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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Albert Park February 9th 2016

Melbourne, a perennial top of the pops in the World’s Most Liveable City surveys. Well-grounded, chic, efficient and abuzz with the spark of urbane youth, its Bohemian vibe could make some of Europe’s finest blush. It may not have Sydney’s natural good looks but it addresses the imbalance with character. Sydney has the silicon but Melbourne has the substance. Melbourne also pumps its chest with a self-proclamation as “Sporting Capital of the World”. Plenty of cities might justifiably dispute that claim but there’s enough sporting armoury for this to be more than mere hyperbole. One of the premier dates on the calendar is the Australian Open Tennis, a fortnight of wham-bam-thank-you-mam action where it seems the entire city comes out to play. The Oz Open is the party everyone wants to say they’ve been to. Anyone ... read more
And it's free
Southbank Theatre
Yarra Tram

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Albert Park March 15th 2015

Hi all, We woke up nice and early as we wanted to head to St Kilda to have a look around and to catch up with a couple of guys (Emil and Graydon) who we had met travelling in Oz. We had a nice quick breakfast of cheese on toast, cooked by me AGAIN (hint hint Vick). Then headed to the train station. As the F1 was on we had to get a replacement bus as the tram to St Kilda was off, it took around 40 minutes to get down there. (Normally it’s the 96 tram) We got lost straight away and ended up away from St Kilda; so after a look on Google maps and the help of a local we were back on track!!! St Kilda is a really nice quiet town on ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Albert Park December 23rd 2012

Na 3 maanden onze weg gevonden te hebben in het prachtige Zuid-Amerika, waarin we met het openbare vervoer langs hostels reisden en de Spaanse taal onder de knie probeerden te krijgen, keken we uit naar het volgende avontuur: met ons eigen camper busje rondtrekken, genieten van de ultieme vrijheid in het relaxte Australië. In Australië verwachtten wij een mooie mix van zon, zee, strand en natuur en keken we erg uit naar reünies met familie en vrienden. Onze aankomst was meteen goed! Vlak voor kerst kwamen we in Melbourne aan, waar Gie (de zwager van Koos) ons stond op te wachten. Gelukkig kwamen we ’s avonds aan, want het was die dag 41 graden! Een kleine week hebben we in Melbourne bij Marije (de zus van Koos), Gie en de drie kinderen gelogeerd. Hier hebben we ... read more
Kerst in Melbourne
Sydney 1
Sydney 2

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Albert Park March 18th 2012

With us all suffering with self-induced headaches form prior the night’s entertainment, we got up and prepared our hampers of food for the Grand Prix and made our way to the circuit by tram.Much to our surprise Mark had even suggested the idea of buying a ticket for the final day with minimal pressure from us! With the sun beaming on us we took our seats in the stand and started to gorge ourselves on the well food we’d prepared whilst watching the very entertaining RedBull Race Off race which at times was a full contact sport! Next was the final of the Ultimate Speed Comparison with last McLaren having a staggered start from a V8 Challenge car and a fast road going Mercedes-Benz, with the intention being they all cross the finish line at identical ... read more
V8 cars off the track
F1 Drivers Photo
Renault Jetman & RedBull Race off

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Albert Park March 17th 2012

With the serious on track action starting today we woke up early to finalise our picnic preparation and Mark’s arrival from the UK. Soon we had our hamper packed with fresh Focaccia rolls, Frittata, Lamb Kebabs and cunningly disguised bottle of wine to wash it all down with!On time Mark arrived at the apartment for a quick shower and change before we headed out for a quick breakfast to catch up on the last six months. With the whole of the Melbourne CBD to explore and a long list of sights to see, we sent Mark off on his way and we headed to the circuit for a prearranged viewing from the James Boag bar with complementary beer! From the raised bar we took in the parade laps by the Ferraris owners club before the Porsche ... read more
Jo at the James Boag Bar
Will at the James Boag Bar
Last practice session

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Albert Park March 17th 2012

We arrived in Melbourne again following a 4 hour flight delay on Friday night and we were back at our friends house, where we stayed at Christmas. It was so wierd, 3 months had passed and it felt like we had never been away from 133 Cubitt Street. At 06:30 the following morning I was awakened by the distant sounds of an F1 car screaming around Albert Park; that is the best wakeup call ever and if only I could have recorded it for an alarm. Not sure what Nat would have thought every morning. The walk up into Richmond for my hair cutting was one to remember, the empty streets of the semi industrial suburb were broadcasting the engine noise right to me. Every wall and window seemed like the car was right behind it, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Albert Park March 16th 2012

With the experience of the first day behind us we up a little earlier and prepared some lunch time snacks before catching the trams back to the circuit, with Jo taking a coffee in her shiny new insulated cup!! Considering it was only day 2 of the event, we were surprised by the increase in numbers in people queuing to get into the track, nether the less we passed through the bag checks pretty quickly and made our way to our seats to watch the V8’s. Given the crowds seemed to be slowly growing we decided to take in as much of the off track action as we could so had planned to watch the Crusty Demons practising the motorbike stunt display, although unfortunately this had been called off due to the early ran making conditions ... read more
Will's makeover in action
Will at Albert Park Lake
Formula Ford Spin

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Albert Park March 15th 2012

We were a little late waking up but we caught the tram to the F1 track via the CBD to arrive for 9.30am. We collected our tickets from the box office and headed into the event. There was already a long queue forming for the pit lane walk, so we made our way towards the back of the queue and managed to find a couple of stalls giving away free sausage sandwiches, muffins and water, which we happily stocked up with. We also collected our free event merchandise which turned out to be an insulated coffee cup which Jo was very happy with. The queue for the pit lane walk went down quickly and we were soon following the masses down the pit lanes and taking photos of the teams working away in their garages. After ... read more
Jenson & Hamilton siging autographs
Cider at the James Boags Bar
McLaren Pits

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Albert Park September 18th 2010

Hi all, Our journey has began we are playing the waiting game and because it is 12.45am we are all a tad tired. We board in 1 hour and then hopefully a few hours of sleep will be good. We shall be in Dubai at 1pm and expecting it to be very hot.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Albert Park December 31st 2009

Day 249 - Melbourne City Despite the heat we slept really well last night in our new spot on the drive! The only drama might have been if we woke in the night needing a wee but we didn’t so everything was fine. We heard Grant go off to work earlier this morning and when we snuck into the house through the back door we found the girls were up too so sat with them for a while as they watched TV. As luck would have it they were watching the Disney Channel and up popped the ‘What a Life’ program that just happened to be all about Darren Morgan and his drag racing family. Darren is a Top Fuel driver here in Australia and his kids are already doing very well in their Junior Dragsters. ... read more
Gosh this is the nicest
The Rialto - Intercontinental, Melbourne
On our way out for New Year

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