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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Augusta September 14th 2019

I hadn’t finished my last holiday before I was planning the next. Inspired by my weekend last year in Barellan, I purchased a Toyota Hilux and set about kitting it out for some touring and offroading so I could see more of my own country. I set my sights high and planned a trip across the breadth of Australia, from my home in Sydney over to Western Australia to visit my brother and his family, and my favourite wine region of Margaret River. I had a couple of test runs with local four-wheel driving and camping trips throughout the year, and before I knew it, it was time to leave on the big one. My aim for the first day was to spend the morning packing the car, and to reach the NSW regional city of ... read more
Driving to Broken Hill
Me at the wheel
Sunset on Day 1

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Augusta January 26th 2019

So we finally left this picturesque forest hideaway of much tranquillity, and rode to Wirrabara General Store to replenish our food supplies. Walking into the store on the well worn wooden floorboards, it was good to see that the Ole Gen. Stores still exist. Complete with the distinguished kind old grey haired man, that seemed part of the furniture, It was like a visit to the pioneer days, everything and I mean everything was hanging from the wall, the rafters, even the kind old man was on full display and for the right price was probably for sale. We filled our food panniers and set off for Murraytown with a welcome tail wind pushing us along under the autumn sun. An easy 15 klicks found us having morning tea at the Murraytown Rest Area, yep more ... read more
Chimney Stack from old homestead
packing up morning camp

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Augusta October 18th 2018

The Eyre Highway, Ceduna and Port Augusta 8-17 October 2018 From Esperance we set out north to Norseman to pick up the Eyre Highway to travel east across the Nullarbor (means no tree in Latin). In fact the Nullarbor itself is only part of the journey and for the first two days there were plenty of trees. We intend to cross the area from the south of Western Australia to Adelaide in the south east along the edge of the Great Australian Bight, by way of the huge arch of land along the Southern Ocean. This is approximately 3,000 kilometres. However we may make a few detours en route. This road is meant to be one of the world's great road trips. Nowadays it is much easier than in the past. The road was constructed in ... read more
Corrugated camels commemorating early travel in area
Norseman the horse for whom the town is named
Mallee country, ground covered by chenopods, called blue bush

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Augusta July 8th 2018

Early start to Port Augusta where we stopped at Coles to stock up. We then visited the local Catholic Church, All Saints Parish, and had some lunch at the park. On our way to Woomera to have a look at the closed immigration detention centre, only to find the RAAF Base instead. We weren't aware that Woomera was a testing site for rockets, which was very interesting to learn about. Back on the road again, our aim to get as close as we can to Coober Pedy before dark, only to find a beautiful spot at Lake Hart that we just had to camp at for the night.... read more
Port Augusta
Port Augusta
Port Augusta

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Augusta June 29th 2018

Day 1 - Left Melbourne at 5 am with 1,078km to drive. Nothing much in this trip although the first 200 hundred kilometers was a little scary due to fog. It was dark and foggy and the sun was still asleep so could not see much at all. Let me just say my attention level was so high I should have got a headache from concentrating too much. It was pretty funning thinking back to this morning. My wife was relaxed in the passenger seat having a catch up sleep and here I was fully awake with eyes popping out of my head with concentration to ensure I stay on the road and within site of Xavier‘s ute. I was just lucky Xavier was paving the way in front of me and all I had to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Augusta October 20th 2016

Another lazy start today. After 9am because Suz (?) was hungover.... We had a few repairs to make to various bits of kit so a stop to Ho,me Hardware sorted us out before we were on the road. We saw a lot of wheat being grown/farmed but not a lot else. That being said, as I was driving, I wasn't looking too hard. To further prove my age I spent the majority of the trip listening to Radio National as it was the only station I could get for more than five minutes. We breezed through a few towns, one for fuel but didn't hang about. We have ended up at a pretty cool salt lake (at this stage by ourselves) in the Lake Gilles Conservation Park. It was around a 10km dirt track,which was good ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Augusta October 1st 2016

Saturday 1 October – AFL Grand Final Day (that Australian Football League for my international friends!). Back to Port Augusta The Whyalla caravan park was excellent, with large drive-through bays which were gravel. There was also plenty of lawn around. We enjoyed the warmer weather and certainly made the most of it as the forecast was for more storms on Sunday. We were hoping they won’t be too bad as some areas in SA were still being flooded. Before leaving Whyalla, we had a drive around and then headed 70km north back to Port August. We had a fantastic lunch after setting up our vans. It was heading on towards time for the Big Game. We drove into the CBD and found the Hannahville Hotel as I wanted some ‘atmosphere’ to watch the AFL Grand Final. ... read more
26 Whyalla (16)
AFL Bulldogs Coach interview after their win
26 Whyalla Caravan Park

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Augusta September 24th 2016

Hi everyone, well today is day 1 of our car rally. We know the make and model of our cars but we don't know if they run well or not. We stayed at the Ibis hotel in Adelaide last night. This might be the last time we will have a good sleep for 5 days. Anyhow we finally made it to Manheim at 7.30 and found a hundred people either looking for their cars or decorating them and it was raining. Anyhow we found the cars. Our car the ford AU was a gem. No obvious problems at all although as I write this our abs light just went on. Xavier is not worried as he doesn't use the brakes anyway. Lunch was at hungry jacks in port Augusta. Today was a 560km trip to a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Augusta September 24th 2016

Port August across the Eyre Highway to Streaky Bay Friday 23 September After some fruit and vegie replacement shopping (since we lost some at the SA Biosecurity check point) we headed towards Port Augusta. Just out of Orrorroo we stopped at the Big Tree which was a red gum. It was massive and about 500 years old. We arrived in Port Augusta and parked the rigs outside the Wadlata Outback Centre where we went through the “Tunnel of Time”. There were 2 excellent videos, 1 about the formation of Australia during the past millions of years, and the other on the settlement of the outback in South Australia. It certainly made us proud to be Australian. The hard working pioneers who endured the most difficult times including droughts and floods, hot and cold weather. It was ... read more
Leura Cathcart is [wet] Polda Dam near Wudinna
1 Driving into Pt Augusta (2)
2 Port Augusta - Wadlata Outback Centre (3)

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Augusta September 22nd 2016

Day Five – Mt Remarkable Would you believe it – another morning of wind and rain! But this time it was pretty brief and after our sleep in (sort of) we packed up camp, had a basic breakfast and proceeded to leave the city of churches in our wake. A fairly short drive today (270 km) but we had a few stops for fuel and booze, plus a bit of a brake issue for Grandad and Pia that was spotted by a good Samaritan and fixed in a few minutes. It was good to see the Spencer Gulf in the distance as we drove along the highway as the water is one thing we miss now living in Canberra. Lake B-G in no way compares to a beach and the seas, unfortunately. Tonight we are camping ... read more

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