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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance April 30th 2019

We started our trip in the Fremantle suburb of Perth. We woke up to bright blue skies and a crisp clean freshness in the air. The high street reminded me of Wellington in New Zealand with the artistic flair of boutique cafes lining the streets, bringing character to the beige sandstone buildings. After a quick bite of avo on toast, we hoiked on our backpacks and strolled down to the Barrack Street jetty. After a short ferry ride over to Rottnest Island, we grabbed a couple of hire bikes and set off in search for the cute Quokka, famously described as the happiest animal on the planet. We took the intermediate trail around the south-east of the island towards Little Salmon Bay passing crystal clear sea bays and pure white sand stretching into the distance. We ... read more
Pink Lake Esperance
Diamond Tree

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance December 17th 2018

We had chatted with the check-in guy at the Esperance Beachfront Resort when we arrived and had mentioned our complete failure to see a kangaroo. ‘Oh, you’re bound to see them here,’ he said, ‘they’re everywhere.’ Yeah, yeah – we’ve heard it all before. Nevertheless, he gave us tons of information and indicated on the local maps where the best places to see them were, and pointed out local scenic drives. Our first morning in Esperance started off cold and grey but at least it wasn’t raining. The skies gradually lightened as the day progressed, though it remained a bit on the chilly side (in Australia, in their summer!) and we decided to motor along the Great Ocean Drive, one of the scenic routes recommended to us. And it was lovely! I was so jealous of ... read more
An Esperance beach
A roo!
Lucky Bay residents

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance October 8th 2018

3 – 8 October 2018 At the end of the last blog we said goodbye to Richard & Beverley at the airport and wished them a safe journey home as they headed for their flight back to New Zealand and we set off on our next adventure in the campervan. As previously in Oz this is a Toyota Hi Ace, less than four metres long and one and a half metres wide. Astrid is five star luxury in comparison! But we knew what to expect and in fact there is more storage in this model than we had previously so all is well. We were prepared to move downmarket as the days of two bedroom apartments with kitchens and laundries had to be left behind in cosmopolitan south west Australia as we started our journey into ... read more
Close up of F1
Jim standing under Wave Rock

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance September 25th 2018

I am getting behind with the blogs ... as I move on with my travels , but I am trying to catch up. All this time we are passing through the Great Western Woodlands ...such beautiful trees in an area bigger than England said the sign !!! We were now in the Goldfields and in the big city Kalgoorlie ... You could tell there had been lots of mining money there ... lots of nice stone civic buildings and big hotels / pubs lining the streets. Outside the city is the SUPERPIT ...a huge vast monstrous pit as you look down . And in the tourist mine where Paddy Hannan’s original gold discovery was made you can see both the type of conditions that the miners worked in and the monstrous vehicles which are used in ... read more
evening light at Lucky Bay
Flowers in Cap Le Grand
Morning light

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance June 10th 2018

Well almost a very sad story to post. We headed out of Kal and camped at Widgeemooltha. The next morning I went to get my camera only to find it missing. I asked Ken if he had moved it and he said he hadn't. Not sure what I'd done with it as I usually leave it in the same place all the time. So went through the car a few times. No sign of it. Then the next thing was to remember the last time I used it. Which was about 3 days beforehand. So I left Ken to do some more detecting and I drove back to Kal (120km) and north (80km) to the last camp spots and detecting sites we had been to. No sign of it Next stop back to Kal Police station ... read more
Pacific Gulls
Hooded Plover
New Holland Honeyeater

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance May 6th 2018

Hi again Sorry for the long delay. Our first stop was at Penang. They have a large display of windmills here. Then we found a place to camp. Next morning we ventured into the “Top of the Bight” where they have a Whale viewing area. No whales in sight. Apparently they don’t usually come in until June. Next stop was the Bunda Cliffs after paying $1.93.9 per litre for Diesel at the Nullarbor Roadhouse. Every time I stop here I’m always amazed. They have now put in walkways to keep everyone from getting too close to the edges. I did notice at one point a cliff will be altered the next time I return. Also they have blocked off entrances to stop cars and campers from driving on the cliffs. After getting groceries at Ceduna the ... read more
P4280110 (2)
Entrance to Streaky Bay

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance October 12th 2016

I am writing this at stupid o'clock in the morning on Thursday sitting in the warm sun as I look at the beautiful view of the mainbeachat Esperance – well if I lean my head to the right and up a bit so I can see over the toilet block and dump point. Hahahaha. We got in pretty late on the first night so not much to report. We did put the awning up on the tent for the first time though. Plenty of swearing and cursing and putting the wrong pole in then needing to back track, but we go there in the end! Monday was spent looking at some of the sights in Esperance. We did a loop drive that went to all of the main beaches and lookouts. It was pretty special really. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance July 12th 2016

We spent 2 days in Esperance and drove around by the lovely Twilight Bay and all the lovely beaches. The Pink Lake wasn't pink but I guess it's seasonal. The weather was shocking with severe gale force winds and bursts of heavy rain. We also drove out to visit Cap Le Grand national park and even in the miserable weather it was lovely but a long walk was not very appealing. Plenty of emu and birds around and the occasional chilly looking roo. We went out to Thistle Bay to look at Whistling Rock which has an indigenous dream time story to go with it. The rock wasn't whistling that day. We were staying at the Esperance YHA and I feel obliged as part of this blog to give a review. The staff were friendly and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance July 10th 2016

So today we finished crossing the Nullabor-hooray! We woke up at the motel and we were glad to have not camped as the wind had been gale force all night and we would almost certainly have been dealing with damaged and broken equipment. So as we checked out there were some big rigs getting fuel, signs of things to come on the road with more crazy passing in the wind and rain. We traveled the longest bit of straight road in Australia and I admit it did get boring. Since our taste in music has very limited overlap we have a few audiobooks to keep the peace. We stopped for fuel at the Balladonia roadhouse which was the location of Skylab crashing to Earth in the 70s. There is a bit on the roof and some ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance September 29th 2015

Thursday 24th September We leave Esperance and after an hour or so pull into a rest area for a coffee. We get talking to another couple going in the opposite direction and they suggest we visit Hopetoun on the coast. It sounds good to us and we've plenty of time so we re route down to the coast. It only takes about another hour and we arrive. Hopetoun's a small resort with a nice little beach and a few shops. We register at a camp site and then go off into nearby Fitzgerald River NP. They've done a lot of work in the park making it more accessible. We take the main road in a soon stop at Barrens Lookout for great views over the coast line. It's rugged with sandy beaches. There are wild flowers ... read more
2 Wave Rock
3 Toy Soldier Display
4 Hyden scrap sculptures

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