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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » 1770 April 11th 2017

Town of 1770 So today I woke up in Hervey Bay where I just had a couple of relaxing days that just consisted of skating programming and watching series on my laptop. I woke up quite early again as the heat just wakes me up every morning at around 7. I was debating whether to have another lazy day or a more active day and continue on my way towards Cairns. After a long think and the Wi-Fi cutting out a bit I decided to just pack up and continue onwards which after the matter was a great idea. I had planned to go to the town of 1770 which is about a 2/3 hour drive. I headed on to the road and generally had a great time driving, the weather was amazing and I had ... read more
Great View
Selfie by the beach
View from the bach

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » 1770 August 31st 2015

We head off to the marina early in the morning to catch a LARC. LARC stands for Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo (vessels built for the military to transport troops and equipment in and around coastal areas). It has a huge 7 litre diesel motor, four wheel drive (and a propellor to push us through the water). This cruise / trip / experience is something unique. A full day on an ex-army vessel exploring the creeks and waterways (and what is in those waterways) as we journey along the coast of Bustard Bay to the lighthouse at Bustard Head. Our crew are David and Blake and they provide the commentary, feed us, drive the LARC and keep us amused. To get to the lighthouse involves sailing over the Round Hill Creek (where the marina is), the Eurimbula ... read more
LARC tour
LARC tour
LARC tour

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » 1770 August 30th 2015

As we drove out of Rockhampton (on a new piece of causeway) we were confronted by yet another Brahman bull wishing us goodbye. There seemed to be bulls everywhere in Rocky; saying hello, goodbye, on buildings, everywhere! We drove down the coast and left the Bruce Highway to enter Gladstone on a "new" road. This made it even trickier for Georgi to get her bearings, so we drove around the town of Gladstone and through the CBD, stopping to have coffee at what used to be a hotel. Gladstone is very industrialised (and accordingly has the reputation of being heavily polluted) and the smokestacks were certainly pouring out plenty of fumes as we toured the town, stopping at the previously frequented places of Georgi (including the family homes). It had all changed so much. We continued ... read more
Gladstone home of the Brown family
Barney Point, Gladstone
Tannum Sands beachwalk

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » 1770 April 10th 2015

Hi travel followers. Well, the time has just flown by with almost three weeks since the last update and a lot has happened since then. From Maroochydore we headed to Rainbow Beach and the famous Fraser Island. Two places that have been on the bucket list for a long time and I must say they did not disappoint us. What a fabulous place to visit and stay. We did roughly a 10km walk along the sand dunes and beachfront to visit the coloured sands of Rainbow Beach and the following day we headed across to Fraser Island where we did the 60 odd km drive along the beach to visit places like the Pinnacles, The wreck of the Maheno and Eli freshwater creek before heading inland to Central Station (old timber cutting area) and Lake Mackenzie ... read more
Fraser Island Dingoes
Beach at Lady Musgrave Island
Rainbow Beach coloured Sands

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » 1770 March 21st 2015

18/3 Yesterday was a boring day. I checked out at 9:30 and had to hang around until 13:00 for the bus. As Kennedy wasn't in my hostel at Rainbow beach we didn't even wait around together. We then had a six hour bus journey to Agnes Water/ 1770 (two tiny towns next to each other so people use both names). The hostel we stayed at was really cool so we were a bit gutted we only stayed one night but there wasn't that much in the town to do. Today we did a tour called Scooter Roo which was basically s big convoy of backpackers riding motorbikes and looking at kangaroos. They gave us leather jackets and stick on tattoos which was so funny. We had to practise riding the bikes on a small track first ... read more
Sunset on the harbour

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » 1770 June 29th 2014

Our first full day in Airlie Beach was a relaxed affair - stroll through the village, latte and thick shakes at an organic cafe, drive around the surrounding areas checking out the "House and Garden" homes overlooking the Whitsunday Islands...... The next few days were pretty similar - we took a beautiful walk along a boardwalk next to the sea and through the marina. As the sun shone, we enjoyed the rays on the foreshore, watching stand up paddle boarders, windsurfers and yachts cruising the bay. We squeezed in some mini golf and more swimming at the caravan park. Not much of anything, but a beautiful place to do nothing in! Our time in Airlie came to an end, and we drove through to Mackay, where we camped with my cousin Leesa and her family for ... read more
Leesa and Warren's backyard - Mackay
Sugar cane - yum!
View from the Pacific Hotel - Eimeo, North Mackay

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » 1770 April 17th 2014

So I headed off to the Town of 1770. It took me roughly 5 hours or so to get there. The journey was 369km or 229miles. I drove through miles and miles of pine forests again as I did on the way to Rainbow Beach, and the smell was yet again so intense but so nice and fresh. I think the area from Rainbow Beach all the way to 1770 is for Pine furniture production as it seemed that the whole town(s) or villages thrive only on the income from the trees. The towns were so small, blink and your though them yet they survive and all seem happy and content in their communities. When I finally reached 1770 I went to an information point where a woman advised me there is a forest campsite 1km ... read more
Museum, Windmill and Info Point in Emu Park
Noisy Fruit Bats (Flying Foxes)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » 1770 April 2nd 2014

I finished my last update by saying how much it had been raining and that my search for the Koala continues…. I am happy to say that I spotted one today! I continue…. I woke up at 2.30am at the Art Factory Nomads Hostel car park to the sound of rain and palm tree nuts falling onto the top of my camper. I had to put my ear plugs in. Rain was also leaking through the side of the sunroof and subsequently dripping onto one corner of my bed. I was to sleepy to even consider being concerned so I rolled over and went back to sleep. I woke up pretty early, 7.30am. It had stopped raining but only for about 30 minutes after I woke. I decided to get up and get sorted. I couldn’t ... read more
One of the look outs at Springbrook Park

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » 1770 September 3rd 2013

Six ks', east of Agnes Waters is the historic town of 1770. We only dropped in for the arvo and didn't do the historic little town justice, but we will definitely have a better Captain Cook, next time we travel north for our winter sojourn. High up on the ocean side cliffs, its pretty amazing to see one of the very few sunsets over the ocean on the east coast of Oz, this is because the land juts out, and faces west over the historic bay inlet, sadly for us the day we were there, clouds gathered at sunset and so we didn't get the spekky views we had heard so much about, "better luck next time ole chap!". There is a rock cairn marking the landing site, where Cooky and his fellow invaders made landfall ... read more
Waiting for sunset at Lookout
Two wines a hat & Littleflower
Cooks landing beach 1770

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » 1770 December 1st 2012

Hervey Bay I travelled a few hours up the road for an overnight stay in Hervey Bay. The hostel was nice, really clean, had a great kitchen and had a pool but the town was a bit boring. I took a long walk on the beach to loosen up my leg, but was disappointed to see that in a stretch of a couple of hundred meters there were about 10 pipes (i'm thinking sewage) leading out onto the beach. Which was a little worrying for the condition of the water, not that i wanted to go swimming but there were some kids in the water!! It was definitely the beginning of jellyfish season too because the beach was adorned with thousands of them!! Not stingers though so at least the swimmers weren't in too much danger! ... read more
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