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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca January 8th 2015

Words and Pictures When we sold Gypsy we asked the new owners if they would keep us in touch with what was happening as far as Gypsy went and as far as the trip and travels where gypsy was used, I appreciate that she no longer belonged to us, but she was really a part of “Our Family” and part of some of the biggest adventures we had had in Australia. I do appreciate that on our first trip new travelled 66,000 kilometres around Australia in an entry level soft floor camper trailer for 16 months, yet our second trip when we covered about 8,000 Kilometres’ and 4 months from our spiritual home on the farm in Nangus New South Wales to Western Australia it seemed so much more of a bigger trip and, possibly due ... read more
Words and Pictures
Wordsand Pictures
Words and Pictures

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca December 1st 2014

Hi travel followers. Another week has passed and we have moved yet again to Rochester, Victoria (north of Bendigo), but not before spending a week chilling out at Echuca/Moama. What a lovely place it was on the Murray River bordering Victoria and NSW and watching the many Paddle Steamers travelling up and down the river. You may also be surprised “as were we” that we have officially been retired and on our “Australian Adventure” for our first “YEAR” OR 12 months OR 365 Days, depending on how you look at it. We had to ask ourselves where the time went, until we looked back at where we have been, stayed and the things we have seen. Not a boring day amongst them. For those who may be contemplating a similar trip, I thought I would take ... read more
Murray Cod at Swan Hill
Swan Hill Paddle Steamer/restaurant
Our visiting family of ducks

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca September 30th 2014

The Port of Echuca on the banks of the Murray River was the commercial hub for the region for many years. Even though the original freight and transport have been replaced by rail and in our days, road transport, the port is still very busy. This early community had everything from places to sin and get forgiveness; Churches, saloons and pubs, and Victoria's only brothel etc. I was amazed at the number of paddle steamers moored at the port, and then a little further down stream, the huge number of house boats either owner occupied or available for hire. The original port precinct is busy with tourist bookings and a variety of knick knacks, or tasty treats. There is a very attractive coffee and food outlet draped in wisteria along both the veranda and the front ... read more
The old horse and cart
Paddle Steamer
Smaller Paddlesteamers

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca August 26th 2014

We are one day from the end of our holiday. We have spent the last four days traveling southward home. There isn't much to be said about travelling. On Sunday we arrived at Coonabaraban at around lunchtime, as planned, because we wanted to visit the telescope at Siding Springs. Coonabarabran claims to be the astronomical capital of Australia, so our visit here was of particular interest to Frank, how is a keen amateur astronomer. As we were checking in to the John Oxley Caravan Park, we found a brochure advertising viewings through private telescopes belonging to a former manager of Siding Springs, so we booked in for that as well. The drive up to Siding Springs was very pleasant, offering spectacular views of the Warrumbungle National Park and an amusing array of roadside letter boxes. It ... read more
The Warrumbungles National Park
Emmy Lou
Rugged up

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca July 28th 2014

July 2014” Since our ‘The Wrong Way Around Trip’…well…basically I have been ‘slack’! Yes, we have done a few trips, but, I have not completed any Blogs for you all to follow us, sorry! Mostly our trips have been within Victoria and centred around the High Country and the Murray Valley, although one trip we did should have been written up and that was to the Birdsville Races last September, (Schoolies Week for over 55YO’s without high rise buildings to get into strife on!) . This was a fantastic trip with a number of highlights for us. From home (in Echuca) we headed north to Hay and onto Wilcannia, a historic town on the Darling River. It is hard to believe when you look at the state of the mighty Darling that this was a busy ... read more
Warri Gate

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca July 22nd 2013

A few ‘Stats’ for our trip ‘The Wrong Way Around’ As well as an amazing experience, we saw some incredible regions and places within this great country; many of which we know we will return to on future trips we have planned. Some of the spots we loved and would like to return to are The Eyre Peninsular, South West WA, The Northern Kimberley and the Gulf Country. ‘Evergreen favourites’, The Flinders Ranges and the interior of this country are always on our list. But, in this Blog, the last for this trip, I thought some of you may be interested in a few statistics…so here they are. · It is a long way around this country and we could have doubled these kilometres but you cannot do everything in one trip; you have to leave ... read more
Warra Station ... beachside camping.
Pentecost River with Cockburn Ranges in background.
Dinner at sunset, Katherine Gorge.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca July 16th 2013

Signs we have seen along the way Our fantastic trip “The Wrong Way Around’ has finished and we have settled on a base in Echuca, Victoria, on the Murray where we already have the map out planning our next trip. Birdsville Races in September are looking good, but we also want to return to the Flinders Ranges, a place we love and one of the most underrated regions within Australia. Anyway, on our travels we took quite a few photos of signs. Some were just demonstrating remoteness, others information, others were quirky and some were just plain unique. We wanted to share a few of these with you that we hope you find of interest for one reason or another and so here they are are..enjoy!... read more
BBQ's in the bush on Sundays!
Croc warning signs.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca March 11th 2013

When we left in November the plan was to explore Victoria. Well we've crossed the Murray River and have only just touched down to our destination. We travel at a relaxed pace and do as we please, Victoria will still be here when we explore the state more fully. Finding Betts Beach near Echuca to camp was simply delightful until we realised it was a long weekend in Victoria and in rolled the masses. Entertainment was on tap for us, people watching and chatting to locals but we are secretly pleased they've cleared out tonight and we can get back to our old fart lifestyle.... read more
Private and Shady
What Long Weekend?
Taj Mahal

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca January 11th 2013

The south east coast of NSW is really quite beautiful with stunning beaches and national parks everywhere. We have just been cruising on down, stopping at the small towns on the way, walking their boardwalks, strolling their white sandy beaches and viewing their turquoise coloured bays. Campsite tonight is high on a hill overlooking the twinkling lights of the next town that we will visit tomorrow which is called Bega, famous for its cheese so the cheese factory tour is most definitely on our tick list! One of my Christmas presents was an electric keyboard, something that I have been harping on about wanting to play for more years than I care to remember so if all goes to plan and I practice as I should I may be able to play something on it maybe ... read more
Camp site by the sea
Fern track
Pete at Tarra Bulga

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca May 30th 2012

On top of the old slag heap above the town of Broken Hill is the Miners Memorial, a tribute to the more than 700 miners that have died since the zinc-lead-silver deposit was discovered in 1883. The Broken Hill itself has almost entirely disappeared and been replaced by a large slag heap. BHP Billiton started here, but worked out its claim by 1939. The ore body is approximately shaped like a large boomerang on edge and BHP had the middle on/near the surface. The two ends are still being mined, but the miners are now Chinese and Japanese firms, and the mining is underground. The town has lots of old buildings, but nothing as spectacular as Kalgoorlie. On the 26th we came south to Mildura on the Murray River, and into Victoria for the first time. ... read more
Development opportunity
Near Mildura
From Victoria

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