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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance April 30th 2012

Geo: -33.8613, 121.891Todays Challenge - As per the roadsigns ............. to spot a camel on the NullarborWe depart Madura at 6 50am and refuel before we hit the road, Rod notes the cost of fuel is $2.12 per litre.We enter the longest stretch of straight road in Australia being 142km and yes this was monotonous.Stop at Balledonia for a meat pie for breakfast and refuel at a cost of $2.17 per litre. We search for their museum advertised on the roadsign but can't find it.On the road again we gain another 45 minutes on a time zone change which puts us in Noresman at 11.45am. We have crossed the Nullarbor in one piece and sink a Crownie to celebrate. This place was named after an old buggered horse who crossed the Nullarbor and founded the town ... read more
Early morning landscape west of Madura
Refuel at Belledonia
The Longest stretch of straight road in Australia

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance March 14th 2012

La nuit au spot de Blue Haven Beach s’est bien passée, mais une joggeuse matinale averti Nico qu’il vaut mieux partir avant que les Rangers n’arrivent. On décampe moins de 10 mins plus tard, l’amende est quand même de 100$. Du coup vu qu’on est réveillé et qu’on se trouve au bord du sentier du Great Ocean Drive, on décide d’aller courir. Le sentier longe plusieurs plages, plus belles les unes que les autres, mais peu propices à la baignade vu les vagues qui déferlent. On a déjà fait une partie hier en marchant, du coup on part de l’autre côté, et cette fois en courant ! Après c’est étirements et petite baignade expresso à West Beach, magnifique mais des courants de folie. C’est simple, même debout il faut lutter pour rester sur place. Ensuite on ... read more
Rond-point en l'honneur de Sammy l'otarie
Sur la Great Ocean Drive
Twilight Cove

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance March 13th 2012

Au petit matin, on part de cet camping trop isolé, Nico est à la barre et moi je "termine" ma nuit à l'arrière! Bon avec toutes les secousses, je ne dors pas vraiment vous pensez bien. Une heure plus tard, on arrive au village de Hopetoun, on se met sous un abri avec WC pour petit déjeuner, faire une toilette de chat et recharger la batterie de l'appareil photo. Le temps est maussade, on n'a pas envie de traîner, on se met en route pour Espérance, qui se trouve maintenant à 150km. On ne croise personne pendant un bon moment, puis plus on se rapproche de la station balnéaire plus on croise des vans, campings-cars et 4WD. Arrivés à Espérance, on se fait des eggs & bacon sur le bord de mer sur un BBQ public. ... read more
Sur la plage, Sammy le lion de mer
Tanker Jetty
Blue Haven Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance March 1st 2012

A year on the road today... Quite the milestone! This is actually the longest Faye and I have ever been away from home, our last travels lasted just less than a year, so this is quite monumental for us. I'm actually suffering from severe blog lag. We're not in Vietnam as the last published blog suggests, in fact we're not even in SE Asia anymore, we're currently living under canvas, roasting our asses off in a beautiful Western Australia summer. Between then and now, we spent a month in Thailand, a couple of weeks in Malaysia and a month in Java and Bali, these blogs will be written eventually, but for the moment I'm enjoying doing not a lot and will probably continue to do so... So how has travelling with the children been? Our biggest ... read more
Borobodur, Java
KL Bird Park
Sihanoukville Sunset

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance January 30th 2012

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance January 30th 2012

This is from our trip in 2011. Probably the most impressive thing that I saw along the way. Too good Lloyd.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance January 29th 2012

The journey to Esperance was long yet uneventful barring a group of emus who nearly decided to cross the highway into our path at one point. Esperance is quite a nice place and reminds me of both Victor Harbor and Port Lincoln with plenty of inviting eating options. The caravan park is opposite the esplanade and I can see the ocean from our campsite.....nice. Nothing much else to report other than the old timer behind us ripping down branches off a caravan park tree to get better reception for his satellite tv...classic.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance January 28th 2012

As we were getting ready to prepare breakfast this morning a kangaroo with joey in tow hopped right onto our campsite and surveyed the van for possible morning snacks but after waiting in vain retreated to the bush for more traditional tucker. They were not the last roos to visit today which made for some good photos. We headed out for a mid-morning hike that took us on some surrounding trails to the top of Mount Melville. The summit provided a picturesque view with the coast on one side and bush and farm land on the other. Back to the campsite and down to the beach for a quick dip before lunch. After some reading we decided to take a quick siesta as the day warmed up. Two hours later we finally woke and decided to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance January 27th 2012

This heat wave has really started to take shape. Once the sun cleared the tree line to the east this morning the heat was oppressive as we started to pack up and leave Manjimup. My cousin who lives a few hundred kms away said it hit 40 by 9 am yesterday and I don't think it is a stretch to say the same thing here today. We started to head south-east towards Esperance though there will be a few stops before we get there. As we pushed into the outskirts of Albany on the coast for lunch we were greeted with a cool sea breeze so having a bite to eat on the shoreline was refreshing. Our next overnight stop was still another 300 kms away and I can't say I was overly motivated as we ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance January 26th 2012

Felt decidedly refreshed this morning after a solid sleep due to cooler overnight temperatures in the south. We decided to take the bikes out after breakfast and explore the area before it got too warm. There are a lot of fruit orchards around and also one or two truffle farms. Summer rains have kept the surrounds very green which provides a relaxing atmosphere. We took the trail into town and back which ended up being a 20 km round trip - solid workout. Only one thing to do to celebrate Australia Day - down to the pool with the lazy boys and a few beers on ice. Well I don't think I'll be moving too far from here on in.... read more

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