Robin Farmer


Robin Farmer

Oceania » Australia » Queensland April 26th 2017

It's the 26th Of April right now.. My last blog was on the 11th oops? Yeah I was going to try and blog daily so I would not forget what I had done. Whether it was motivation or just plain laziness or me doing a crazy amount of things which did not allow me to write well I guess it's a mixture of all of them. Lets's continue with April 12th. I drove to Mackay which is a town famous for being close to The Great Barrier Reef so I wanted to look in to going snorkelling or diving. I drove to an information centre to gather some information on how to set it up but they basically said all the company's that go to the reef there were closed due to the cyclone and the ... read more
Mackay Beach
FlameTree Tourist Village Damages
Hill Inlet Lookoout

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » 1770 April 11th 2017

Town of 1770 So today I woke up in Hervey Bay where I just had a couple of relaxing days that just consisted of skating programming and watching series on my laptop. I woke up quite early again as the heat just wakes me up every morning at around 7. I was debating whether to have another lazy day or a more active day and continue on my way towards Cairns. After a long think and the Wi-Fi cutting out a bit I decided to just pack up and continue onwards which after the matter was a great idea. I had planned to go to the town of 1770 which is about a 2/3 hour drive. I headed on to the road and generally had a great time driving, the weather was amazing and I had ... read more
Great View
Selfie by the beach
View from the bach

Oceania » Australia » Queensland April 9th 2017

6-4-2017 Today I went to Australia Zoo! The world famous zoo that was home to Steve Irwin. It was about an 100 Km drive from the park that I was staying at in Brisbane. I headed that way quite early so I had plenty of time to explore it all. They renamed the road the Zoo is on to Steve Irwin Way and wow that is one beautiful road, of course the concrete is not amazing but the scenic sights from it are great. While driving on it you can see huge mountains in the back ground and the road itself has some Steve Irwin Memorabilia. I arrived at Australia Zoo and quickly found a parking area, no not because it was not busy but just because they have catered for so many people. It's easter ... read more
The Family.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane April 8th 2017

Brisbane, The River City. Today my plans were to go in to the City of Brisbane, the night before I arrived in the holiday park I made sure to ask the receptionist for some information regarding what to see and do in the city. I quickly realised Brisbane was not like any other city I had gone to before in Australia as in my opinion it seemed quite limited in things to see and do. Well thats the impression I got from the receptionist as she did provide me a map and showed me some things to see but nothing famous like the harbour bridge in Sydney or the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. The receptionist told me that it was quite easy to get in to the city, there was either a bus station outside ... read more
Another View from the Bridge
Original Bridge Monument
Nice Walk through a park in Brisbane

Oceania » Australia » Queensland April 6th 2017

Hello and welcome back! Today I'm writing from the City of Brisbane, yes last time I was in Byron Bay so let me catch up a little. I stayed the night in Byron Bay, I woke up quite early and decided to go to some local places before moving up North to much. I drove through Byron Bay which is a very small and typical tourist place. To be honest I did not really like Byron Bay I got the feeling everyone was looking at you weird and did not feel welcomed at all. I must note it could be the bad weather also contributing to this which maybe made people more miserable. First I headed towards the Byron Bay Lighthouse which itself was on a nice hill and overlooked Byron Bay. It was still raining ... read more
Byron Bay Light House
Random View From The Road
Minyon Falls

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay April 3rd 2017

Today I am writing my blog from Byron Bay. But let me first write about the last couple of days in Coffs Harbour. So I spent the last 3 days in Coffs Harbour at some park right next to the beach. While driving up to Coffs Harbour the first thing I started seeing on signs was “The Big Banana” which in the wrong context is probably not a place I would normally go to, still I decided to take the turn and low and behold there was a huge banana just sitting in front of some cafe. I parked in the parking area to make some photos of this huge banana. While walking around it I noticed a little gift shop where they have everything banana related, from T-Shirts to Key Rings and even Banana Butter ... read more
Banana Car
Banana Trees
Radio Tower Art

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales March 31st 2017

18-03-2017 Hi… Oops? It seems i’m getting a bit sloppy at posting daily, I did warn you that I would not be able to post every day however leaving it for a week was also not my intention. Let’s say I’ve been quite busy the last week, I’ve seen and done a lot. My memory is not the best thus I was going to write down everything on this blog but yeaaaa…. Let me get right into it, Note I won’t be able to post any pictures I don’t think as I’m limited to 100MB internet in this park, next time I get more W-Fi I’ll upload more pictures again. You’re just going to have to deal with my writing. If you do happen to read certain points and want to see pictures of it just ... read more
Philip Island Blow Hole
Rain Forest Walk
New South Wales Border

Oceania » Australia » Victoria March 18th 2017

Quite a bit has happened in the last couple of days and I have not been able to blog. I'm gonna try and remember and tell you as much as I can ;D, So many experiences in such little time it's quite amazing really. Warning this one may be a bit longer than the others as i'm trying to cram multiple days in one blog as I haven't been able to blog in a couple of days. I've been all over the place the last couple of days but right now i'm in Lakes Entrance. I'll start where I left off. After having a great evening with Nino I woke up the next morning quite early to a very hard wind. As I had told Nino the night before I would show him how I make ... read more
Beach by Gibson steps
The twelve apostles

Oceania » Australia » Victoria March 16th 2017

After Waking up in my camper after the first night I must say that i slept really well in the campa, I ate some of my sausages I had saved from the night before and headed towards the showers. I had a nice shower and used my towel that came with the camper!! yay towels aha. After getting ready and saying bye to everyone I headed onto the road to start the Great Ocean Road. To be honest to describe the beauty of the great ocean road i'd have to do it through pictures so go and check them out too! After driving for about 15 minutes I had my first stop at some beach where the cliffs looked amazing. The roads are quite bendy and go up and down a lot. There is loads of ... read more
The walk up to the Lighthouse.
Some funny pole by Aireys inlet.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Torquay March 13th 2017

Today was a good day, today was the day I could leave the hostel and collect my camper van. From this point onwards i’m really free, I don’t have to rely on any public transport. Lets start from the beginning of today, I woke up better than other days, well rested and excited for what was to come. I 9hopped out of bed and headed to the kitchen. I crafted some chicken noodles, after i’d eaten I headed back up upstairs and grabbed my bags and went to sit in the lobby for a little bit. I had to wait for a little bit otherwise i’d be way to early at the camper rental. While I was sitting in the lounge Jim came up to me and apologised for almost getting me into trouble the day ... read more
Inside the Campa
Another inside the campa shot with the seats normal.

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