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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Barossa Valley March 19th 2011

Hoewel het inmiddels winter is geworden in Adelaide, hebben jullie nog heel veel zomerse foto's tegoed! Deze zijn allemaal nog in maart gemaakt (excuses voor de enorme vertraging). Zie de tekst bij de foto's.... read more
Bij een heus 'chateau'
St. Patrick's Day

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Barossa Valley » Nuriootpa January 21st 2011

The Big Red Full Bodied Barossa Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…….. Arriving at our caravan park in Nuriootpa on 23 December we set up camp and off we go to stock up for the long weekend and see what’s going down over the holidays..not much by all accounts! Anyway, undeterred we thought that 2 days before xmas would be a great time for some wine tastings so off we popped. Out first port of call was Chateau Tanunda, great place, great reds, unlike Saltrams, our second stop. Sorry for the short delay, we had to consult the diary to jog the memory for the rest of the week. Please do not judge us as it becomes a winery crawl. OK, Xmas Eve. Going to be a big evening (it’s our 10th Anniversary) so the ... read more
The kitchen where it all happens
self explanatory
Merry Xmas

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Barossa Valley November 19th 2010

I've been working a little bit and saving some money but I had a few days off so I travelled up to the Barossa Valley which is a famous Wine making region. they have loads of cellar doors where you just walk in, get to try bout 5 wines then just go "thanks that was lovely" and then leave. I went with a girl called Hannah who is travelling around in a van with a matress in the back which is surprisingly comfy. We managed to plan an elaborate scheme thanks to our two vehicles that allowed us to park up, walk to all the wineries, drink much wine, sleep in her van and then drive back to mine in the morning. Genius! Had a good couple of days as its gorgeous up there, hills and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Barossa Valley November 18th 2010

What a fantastic day (again!). Today we drove to Barossa Valley to check out some wineries. We had a newspaper section reviewing Australian wines but managed to leave it in our room. Probably worked out even better for us without it because we happened upon some amazing wineries and some great people we might not have otherwise encountered. We arrived in the town of Lyndoch with the hope of finding an area winery map. A beautiful little place with many restaurants and roses everywhere but no visitor center. So we went into the Post Office to ask where we could find information. The woman there sent us to the Kies Family Winery for a map. At the Kies winery we found a charming Cellar Door (tasting room) and a very friendly tasting hostess. Tastings are usually ... read more
Kies Winery
Kies Winery Hostess
Lou Miranda Vineyards

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Barossa Valley » Nuriootpa October 27th 2010

this blog site lists 10 options for which continent i'm currently on...sketchy? regardless, it is the only site i could actually figure out so it will have to do. this first entry has photos from my time in the barossa valley, arguably australia's most famous wine region. hopefully i will be working as a cellar hand at torbreak winery in the fall. that is fall down here. which is spring for all of you at home. trust me, i know how confusing that is. remember the television show sabrina the teenage witch? and remember how she would go to the other relm through her bedroom mirror where everything was the exact opposite as the real world? that is how i feel every single day. crossing the street, jogging, standing on an escalator, round abouts, EVERYTHING. i'm ... read more
barossa 027
barossa 037
barossa 039

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Barossa Valley May 22nd 2010

Monday 17th May 2010 After leaving Mount Gambier we headed north for 50kms and came to the town of Penola. We drove into a near deserted town, most places being closed on Mondays. It became apparent that it was a very touristy town with many cafes, wine houses and B&Bs. Even so, we were disappointed not to see it at its best. Another 50kms up the road was Naracoorte, where some people we had met in Wangarratta lived. As we had their card we sent an sms, had no reply, knocked on their door, no reply, so guessed we wouldn't get our cup of tea! As this was to be the last bigger town we expected to go through for a few days we took the opportunity to restock at the local Woolies. Before shopping we ... read more
Where did these come from?
Hahndorf Trees
Along the road

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Barossa Valley March 17th 2010

Well, we were a little groggy this morning to say the least - the steaming heat only dwindled about 4am, when it was beginning to feel slightly chilly - I draped a thin sheet over me while John hunkered down under the duvet. We feel we’ve been caught out yet again - in Western Australia we had to get used to driving for miles before coming across ‘a sight’ - whereas here there seems to be more to do in smaller areas (still big obviously) - so we’re having to replan our routes. So, today we’re ‘doing’ the Barossa Valley! Yesterday we drove past some of the big names in South Australian wine - including Wolfblass and Jacobs Creek - in fact, we even saw Jacobs Creek - the Creek that gave the wine the name! ... read more
Rear of Cottage
The Kitchen

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Barossa Valley March 16th 2010

We picked up our home for the next 3 weeks - which looks to be in slightly better condition than the previous one, although John’s having trouble finding reverse. We were hoping that we could return it early as we’ve been told that it will be really difficult for us to find anywhere to camp over the Easter period - which is when we’re due to be in Sydney. I had the dates muddled and thought a stop in Melbourne with Jenny & Benny solved our dilemma - we’re actually seeing them the week before!! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get any rebate, so it looks like we’re stuck with the van - and me worrying where we’re going to sleep!! After stocking up with food from a supermarket, we had a quick look round Adelaide. ... read more
Whizzing by Penfold's
Jacobs Creek Sign
Jacobs Creek

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Barossa Valley January 16th 2010

The Barossa Valley Staying in Gawler for a month, right on the door step of the Barossa Valley, meant I was spoiled was regular visits to the area. Everyone knows that the Barossa Valley is famous for wines with too many vineyards and cellar doors to get through in just one month. All the big names are there ofcourse: Wolf Blass, Jacob's Creek, Yalumba, Penfolds and Peter Lehmann to name a few. Having worked in a restaurant for a few years, it was nice to see the names and recognise them from the places I worked. I enjoyed discovering the smaller boutique vineyards in the Barossa with Grant Burge, Rockford and Two Hands being some of my favourite ones. Visiting cellar doors is a fun experience but all that wine tasting just goes right to your ... read more
A trip to the Barossa means you never come back empty handed
Barossa Valley

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