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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay September 2nd 2009

There dives the fur seal A sleek speeding bullet Quick as a flash he twists and he soars Snapping at fish with sharp toothy jaws Today’s entry is all about the New Zealand fur seal, an occasional visitor to Coral Bay; one that turns up during the colder winter months when storms down south send it scurrying northwards. The New Zealand fur seal, not surprisingly, is found mainly around New Zealand, but it also lives along the south coast of Australia, and occasionally visits the warmer waters of north-western or north-eastern Australia. A male fur seal looks a lot like a marine lion, with thick shaggy hair and a long mane. Females and young fur seals have the thick coat, but tend to be sleeker and more streamlined (like a Formula 1 car). They grow bigger ... read more
Little dog-like ears
Playing in the water
Not quite so comfortable on land

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay August 13th 2009

Leaving Perth I’d had enough of Perths shitty weather and the cost of everything so I looked into going northwards - where the prices would be the same but at least it would start warming up. The problem I had however was transport - they were not ideal: I didn’t drive; so I couldn’t rent a car or even a camper van - very popular among backpackers here. There was no train line up the west coast of Australia - only up the "Centre", for example Adelaide to Alive Springs which cost 350 Aussie Dollars (175 quid), and that was for a seat only on a journey that took 19 hours! The Greyhound bus north was more expensive at around $400 (200 quid) from Perth to Broome - and at 2,454 Kilometres! The only real option ... read more
The road trip gang

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay July 15th 2009

Coral Bay 26th - 29th June Coral Bay was beautiful - shame we couldn't say the same about the weather. It's the kind of place where you need hot sunshine to enjoy the beach and snorkeling. When we first arrived the weather was lovely and we had a great day and a half on the beach, swimming and snorkeling. There were some beautiful fish. Then it got a bit cloudy and not so warm. Pete and Jan, our Aussie friends, arrived on our site and we spent a day 4x4 driving around the sand dunes and beaches with them - great fun in their landrover. We had to rescue some guys who had got their 4x4 stuck on the beach with the tide rapidly coming in. Rob and Pete got a special towing strop and pulled ... read more
Coral bay
Coral bay
shark nursery

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay June 16th 2009

Still hanging around Coral bay till Thursday then we will be heading to Exmouth for the weekend to catch up with Tahn, Pip and Kaylee. (woo hoo). Troy had a long day chasing the whale sharks, spose to be back round 3:30ish but 2 hrs later they came back. they had to go really deep but they finally came accross a "big sucker" and swam with that for a while. Well worth the $$$ he said!!! Went out in Ash and Cristie's dingy yesterday, me and Ax watched the boat while the rest went for a snorkel. Saw 2 huge turtles and sting-ray!!! Pretty windy on the hill where we are camped out so we are looking forward to moving on in a couple of days!! a few of the vans that were next to us ... read more
Ax clowning around
cooking our first dampier
Ash and Cristie

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay June 13th 2009

Well Troy paid the big $$$ to go swim with the whale sharks today for a day trip and me and Ax had a chill day which was nice not having to rush around and just do nothing!!!! At the beach now writting this as in town is the only place with service...sooo hard!!!! might crack another beer now ;) CHOW xoxo... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay April 30th 2009

hallo ;D eindelijk nog eens internet :D de reden waarom er zo weinig op de blog wordt gezegd is dus het internet :) we hebben hier ondertussen al veel gedaan! ook al wat kangroes en andere leuke dieren gezien :D we zyn naar de pinnacles gaan kijken (een soort van versteend bos ofzoiets :D) en we hebben in monkey mia dolfijnen kunnen voeden! en morgen gaan we met whalesharks zwemmen!!! das een mega grote vis rond 6 meter en dan een kei grote mond! en dus een mengeling van een walvis en een haai! (maak u geen zorgen die gaan ons niet opeten) :D ik vind het hier wel juist iets te warm! voor mij was de temperatuur in nieuwzeeland beter :D maar dat vinden we hier alle vier :) en dan moet je weten dat ... read more
Monkey Mia
Monkey Mia
Monkey Mia

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay April 27th 2009

Quobba Station provided some welcome isolation and a break from the school holiday crowds. Max, Sam and JoJo adopted Ginger and Peggy, the station horses, who received many treats of apples, carrots and green grass from our boys. Day trips snorkeling, fishing, visiting blowholes and bluffs kept us busy. At Red Bluff we met a fellow called Dave, who shared his freshly caught Tuna sashimi with us and then pointed out a beach shelter that he had made, hammock included, where we spent the rest of the afternoon. Marshmallows were on the dessert menu again, with fires lit nearly every night. Warrara Station was our next stop and we camped on 14 mile beach. The kids were happy to see some other instant friends and we hardly saw them for the next few days. Paul ... read more
Coral Bay Fishing trip
Cape Range National Park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay April 25th 2009

Coral Bay was everything it's name lives up to. When Sandy I rocked up, we were like giddy school children in a candy store. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. This little sea side holiday destination is the most stunning beach we've come across to date. The picturesque skyline , highlighted by the aqua water, clear water, then white sand stretched forever up the coast. We jumped out the car , and ran down the beach to be ankle deep and have massive massive fish swim up close to have peek at our ankles. This was the first snap shot of what was in store for us as soon as we stuck our heads under water with snorkles. So excited we got back to the car, put our gear on and headed down to Main ... read more
Termite Mounds
The best beach in the world
Coral Bay

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay April 11th 2009

A lobster from the water came, And saw another, just the same In form and size, but gaily clad In scarlet clothing, while she had No other raiment to her back, Than her old suit of greenish black. Miss Gould Spiny lobsters belong to a group or ‘genus’ named Panulirus by scientists, after a mythical seaman who fell off his boat, was killed by a band of ferocious Italians, and his spirit forced to wander the shallows forever. They are slightly different to the lobsters we find in the seas around the UK or on plates at your local restaurant; they lack the big grasping front claws, instead their legs end in fine points and the bodies are covered in beautiful patterns of purple and orange. This interesting beastie, patrols the cracks and crevices of shallow ... read more
Lobster eyes are protected by horns
Tail fan
The long antennae that lobster use to make music!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay April 10th 2009

March 28 was the date set some 18months ago for a convoy of friends to spend a few weeks holidaying in Coral Bay, so was a time frame we worked to as we travelled the bottom half of Australia. Wed 18th saw Kym and I move to Stew and Tracey’s place in Joondanna to make our final preparations as we were to leave earlier than planned and spend a week or so camping at Warroora (pronounced ‘Worra’ )Station before everyone else arrived in Coral Bay. We left Friday morning to rendezvous with Simon and Phillipa at Geraldton, before setting up an overnight camp at Galina Bridge, just north of Kalbarri. Simon was towing his 7m boat, which he camped in with Phillipa and his girls Kiara and Jessica while Stew had his Camprite camper in tow ... read more
Half way there
The campsite at Warroora
The campsite

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