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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg July 5th 2006

We Arrived in Bundaberg on a tuesday and started work on the wednesday. I was picking zucchini wich is the absolute worst thing to pick. first of all they grow in short little bushes so you have to bend over all day. second of all the leaves and stuff have little thorns so your arms and legs are all cut up at the end of the day. third of all you get paid by the bucket so if you just stand around or take occasional breaks you dont make very much money. so i quit that job. Codys first job was in a tomato shed, he said it was very easy all he had to do was stack crates. my second job was packing avacodos. this was my ideal job, i wasnt in the sun, they ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg June 5th 2006

We arrived in Hervey Bay, fresh off the plane from Sydney and were conspicuous from the start, overdressed in our jeans, fleeces and trainers, whilst the locals wandered round in board shorts and flip slops. The temperature was about 15 degrees warmer than it had been in Sydney, the sun was hot in the sky and it seemed strange to think that it is autumn/winter here. The shuttle bus took us through dry, arid and very flat landscape, now and again dotted with a few settlements. Nearer Bundaberg the landscape changed to green fields as far as the eye could see, mainly sugar cane farms. We were dropped off at Cellblock, the place we would call home for the next week or so, and found our room to be in a converted cell. Quite appropriate considering ... read more
Our flat at Bargara
View from the flat

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg May 29th 2006

The calm after the storm, East Coast Dreamin, Every Man Is an Island, Bundy and Beyond! After such a treat of wind at Alva beach an inevitable calm has settled over the east coast, the water is like glass everywhere we go, our wind meter twists lazily at 2 knots, our kites remain deflated and my dreams of the perfect double back roll remain unrealized. Despite this our spirits remain high, as this is a gorgeous part of the country to be lazy in, the beaches sport yellow to white soft sand, the water although a little cool as winter moves in, is clear and deep blue as are the skies. It seems the perfect time for us to go island hopping! After a long drive through a sea of Cain plantations and a night at ... read more
Ooooo ok perhaps no surfing ether!
View over towards the Whitsundays...
Long Beach, Great Kepple.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg April 22nd 2006

So sadly Peter and Rachel left us in the Blue Mountains - no longer could we afford the luxuries of hotel and hostel accommodation from here on its camping only. So we found a reasonably nice campsite in the Blue Mountains after leaving Pete and Rach and hammered pegs into rock solid earth. The evening passed quickly as we started learning Spanish again after our lapse of several months! The following day we went snake hunting - apparently there are large pythons in the mountains - with stout boots (and shorts) we set off towards the ruined castle (great pile of rocks) 6 hours away. 1.50 later we arrived (moving well this day) so we decided to climb up Mount Solitary another 6 hours away. A thin ridge scramble and fantastic views led to the top. ... read more
James and Mount Solitary
Cook Fountain in Canberra

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg April 13th 2006

Some sad goodbyes were made in Hervery Bay as Adam and Mike ventured north before us to Airlie Beach and we also parted with the rest of Team D and the goodtimes were reminisced. After the fun and games of Fraser Island I really wasn't too sure how we could top such a huge and amazing event.... but when it comes to our Bundaberg Rum sponsorship deal, we had only one option just two hours north of Hervey Bay, the little sleepy town of Bundaberg. The home of the Bundaberg rum distillery. As I say it was a short two hour journey north arriving in Bundaberg at 11pm at night to a strange hostel in the bus station??!! We checked in and went straight to bed. A lot of people come to Bundaberg to then go ... read more
lots of Bundaberg
That's the spirit!
Sue and Steve, brilliant!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg March 26th 2006

Distillery Here We Come! We headed in to the quiet town for the bus....20 minutes later, with no sign of this elusive bus, we realised it was Sunday...the place kinda didnt function on a Sunday. busses. We returned to the hostel to be informed that all was not lost. We would be able to get a lift by the hostel staff. We did the 2pm tour and saw the molasses store....huge vats of the stuff that smell like treacle and we were allowed a taste. Then on the the good stuff. The Rum!! Smelling the barrels of rum was amazing. The store had $80000 worth of rum in it! Then on to the tasting! We tried the Royal Liquer and the 'Dark and Stormy' premix. the liquer was like chocolatey coffee rum and was yummy. ... read more
The Bundaberg Bear

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg March 25th 2006

Bundaberg. Home of Bundaberg Rum!!! a delicacy! well its alcoholic and pure bliss. So I'm sure you can imagine Sara and I had a thoroughly high expectation of the home of aussie rum (Oh and I should perhaps mention the ginger beer of which Sara and I have become firm fans). We selected the Cell Block hostel as our place to kip and were met at the greyhound by a crazy man who was so enthusiastic! We were thrilled by the hostel's authenticity....a converted police station complete with cells should you wish. (apparently a padded one...into which i must find a way!!) We were in a normal room but its an old building with high ceilings and huge windows. Very nice hostel. Clean Huge bathrooms and a great bar complete with $6jugs in happy hour. and ... read more
Police Station

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg March 24th 2006

Bundaberg is famous for its Rum, So I thought it rude not to pay the distillery a visit. Having left my camera, watch and everything else in a locker to prevent me blowing the plant up with a miniscule spark, and having donned some sexy rented shoes (which I swear offer less protection than my fairly sturdy sandals...) I was off on the tour. The guides were interesting enough, but their sense of humour appeared to a generation gone by... a long time ago. Their attempts to 'get down with the kids' were shocking, and possibly even illegal! Cunningly the tour ended with a double tasting in which I tried Bundaberg Dark And Stormy (Bundaberg Rum w/ Bundaberg Ginger Beer) and Bundaberg Royal Liquer with cream (Rum, Sugar, Coffee, Sugar, Chocolate, Sugar). It was only after ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg March 19th 2006

Yesterday, (16.03.06) we didn't write as all we did was lay on the beach in Noosa and went for a brief walk around the National park. Oh but we did see another wild koala! Big guy he was. 17.03.06 This morning we caught the 9.35am bus to Bundaberg (home of Bundaberg rum). This trip was going to take us around 7 hours when it is only really a couple of hours up the road! How annoying. These are public transport buses but are full with travellers, which shows you how busy the east coast of Australia is. We arrived at our hostel at about 5pm. Now the reason we have come here is to see the turtles. As soon as we got booked into our hostel we found out about the nightly turtle viewings and got ... read more
On their way!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg March 10th 2006

Days 117 - 120 Got up early for the free pancakes, checked out and sorted out changing boats for when we get to The Whitsundays as we found one we much preferred. Once that was all sorted we had lunch and jumped onboard the bus headed for Bundaberg. We arrived about 5 and were picked up and taken to our hostel - which turned out to be the coolest hostel EVER! It is a converted police station and we were staying in an old cell!! How cool is that! A little later we watched a syrup wrestling competition! It was pretty entertaining with the wrestlers slipping about all over the place in a giant paddling pool! Stuart particularly enjoyed the ladies fights! We had a couple of drinks then retired to our cell and watched tv ... read more
Gimme 5!
Our 1st Cell
The padded cell

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