in the Hippo's Yawn.
Frenchmans Peak in Cape Le Grand National Park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance February 23rd 2014

Arriving in Esperance we settled into our site on a caravan park just out of town and across the road from the sea with a good beach.The town itself is small but has all the amenities required for a short stay.The foreshore and esplanade were under construction and renovation which restricted access to the town beach.The town is also a major exporter of ore and visiting giant cargo ships can bee seen loading while others anchor off the seaway waiting their turn.This is however a major tourist town with an abundance of accommodation ranging from camping to self contained units and hotels.Tourist flock here in the warmer months to soak up the sun and play in any of the many pristine beaches that surround Esperance,whale watching is also a major attraction in season.The Recherche Archipelago is ... read more
Cape Le Grand
Cape Le Grand
Cape Le Grand

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance February 15th 2014

First flat tyre, skylight blowing off the roof and one of our headlights getting smashed by a tiny stone...c'est la vie. The rules of threes out of the way. We have been criss-crossing around the south west of WA for over a month. Augusta, Mandurah, Perth, Bridgetown, Hyden, Kalgoorlie and now in Esperance. It's not the towns which bring our travels alive - it's the places in between which shine brightly. Amazing sights we have seen but more importantly this country is speckled with amazing characters everywhere we go. The highlights are many. What will stay in our hearts in the long run will have to be seen in years to come. To treat each day as another brilliant event is sometimes hard because even travelling becomes, dare I say it, sometimes mundane, washing, cooking, packing ... read more
Here we are revelling
 Those salmon gums are something else
Doing some work in Bridgetown Caravan Park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance April 30th 2013

We left a hot and dusty Norseman in the morning to arrive at a cold and rainy Esperance in the afternoon. The girls spotted the golden arches with lightening speed and yep...we're lunching at Maccas. I must admit I was looking forward to a flat white with soy! We spent the afternoon feeding the washer and dryer with $1 coins and "enjoying" the 15kt onshore and drizzly rain...awesome. The drizzly weather persisted throughout the next day but we did manage to squeeze in a walk along the esplanade and a delicious brew from Coffee Cat. Our final morning in Esperance saw skies clear and the opportunity to take a spin around the Great Ocean Loop, not quite the VIC version, but 11km of beaches, cliffs and islands with the Southern Ocean as the backdrop is still ... read more
Looks like a good place to sit!
Get on Board

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance March 9th 2013

We arrived in Esperance after completing 'The Nullarbor' on the afternoon of Mon 4th March. It would have been more sensible to have taken the road towards Perth but Esperance is THE place for beaches and we still had 6 days in our van and we wanted to see and do as much as possible. John & Andrea had said that we could stay at their place in Perth if it was becomming too much but we were loving it and we actually considered extending our rental. We also now had a name for the Britz hire van - 'Glitsy Britzy'!!!! (Annie's name, not mine!) - That trip along the Nullarbor had obviously sent her mad! We arrived in Esperance mid afternoon and found it to be a sleepy little town but immaculately kept and we ... read more
Wharton Beach

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