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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine July 24th 2021

Today we head south along “The Track” to Katherine... well they called it "The Track" when I was here in 1980. I haven’t heard that term used this time, so maybe it’s improved. That wouldn’t be hard. It was, and still is, the only road into and out of Darwin, and in those days you took your life in your hands using it. If you happened to come across a road train on one of its hundreds of sharp narrow bends, well good luck, and no car I drove would have been a match for any of the many water buffalo that seemed to like taking up positions in the middle of the bitumen. I wonder if we’ll survive the day. First stop is the Adelaide River War Cemetery. This was established in the immediate aftermath ... read more
Pine Creek Hotel bar
Adelaide River War Cemetery
Katherine hot springs

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine April 12th 2021

It has been quite some period of time since Australians have had the opportunity to board a plane for a bit of adventure. Of course international travel is still off the agenda for the foreseeable future, but the respective States are starting to open up their borders to domestic tourists, and importantly to the money they spend. So I thought after 18 months without a break here's a chance to visit the iconic Northern Territory of my own country, after 20 long years having not even stopped in to say g'day! I have great memories of my last visit, and with a good deal of excitement masked up and boarded a Qantas flight from Sydney to Darwin to commence a new adventure. There have been countless travel moments in my blogging life where prior flights passed ... read more
Mindil beach
Datrwin waterfront
Historic building

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine July 9th 2019

I really haven't been putting a lot of effort into this blog. If you are still reading it - sorry about that. We ended up at Katherine for three nights at the Riverside Tourist Park, 400m from the Katherine hot springs, which are a group of warm pools amongst some nice palm trees that people can sit in and relax at a balmy 28 degrees. Amy spent a fair bit of time in them! Katherine was the first major spot where we changed oils in the trucks, minor repairs, shopping of dry goods and were able to relax doing nothing for a while. The kids and Phil chased some fish (hoping for Barra but more likely to get Mullet) but without success. We managed to meet up with some friends from Tassie - the big Pom ... read more
The border!
'Tis a dog's life
Rocky out crop behind our Kununurra camp site

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine July 5th 2018

Day 7 - Katherine / Kakadu Today is our last full day in Katherine and our last night here. Tomorrow we will head up to Darwin. This morning we had booked a Two Gorge tour of the Katherine Gorge (now called Nitmiluk Gorge). This tour took just over two hours to traverse two gorges On unsinkable barges (I hope they are unsinkable as there are crocodiles under the boat). We had to walk over from one Gorge to the other to get over the natural rock dams to get to the second barge (yes we had to get on two barges both on the way up and way back). The scenery was spectacular and we spotted 4 crocodiles. We were told by the guide they were freshwater species and therefore we would not be killed by ... read more
Katherine Gorge 2
Katherine Gorge 3
Katherine 4

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine July 4th 2018

Day 6 - Katherine / Kakadu Well today was an exciting day to say the least. We did a cave tour, went to see a waterfall and swam in water with crocodiles. I also had a close encounter with a snake. Ok let me start. We had booked a tour of the local Cutta Cutta caves. The cave was 250 metres long and in most places was quite expansive. It had the normal stalagnite and stalactite formations. It also is home to over 5,000 bats. Let me just say I am happy we did not see any bats. They freak me out. In the wet season this cave is under water and is closed to the public. In the highest places the cave would have to be about 18 metres below the soil level above. I ... read more
Inside Cutta Cutta
More Cutta Cutta formations
Crocodile Warning at Edith Falls

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine July 3rd 2018

Day 5 - Katherine. / Kakadu Today’s temperature was low 30s. Shorts and T/shirts time. We are not missing the Melbourne weather. Today we went to The Outback Experience show. We had booked this show from Melbourne based on online trip advisor reviews and the show did not disappoint. The show setting was a real stock horse and dog training farm. We were entertained by Tom Curtain two-time Australian Country Music Golden Guitar winner and horseman extraordinaire. He provided us with a taste on the inner workings of horse training and he used a real scenario and trained a horse in front of our very eyes. He also spent some time working with kelpie and border collie dogs. What a great show and it went for 3 hours. Lunch was in Katherine town and then after ... read more
Breaking in a horse
A variety of animals on the farm
A border Collie called Snow rounding goats

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine July 2nd 2018

Day 4 - Tennant Creek to Katherine Well well well, before I talk about this day I need to re cap on the previous night. You will remember I mentioned the fireworks. Well the local indigenous youth had decided to have some fireworks fun right next to our cabins. Let me just say their antics were crazy by any standard, even my son Paul was scared by their antics. All was quiet by Midnight although this was after a stray firework hit our cabin and lit the outside of our cabin up. No damage but certainly gave us a scare. Something to taok about in the morning. Today was a shorter run of 670km compared to the previous 1,000km runs. We stopped at quite a few pubs and roadhouses. All pretty much now starting to show ... read more
Larrimah Pub front door
Inside Larrimah Pub
Larrimah Pub beer garden

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine November 20th 2017

Not all bus trips are boring. Our trip from Alice Spring to Katherine was a total of 17 hours, including a 1 1/2 hour stop at 4:30 in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, a small town called Tenant Creek. We have been very surprised at the Aboriginee situation here, including this place. Many Aboriginee children hang out where the Greyhound bus stopped (really, at this time of night?), supposedly for the purpose of sneaking onto the bus to steal things. Our bus driver keeps close guard at the door and locks up tight when everyone is off, quite sad actually. We will arrive in Katherine at noon and pick up a rental car. There is no other transportation to get to Katherine Gorge. Hopefully Ferdy is awake enough to drive on ... read more
Tenan Creek Roadhouse
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Katherine Gorge

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine June 30th 2017

We finally have phone service again, the Optus network is definitely not great up here, though Telstra is also a bit hit and miss also. We are currently in Katherine on quite a cool morning, most of us are wearing jumpers and long pants right now. It has been really warm especially when up near the ocean to the north. Since my last post we have come a long way. After leaving the Isa on Wednesday we headed north on a very rough dirt road at night to get to Gregory Downs Station and spend a few days with Mitch. We arrived at about 9.30 at night, we mostly sat on 40 to 50 km/h because it was really rough, we worried what damage we were going to find when we arrived but over all the ... read more
Floating on the Gregory
Nathan about to jump in the Gregory
Nathan with the first fish caught on the trip.

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine May 12th 2017

Geo: -14.4657, 132.264We arrived fairly early 11 am into Katherine Big4 Caravan Park. Lovely park being 40 acres of lawned areas. The day is hot again, about 39c and fairly humid. After setting up camp we had to shop and re-stock the fridge again. Jen & Nat had a swim in the pool. David & I pottered around the van and it was our turn to cook tea. Chow Mein yum. Saturday we started at the information centre to book a tour for Sunday of the 3 gorges and find out some info on Kakadu as rumour has it parts of the park are still closed due to crocs. That seemed to take ages. We went to the local flea market and didn't find anything to buy. Onto the Katherine museum where we spent a couple ... read more
Hot Springs
Hot Springs
Hot Springs

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