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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine May 3rd 2016

Geo: -14.4657, 132.264We woke to a brilliant sunrise before showering in our on-suite and heading down to breakfast. This morning we are seated with two gay guys who were a little hard to talk to but we managed. They were on board with a set of elderly parents and were doing the same Katherine Gorge tour as us.We pulled into Katherine Station at 9.00 am and on stepping off the train the mercury had already climbed to 32 degrees and the humidity hit us like a sledge hammer. Welcome to the tropics I said as Deb stood there frowning, We all boarded AATKing tour buses taking off in different directions and ours was heading to Nitmulik National Park. On arriving at the gorge the trees were filled with fruit bats as we made our way to ... read more
And off we go
The first Gorge
Sheer cliff walls

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine August 29th 2015

Hi Folks, on the road again, back down the Stuart Highway, turned east onto the Arnhem Highway, we were pleasantly surprised at the condition of the road, our first stop was the Window to the Wetlands Information Centre, expecting just the normal Tourist Information Centre, it had the most wonderful inter active multi-media exhibition of wetland habitat housed in a spectacular building, venturing upstairs, to a small theatrette and magnificent three sided balcony overlooking the Mary River flood plain, a spectacular vista. Expecting to be there for 10 or so minutes, we departed about 90 minutes later. Driving over the Mary River bridge and talking about crocodiles, I looked down to the water and notice a log, Doug said "that's a crocodile", seconds later my log moved very quickly, the first wild crocodile on this trip. ... read more
Corroboree Hotel
Kakadu _Obirr

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine August 12th 2015

Monday 3rd August It's going to be a driving day but first we stop in Katherine at Woolworths to stock up with food and soft drink. The bottle shop for alcohol doesn't open until 2! We then hit the road and drive through bush for miles. Just flat land with scubby trees for ever. We take a break after an hour and a half and then it's back on the road. Eventually the scenery changes slightly and we see herds of cattle and bushmen riding horses driving them. Christine gets a photo of a mean looking cow. There's even a helicopter keeping an eye on the herd. After another hour and half we decide to stop for the day at Victoria River Roadhouse. It's on the river but otherwise in the middle of no where. A ... read more
2 Victoria River
3 Termite Person!
4 Cream tea at Zebra Rock

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine August 2nd 2015

Sunday 26thJuly Up early to make up for lost time. I still can't get the grill to work. We drive a few minutes up the road and stop at the Mamukala wetlands. It's another large bilabong covered by lillies with dozens of birds feeding. It's a great area for bird watching. Our next stop is about 40 mins away at Ubir to see Aboriginal rock paintings. Many of them are quite vivid in colour, whilst many more have faded. Still they are thought to be 5,000 years old! We then climb to a lookout point which gives great views over a lot of Kakadu NP and also into Arnhem Land which is Aborginal Land and can't be accessed without special permission. On the way back to the main road we stop at a boat ramp on ... read more
2 Our first croc!
3 Rock art
4 Azur Kingfisher

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine September 13th 2014

We had a lazy day today and I left Barry to sleep until he woke himself, around 10.30am. He still has the runny nose, headache and sneezing so we dosed him again and went into town as he wanted a haircut and I had some grocery shopping to do. He didn’t end up getting the cut as the queue was too long and when he went back later, they’d shut. Never mind, I’m sure they have barbers in the Alice (he won’t go to a hair stylist – it has to be an old-fashioned barber!). We did stop in to a local market, very small, but it mainly sold crafts and jewellery and the only three produce stalls didn’t have anything I needed. We got back and put everything away and had lunch. Then Barry went ... read more
A Female Magpie Lark
More Unusual Termite Mounds

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine September 12th 2014

We were up at 8am and spent a little while after breakfast watching a small group of Great Bower Birds working out who belonged to whom. Then it was time to move on to Katherine, about 70kms down the road. Fortunately, the ute air-con seemed to be working OK today, which was just as well because the temperature was rising rapidly. We booked into the Riverview Resort again as we wanted to be near the Hot Springs (more warm really). We had a quick lunch and then Barry wanted to get the air-con checked out and see if it needed regassing. He spoke to two different auto electricians and neither knew why it had switched to hot last night but the 2nd one checked the gas level and said it was fine and didn’t need a ... read more
Edith Falls Kiosk
Trees Grow in Some Funny Places
Courting Bower Bird Style

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine September 10th 2014

In no time at all, we arrived at Katherine, one of the hottest places in Australia. Today it was a balmy 37 C. Our excursion was a cruise down the Katherine River through the Nitmiluk Gorge. In the boat we were surrounded by towering red sandstone rocks. Occasionally, we glimpsed a crocodile laying in the water, or its distinctive tracks on a sandy bar. Our guide told us these tracks often led to where a crocodile had laid its eggs – these are protected and there is a fine for violating these sites. There are only two seasons here – the wet season and the dry season. This impacts the entire ecosystem including the height of the river. Early in the wet season, the boat is able to traverse the entire length of the river, but ... read more
Cruising the Gorge
Flying Fox Bats

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine August 31st 2014

Sometimes I get so consumed in school teaching, lesson planning and assignment writing that I forget where I really am. Today Bec and I walked to the Ngukurr Arts Centre to do a bit of craft, chat and eat lunch with a lovely group of ladies who work at the school and also at the arts centre. On our walk there - takes about 5 mins, I just stopped and looked around and thought wow - we are so remote! I decided to take a photo at that moment. I'm missing my family heaps right now, but moments like this remind me that I'm pretty lucky to be here.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine August 30th 2014

Another week has flown by. I know all our regular students names now and am getting to know more and more about the student's themselves as the days progress. Such a great 'mob'! The school grounds are lovely, and there are lots of murals and art all around the buildings, with descriptions in both English and Kriol. The school has a grassed area where the boys play footy (AFL) every recess and a basketball court that is always packed. The student's are all very active and enthusiastic with sport - and it shows in their skills! I'm starting to take more and more lessons as the days progress and getting lots of feedback from my mentor teacher who is not only very supportive but always ready to help with resources and answers to all my many ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine August 25th 2014

Following on from our organised tour of the Kimberley, we decided to make a quick visit of the Top End of NT, this time travelling independently. We flew from Broome to Darwin, and after an overnight stay near the airport took off in a hire car down the Stuart Highway towards Katherine. We detoured on the way via the Litchfield National Park, taking in each of the Florence Falls, Tolmer Falls, and the popular picnic spot of the Wangi Falls. While each of these sights was in its own way quite picturesque, we questioned whether they warranted the extra 160 or so kms of travel off the road to Katherine. I guess to some degree our views were influenced by the fact that we had just spent a fortnight in similar terrain in the Kimberley, it ... read more
Wangi Falls
Tolmer Falls
Katherine Gorge walls

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