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Introduction We headed north for this week's walk, returning to the Para Wirra Recreation Park, and in particular, that part of the park that does not charge an entrance fee. This time we did a 2.5 hour loop walk through the southern end of the park over gentle hills. I would rate this walk as easy and suitable for families. All the tracks were wide, so well suited for walkers who are novices in picking out tracks in the bush. There is one moderately steep section (section 6 on the map). The park is full of flowering bushes and birds. If you have a small pair of field glasses/binoculars, bring them along, as this will help with watching the parrots popping in and out of the holes in the big old trees and the finches and ... read more
Huge tree
Golden wattle

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Barossa Valley May 13th 2006

After yesterday's tour where I was half the age of most of the other customers, today's wine-tasting tour to the Barossa Valley attempted to redress the balance with me being twice the age of most of the others. The tour company's name - Groovy Grape - was possibly an indication of its less-than-formal style. There were eight women on the bus and two guys including myself, with only two of the participants not being English. The potential for drunkenness was almost palpable. First stop of the day was at the Big Rocking Horse, one of a number of "Big" items (e.g. Big Lobster, Big Banana, etc) dotted across Australia that are outsized versions of the the objects that they're named after. You could climb the rocking horse, with the promise of a certificate on completion, but ... read more
Jacob's Creek tasting room

Introduction This week's walk was at Para Wirra Recreation Park which is just south of the Barossa Valley. It is walk number 10 in George Driscoll’s book “50 real bush walks around Adelaide”, called “Gold diggers”. To be accurate, the walk was not within the main Park, but on the opposite side of Humbug Scrub Road. This is significant because to enter into the main park there is an entrance fee, but to do this walk, there is no additional cost. You can find out more about Para Wirra Recreation Park at the South Australian Park web site. How to get there ... From the city take Main North Road past the Old Spot Hotel until you get to Black top road. Turn right onto Black Top Road and head to One Tree Hill. Shortly after ... read more
Mack creek sign
First dam

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Barossa Valley March 22nd 2006

Our change of direction in life started on the 22nd March when we said our goodbye's to family and friends and headed north to stay with Rachel & Randal Edson at Pt. Augusta. From their we headed west and with marvelous weather we headed for Nundroo to stay on a huge property called Paxton Ag. The owners, Dianne & Brian Smith, are friends of Jen's (and now mine) from way back from the good old Laura days. They are a delightfull couple and after choking down a couple of beers and some wine along with a great meal, we headed for the caravan to enjoy some well earned sleep. The following morning we again headed further west and stayed at Baladonia and ejoyed a meal at the pub. A huge road gang was in town and ... read more
Our Nundroo Hosts
Head of the BIGHT
The Great Austtralian Bight

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Barossa Valley February 26th 2006

In late February we walked through a part of the Barossa Valley near Greenock. This is NOT a walk that I would recommend anyone do during summer. The day was lovely, the scenery was fabulous (rolling valleys with vines heavily laden with grapes) - but the serenity was destroyed by the bird scarers. Usually it is air rifles that are used to frighten off the crows, but near Greenock they use the new audio devices- playing loud obnoxious noises constantly to scare the birds away from the fruit. Very, very painful indeed. From the bridge on the Eastern side of Greenock we headed North along the Heysen trail until the edge of the valley (this is where the noise was at its worse). Then we turned left down a dirt road to the highway. We walked ... read more
Heysen marker
Heading North on the Heysen trail

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Barossa Valley » Nuriootpa February 25th 2006

Well it is a long time since I wrote. Last entry was from Lake Alexandrina at Meningie which was incorrect. It was Lake Albert but it joins up with L Alexandrina - either way it was a beautiful spot. Drove from there to Victor Harbour via Wellington where we crossed the river on the ferry. Stopped at Strathalbyn for morning tea and heard that the 'torch' was on it's way. On our way to Goolwa we passed the C'wealth Games torch and its entourage - much tooting and waving even from the police escort. Lunched in Goolwa where the Murray empties into the sea and there is great concern about what will happen to the river if we continue to use so much water. There is only a trickle being allowed out at the moment and ... read more
Victor Harbour
Sunday Funday

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