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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » South Yarra April 26th 2015

Good evening everyone, this morning, Stu, myself and Sue went to South Melbourne market, I just love that market, it is the perfect place to go on a Sunday, throw on a sweat jumper, sweat pants and go down there and have breakfast and coffee or lunch and a drink. There's music playing, people singing and playing instruments and just browse around the market. A real Sunday or Saturday place to go to, to unwind from the working week (not that I have that to worry about for the moment !!). Then later on in the afternoon, because I have no idea where the time goes, we all went out to Studley Park Boating Lake which is in a huge park in the middle of the city, nothing like the boating lake up the Sports Centre!!! ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » South Yarra January 10th 2014

Well it has been a few days since I have blogged - so what have we been doing? We went to the cinema which was a present from Mike's girls. The cinema was called Hoyts and we did the Director's cinema experience - so you are probably saying what is so special about this? Well I can tell you it is weird but in a good way, you have a private lounge and there is a bar in it and the waitress gives you a menu. Menu I think why will I want that I am only going to see a film but then the waitress asks us do we want drinks and something to eat whilst we are watching the film and do we want it at the beginning, middle or end - this is ... read more
Botanic Gardens
The View from the Skydeck
Painted Pianos

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » South Yarra January 7th 2014

Hi all, I'm afraid that despite best efforts my iPad remains FULL! I can't download pics and so I am struggling to do the blog with pics. These are a few that I've taken on my phone at odd times so hope you will get a flavour. We had a mad and marvellous Christmas Day. We started as elves opening pressies, we went down to Brighton beach and swam, scorching hot day, then we took a picnic with a lots of friends down to the banks of the Yarra river overlooking Melbourne. Friends from England, Wales, Italy, Germany and the USA enjoyed a good old barbie. Brilliant Day! I did a one day tour of the Great Ocean Road. Spectacular scenery and great weather. Lots of wildlife and lots of people! We went to Geoff's 30th ... read more
At Brighton Beach
Flo, Sophie and Kerry

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » South Yarra January 2nd 2014

Well we have had our last night in Sydney and had a really nice Thai meal - yes Thai meal - think I should have had a good old Ozzi meal but do you know what, I don't fancy kangaroo, ha ha.We packed our things and after a good nights sleep up we got and left our bags at the reception to get some breakkie and catch a cab to the airport.Am I sad to leave Sydney? To be honest, no I do not think so, I have been here now 3 different times for a quite a number of days on each visit. I have probably not seen half of it but do you know what I think it is time to see new places and experience things that I have not seen or done ... read more
Look at this house in Melbourne
One of the Lanes in Melbourne

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » South Yarra December 20th 2013

Hello all Apols for no recent updates. I've been, and still am, wifi starved and have now got problems loading my pics on to the iPad so I can't do a proper Blog! Such a shame, but I'm working on a solution. In the meantime a few pics that I've taken on the iPhone and a quick resume of some highlights..... - a brilliant wet, sunny, cold, hot 4 days in Tasmania - wonderful scenery, interesting history, exciting climbs in forest air walk and swinging bridges and a great Airbnb host Yvette in an historic house in Hobart - wonderful times being shown the city of Melbourne by Flo. It is mad, busy, colourful, exciting, cultural, arty,mad mad mad!! The trams are awesome and I'm even finding my way around on them. Great to meet up ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » South Yarra December 7th 2013

Melbourne is totally amazing and wonderful. So so happy to be here. Just a quick few pictures before Flo and I head off for a little holiday (!!!!) in Tasmania tomorrow. Great welcome from Flo, fabulous home she has with Sophie, rain rain and more rain first day, friends and city second day. Marvellous! Tassie here we come.... read more
Welcome brunch treat - yumeeee
Rain and old old trams

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » South Yarra March 29th 2012

Our last day in Melbourne. Yarra Valley Winery Tours We met across the street from the Federation Square at 9 am for some wine tasting. Yarra Valley is about 25 minutes from the city. Unlike many of our tours, this tour was filled with many young people who were ready to drink and mingle all before lunchtime. We visited three wineries and every vineyard owner was extremely nice, fun, and full of jokes. We sipped wine with two English people, one which had recently moved to Melbourne, a Korean couple on their honeymoon, and a German girl who was in town for a wedding. After two wineries we had a delicious 3 course lunch and chatted some more. After our wine tour, we headed back to Melbourne to catch the season opener Footy game. This game ... read more
Winery Tour
Aussie Footy
St. Paul's Cathedral

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » South Yarra February 6th 2012

hey everyone, so we are off to Cairn tomorrow for some much needed relaxing away from the busy city life, have been surving on the 'free food' cabient in the wouldnt believe how amazing a bowl of crunchy nut and some yoghurt tastes when you been eating noddles and pasta for the last week haha. we had a leaving dinner with all the lovely aussies on friday in a japanese tea house and had some yummy food. on thursday we booked our east coast trip, which includes: Fraser island, a great barrier reef cruise, a whitsundays sailing package, a dolphin feeding and motor bike ride in the sunset and a spot x surf camp haahh so we are defaintly gonna be busy for the next 6 weeks. have had some rather amusing people in the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » South Yarra October 17th 2011

Arrived in Melbourne after 20 hours in the air. The last time I was that high for that long was in 1975! Anyway, Melbourne is a fantastic city with a lot of life and character. Great cafes, restaurants, shops. They have an excellent transit system - you can get almost anywhere reasonably quickly on trains and trams via an intricate network of multi-directional routes- unlike Toronto- which gives tourists a great opportunity to visit the multitude of various neighbourhoods. Also met some really wonderful people, made some new friends, and hooked up with some relatives that I haven't seen in over 40 years. Have a look at some of the photos. From here we're moving on to Tasmania. Stay tuned for those photos as well!... read more
Melbourne 2
Melbourne 3
Melbourne 4

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » South Yarra October 1st 2011

Today was our final day on our trip to the Great Ocean Road. After a restful night in our accommodation, Greg, Annette, Nesan and Cheryl headed off for some sightseeing in the city on the tram. We found a nice cafe for some morning coffee and then walked to Flinders Street Station to catch the free tourist bus for a trip around the city. We got off at Queen Victoria Markets for some shopping then caught a tram back to Flinders Street Station and a train back to the car in South Yarra. we had some much needed lunch and caught up with Peter who had had a relaxing morning in South Yarra Coffee shop. We were ready to leave at about 1:30pm and arrived home at 11:00pm. What an awesome ride and we look forward ... read more

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