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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart January 28th 2011

First stop Hobart. We arrived in the evening just before sunset and my verdict so far was that Tasmania was more than beautiful. I always think that if the drive from the airport is impressive then good things are likely to be ahead. We checked into our hostel and took a stroll down to the Salamanca area where everything was happening. This was clearly where Hobart came alive in the evenings. Tasmania is said by some to have the best food in Australia and we stopped at a little Vietnamese restaurant in Tasmania for dinner. Does that mean it's the best Vietnamese in Australia? Or just the only one in Tasmania? Anyway, it was good food and we managed to get there just before a queue around the entire restaurant formed. We discovered that Tasmania is ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart January 15th 2011

Woke early and eager for a cup of tea, as always - headed down to the kitchen to have a look at the facilities and provisions. I had assumed that the hostel would provide milk and there was plenty of milk in assorted fridges, but there was no knowing who any of it belonged to, so I headed out into the street to buy some. It was 6.30am and I imagined I would soon come across a newsagents open. To my surprise I came across several newsagents, all of them still tightly closed. I ventured on and eventually found a small shop open. Back in the hostel kitchen I was greeted by another guest who on sight began exclaiming about the lack of hot water in the showers that morning and expecting me to join in ... read more
Brilliant Salamanca Produce
Brilliant Salamanca Produce
Brilliant Salamanca Produce

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart January 14th 2011

Not very restful night of sleep - waking every ten minutes concerned about over sleeping and missing our flight. Woke at midnight to thundering tropical rain (usually one of my great joys) and spent the next few hours concerned that our little access road to the outside world would be flooded and prevent us from accessing the airport, even though it adjoins our suburb! I booked our taxi online for the first time and so was also concerned that this system may not work and no taxi might appear. At the appointed hour (4am!) our turbanned taxi driver appeared through a break in the rain. He was extremely friendly and chatty and we both felt embarrassed that we were almost completely unable to understand anything he was saying in his beautiful singsong accent. Didn't want it ... read more
Transit Backpackers, Hobart
Duke of Wellington Hotel, Hobart
"Back to Tassie" celebration beers at the Duke

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart December 15th 2010

Beste mensen, bij deze de blog van Tasmanie! Nadat we Melbourne wel gezien hadden, hebben we besloten om het vliegtuig naar Tasmanie te nemen. We hadden gekeken om een georganiseerde tour te nemen maar dit was erg duur en omdat we dit ook hadden gedaan in Alice Springs ( the rock tour ) dachten we dat we dit ook wel zelf zouden kunnen doen! Dinsdag ochtend 7 december om 7 uur zijn we vanaf Melbourne op het vliegtuig gestapt naar Hobart. Dit is een 1,5 durende vlucht dus om half negen waren we op bestemming gearriveerd! Toen we onze backpacks van de band hadden opgepikt konden we door naar het verhuurbedrijf ( budget ) waar we onze wagen hadden gereserveerd. . We hadden tijdens het boeken de keuze uit meerdere wagens maar we hadden uiteindelijk gekozen ... read more
Mooi uitzicht
De eerste dag aan het meer
De eerste dag aan het meer

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart December 3rd 2010

Someone I met the other day suggested I visit Bonorong Wildlife park where you can watch them feed the Tasmania devils and you can feed and pet kangaroos and wallabies, which I was very excited to do. Not much else to say about that except that it was a looong walk to this place, in the rain. but it was worth it.... read more
Baby Roo
Photo 20
Baby Wombat

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart November 28th 2010

Arrived in Tasmania Lastnight. Its COLD here! had to buy a jacket today. Im really excited about being here in Tasmania! I think it is going to redeam my disappointment so far with Australia. Hobart seems like a really cool town. There is alot of really old buildings, museums, a beautiful harbor and plenty of shopping. I spend the day wandering around the town and made it down to the harbor. There were a couple big black ships that caught my eye and upon closer look they turned out to be two boats from the Sea Sheperd fleet from the TV Show "Whale Wars". I wasnt going to pay to go onboard or even wait in line for that matter, but as i was going by a man said i could jump to the front of ... read more
Photo 11
Photo 12
Photo 13

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart October 24th 2010

Yea yea I know, I haven't done the greatest job keeping you all up to date with the happenings down under, but I only just got the internet, and that's a decent enough excuse I think. So lets do the news first. Nina and I now have a two bedroom house in a suburb of Hobart called Sandy Bay. Very nice! I also mentioned in my last blog that I was thinking about getting a cellphone, and usually I back down when I this thought crosses my mind. (Un)fortunately I finally have one. I don't know if you've heard of it, but it's apparently called an iPhone. I don't think many people have them. It has a whole ton of useless things on it that you don't need but use nonetheless… The past few weeks have ... read more
View From Our Livingroom
Antarctic Ship
Clifton Beach

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart October 16th 2010

Today we had a relaxing day. When we woke up we were excited to see that there was snow on the top of Mt Wellington! Steve and I walked down to the Salamanca Markets and had a lovely wander around all the market stalls. We then met up with our friend's daughter, Bianca and had a coffee and catch up with her which was lovely. Steve and I then took a walk up through Battery Point and back to the waterfront. We had a woodfire pizza for lunch at the Cargo Bar, very nice. We then came back to our apartment and I did some blogging and generally relaxed. A lovely way to spend a bitterly cold and wet afternoon. ... read more
Our wonderful view
Salamanca Market
Steve, Bianca and Sue

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart October 10th 2010

We caught the train to the airport to meet our Virgin flight to Tassie. We arrived at our accommodation, Somerset on the Pier at about 4.30pm in the afternoon. A fabulous unit overlooking the waterfront. We can see the ferries coming and going and the moored yachts from our window!! We also have a view of Mt Wellington. It is a lovely spot. ... read more
Salamanca on the Pier
A lovely view

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Hobart October 10th 2010

Nu ar det mandag igen.. hemkomna fran hobart(huvudstaden pa tasmanien) dar vi spenderade helgen, akte dit redan torsdag eftermiddag da vi fick sjuss av ett par killar i klassen som anda skulle kora ner... nastan alla i klassen aker ner till hobart pa helgerna, da de har familj och vanner dar.. alla lakarstudenter laser forsta aren dar nere och gor sen klinisk placering dar eller i launceston..dessutom verkar hobart vara en lite roligare stad, lite storre, mer utestallen och fin natur runt omkring! har verkligen varit en toppenhelg! hunnit med massa, kanns som vi varit borta nastan en vecka. Pa onsdagkvallen var det barbeque hos nagra av vara klasskompisar.. nagot som skiljer sig har fran hemma ar att det i princip inte finns nagra lagenheter, alla bor i hus- de flesta envanings sa staderna stracker ut ... read more
sumobrottarna med coach
coola baten+ grottor

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