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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Gambier June 20th 2016

We got to Mount Gambier on Friday and booked into the caravan park at the show grounds. (Show grounds usually have cheaper camping and good basic facilities whichis all we want.) We ended staying for 3 nights, there being so much to see in the town and surrounds. Their big attraction is the sink holes in the area - and allover town. We started by gong to the old town hall for an hour film show on the formation of the volcanic action and sink holes in the area. It was extremely interesting. To the southern side of town there are two very big volcanic lakes. The Blue Lake and the Valley Lake, both lying inside craters. They have an excellent roadway around and the Blue Lake and right into the Valley Lake so one can ... read more
WP_20160619_Sunken Garden
WP_20160619_Vally Lake

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Gambier September 20th 2013

Hi everyone! Hope you're all fine This is my next holiday blog, focussing on my time in the very South of Australia, between Melbourne and Mount Gambier, where I stayted with my relatives for around a week. Having flown in from Hong Kong overnight I arrived on a fresh Monday morning in Melbourne to meet up with my Australian relatives who I hadn't seen for over 10 years! We then drove back along the Great Ocean Road seeing some of the Geographical Landscapes that are reminiscent of the Jurrasic Coast in Dorset. Although unfortunately sleep deprivation did catch up with me and so I didn't get to see everything along the coast, and even ended my first night being too tired to continue eating! Staying overnight in Warrnambool we finally arrived back in Mount Gambier the ... read more
Blue Lagoon
Flinders Street Station

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Gambier June 15th 2013

After 3 days in Adelaide, there was one place we had to go, recommended by someone on another forum, and that was Victor Harbor. It wasn't too far from Adelaide, so we got there at lunch time. It's pretty small so admittedly not a lot to see but we walked to granite island (really a short walk across the bridge) where you can see penguins coming in from the sea at dusk, or pay for a viewing during the day. We didn't pay to see so we just walked around the island and then came back again. On this day it was starting to get very warm! Warm for us Brits anyway ;) so for the first time in Australia I had a swim in the sea! No worries about any deadly creatures in that part ... read more
granite island
in mount gambier, i found this amusing!
blue lake

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Gambier December 19th 2012

ELLIOTT SAYS.... Ciao ragazzi. Il viaggio e stata moooolto lungo. l'unica cosa che mi piaceva sul' aereo era mangiare ! Quando siamo usciti dal' aereoporto di Melbourne siamo andati al centro della citta' per prendere il treno. (vedi le foto) 3 ore di viaggio a passo di lumaca! Il paesaggio era molto bello pero'. Il sole e fortissimo e la luce e accecante, e il cielo e di un blu intenso. (vedi foto) Ogno 5 minuti svegliavo la mamma per chiederlo " Quandi siamo arrivati? Quando siamo arrivati?) Dopo un po la mia mamma si era arrabbiata (era molto stanca). Poi finalmente siamo arrivati e dalla finestra del treno ho visto mio cugino Brodie. Ero felicissimo! Siamo andati subito in un parco fantastico. Nel parco cerano delle cose che non esistano in Italia. Il FLYING FOX ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Gambier October 5th 2011

My friends and I were at our normal Wednesday lunch (during our uni break), and were thinking how there are so many cheap holidays in South East Asia that sound absolutely amazing. We though that travelling overseas to a foreign country would be an awesome way to celebrate the end of exams, which would be coming up in the next term. We all went home that day, and researched trips to South East Asia a little bit further. None of us were actually thinking of doing the trip, but then when we discovered how cheap tickets to Bali would be, we though WE HAVE TO GO! So we all went down to the travel agent and got a quote of our trips. Quite reasonable! We have all fully paid for the trip now, so it is ... read more
I have already started packing!!
Trip to Robe with Nan
Trip to Robe with Nan

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Gambier February 28th 2011

Another relaxed beginning to the day, add the fact we are not moving on certainly creates the, “permanently on holiday feel” We chose a trip to visit the Lady Nelson Information centre, this is well set up, with a trip back through time that explained the geology formations in the area. Also inside this centre was a holographic display with explanations’ given by one of the early settlers that wrote and interacted with the indigenous people from around the area. A well put together presentation and insights into the early settlers as well as the impact the Europeans had on the locals that had inhabited the area for a few thousand years. From this Info site we found the Englebrecht caves. A guided tour that took us under the City to caves that have water within ... read more
The Rose Garden sink hole
The Gardens
Valley Lake

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Gambier September 30th 2009

So much has changed since my last post. We returned to Perth and returned Prudence to her rightful owners after spending the night at the 'Witches Hat' hostel.  The following day we set out to do some touristy things where we had a truly relaxing morning. In Perths botanical gardens ( I fell asleep) next we found out that the Perth Mint we were planning to visit was closed after which it was almost exactly beer o'clock and fortunately we found a Stella retailer. The rest of that day ended disgracefully! We proceeded to race on motorbikes in the arcade and somehow drink the last three bottles of wine which we were so concerned about transporting. Needless to say I did not feel particularly clever the next day. Regardless of this I refuled with a fried ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Gambier July 12th 2009

It was my fortune this week that a friendly work colleague asked me out of the blue whether I would be interested in house-sitting for her, and care for 2 teenage cats and 2 chooks??? Of Course! And it has been a real taste of home not living beside the main highway and in front of a smelly paper/ pulp mill. I had the best nights sleep in a while ever, and am enjoying wandering around the elaborate rambling cottage garden complete with Lime tree, apples, oranges, one tree I cannot figure out but seems like a sort of pomegranate, a retired walnut tree and several flower and herb bits and bobs here there and everywhere..the chooks get a good free range around, pecking and plucking at random debris, but I must be sure to replace ... read more
Chips and gravy anyone?? Just after half time and the going is close!
whos ball?
Shooting prowess - on ya Krystal!

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Gambier July 9th 2009

Sorry for keep doing this in such big chunks but we are just too busy doing stuff! The only problem is that now that it is Thursday morning, I am having trouble remembering what we did when. I did have great plans to keep a diary but again we are filling our time so much that I dont get chance to make notes. Anyhow, since arriving here in Mt Gambier we have been mainly catching up with family, visiting the 'sights', eating, drinking eating and drinking some more and generally having a great time. The people here are so lovely. Very casual, easy going and fun. The weather here has been great! Dad keeps insisting that it is freezing. (15 degrees C) I can't believe that he has forgotten what a British summer is like so ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mt Gambier July 8th 2009

Hong Kong could really teach us a thing or two about air travel.(take note terminal 5) Wow do they have it sorted. Everything seemed to flow like a dream. We got the courtesy bus from the hotel and we were delivered to Kowloon where we checked in our luggage and proceeded to the airport via the 'Airport Express'. Before we knew it we were settling into our seats aboard the plane. Dont know what sort, sorry. (It had wings and wheels and seemed to fly OK.) Managed to get a bit of sleep and fitted in a couple of films before we landed at Sydney. First impressions? How laid back and friendly everyone is. They are so warm, helpful and friendly and seem totally unruffled by anything. Even stressed British tourists who are worried about missing ... read more

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