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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca March 18th 2011

The morning air is certainly fresh in this neck of the woods, so it was on with the jeans this morning. We took the computer to check emails at Maccas, because the reception for TV is non- existent and the computer is not much better. We visited the Holden Museum in town, this has certainly some wonderful vehicles and one of each shape/model produced in the 60 year history of the vehicle. The museum is definitely not up to the standard of the Ford Museum in the USA, but it certainly held some well restored Holden vehicles and engines. They also ran a 20 min film clip outlining some of the history. For any Holden lovers it is a must see museum. From here we wandered back in time to check out the Old Port Shopping ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca March 17th 2011

St Paddy’s Day and we hit the road with the aim to call at Lake Boga, a World War II Flying base repair depot. Just a short drive and we were outside the museum before it opened at 9:30am. We headed into the bunker when it opened, this originally was the radio room, the lesson learned by the bombing of Darwin, where communication was lost to bombing, it is important to keep the radio centre up and running. This houses a lot of memorabilia and photos of the base when it flourished from 1943 to 1948 when it closed. It was set up so far inland to prevent it being bombed by ships carrying aircraft. It was also on the secret list, for most of it’s life as the Catalina flying boats came in for repairs, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca August 26th 2010

Hey all, Day 10 has us in Echuca. Today we drove from Broken Hill to Echuca. Lots of rain, big drive, nothing else more to say! Long drive! We have holed up in a hotel tonight, very nice one for our last night on the road. Tomorrow we fined out when we move into the new house. We also get to give Declan big cuddles!!!! Thanks for those of you who have enjoyed my rantings Cya... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca April 3rd 2010

We are on the way, I will update the blog fully tonight... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca March 26th 2010

For once, we had a lazy start to the day, relaxing by the river and putting the world to rights with our neighbours Gary and Kirsty. They’ve been travelling for ages, had reassuring words and sage advice about camping over Easter, and have persuaded us a visit to Canberra would be a good idea! Valerie’s been drooling over their van ever since; it had a proper bedroom, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, HUGE fridge and freezer, 3 piece leather suite and remote control tv! ... and a trailer to carry their smaller car - ideal for getting the best spots on the sites, and leaving everything in situ before going off to sightsee for the day in the car. (and parking must be a doddle too!) Eventually, we got going and visited the nearby town of Echuca. ... read more
Star Hotel
Star Bar
Star Hotel Illicit Cellar

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca March 25th 2010

Today’s plan was to take in the goldmining heritage of the area. Our first visit had to be the Arc de Triomph, or Victory Arch as they call it here (yoohoo Nicky & James!) (and Hannah B!) There is also a Remembrance Avenue that is over 22 kilometres long and has a tree planted for each person from Ballarat who served in WW1. We visited the Ballarat Art Galley to have a look at the original Southern Cross Eureka flag. I was struck at how large it was - I don’t know why, but I was expecting something much smaller. There was a special event on at the Art Gallery focusing on Queen, John decided not to go in as it was rather expensive and he also spent a considerable amount of time moaning about the ... read more
Victory Arch
Diggers Memorial
Soldiers Memorial

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca February 19th 2009

Today was spent being a tourist in the inland haven for tourists. I chose to begin my day with a walking tour of the 80 most interesting historical buildings/sites in the old port town. The tour started of in a most interesting way by taking me directly to McDonalds. I was a little puzzled at first, thinking that perhaps this was a clever marketing ploy, but on reading the tour notes I learnt that there had once been an old building on this site. I stopped after site No. 18 because it was getting too hot to continue walking, and transferred my touristic tendencies to a paddleboat cruise on the Murray River. This was a pleasant hour-long cruise, but my visions of cruising the mighty river were not matched by the site of rows of houseboats ... read more
Red Gums determined to survive
At last an end to the houseboats
But there are more houseboats around the next bend

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca November 17th 2008

HELLO AGAIN !! After leaving Gundagai, we headed west to Wagga Wagga where we got our car serviced. We had not expected to need our 110,000 service till Melbourne but we've done a few extra miles to what we had planned when we left I'fail on 1st August !! Geoff also had a car problem that got fixed there too. Anyway, unless you're into old buildings (how many can you look at??) and art deco facades there's not a lot to do in some of these country places, so continued on after a couple of days to Griffith, via Narrandera and Leeton. ALL this area is the 'hub' of fruit-growing in Australia but we're too early. Most doesn't reach picking stage till about late Nov/early Dec and we were looking forward to gorging ourselves on cherries ... read more
The lock is now full
The Rothbury
McWilliams "Hanwood Estate" winery

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca November 10th 2008

We arrived in Renmark, a fantastic town on the Murray River just inside the SA/VIC Border. The caravan park was literally on the river bank and so beautiful the highlight being green green grass. We could have stayed there for months. We followed the Murray along the border into NSW and back to VIC before rolling into Echuca. We found a caravan park to stay in, it was the best of a bad bunch so we stayed long enough to change the floor in the van (it had been badly stained by rubber mats before we left) and also to have a ride on the historic Paddle Steamer “Alexander” Then it was off to Bendigo. Bendigo was another beautiful town soaked in history and as we found out has a few unexpected firsts as its claim ... read more
Exploring the Port
One of the Capers at Confectioney Capers
More wonder for one mind to explore

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca April 1st 2008

Being a vet student (hoorah and at last!), work experience is always interesting and fun, but i can honestly say that my 3 weeks in Rochester (near Echuca, see above) were the best i have ever had on placement. As friend at college Jenny says, who is lifelong friends with Merryn, the vet that i stayed with, Rochester Veterinary Clinic has probably spoiled all English placements for me! There is no endless tea and coffee making, moping floors or fetching and carrying. The entire team are the loveliest people and are constantly and actively making sure that i got to go out and see the most interesting cases and got involved as much as possible. I arrived from Syndey on the overnight train. I spent the Saturday after the jillaroo school with Kirke and Liz, meandering ... read more
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