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March 17th 2012
Published: May 6th 2012
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1: Start 18 secs
2: Jenson Victory Lap 5 secs
We arrived in Melbourne again following a 4 hour flight delay on Friday night and we were back at our friends house, where we stayed at Christmas. It was so wierd, 3 months had passed and it felt like we had never been away from 133 Cubitt Street. At 06:30 the following morning I was awakened by the distant sounds of an F1 car screaming around Albert Park; that is the best wakeup call ever and if only I could have recorded it for an alarm. Not sure what Nat would have thought every morning. The walk up into Richmond for my hair cutting was one to remember, the empty streets of the semi industrial suburb were broadcasting the engine noise right to me. Every wall and window seemed like the car was right behind it, it’s not something I will forget in a hurry, neither was the hair cut. Dr Follicles’ on Swan Street, Richmond; it’s a quirky place full of stuffed animals and retro fixtures. I sat down and was offered a magazine, a 1982 Playboy, I was then offered a beer (when in Rome) and mid way through my trim, the Barber who was from Skipton poured me a shot of Jagermister. Not bad for $28 and all before lunch time.

We had booked tickets for the Sunday race day, which happened to be the start of the F1 2012 season, mysteriously it coincided perfectly with our travel plans. A Mclaren one, two was the result and Jenson Button won the race, a perfect end to a perfect trip.

Note – Whilst packing the bags in preparation for our flight back to Brisbane Nat smelled something bad in the Pannier, I thought the Salmon must have leaked juice so we unpacked and cleaned the pannier but the smell remained. We eventually traced the rancid odour to my coat and the sea shells which had died a gruesome death in my coat pocket. Nice one Nat! After around 4 washes and 2 days airing the smell is just about gone!

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