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Danielle Ramage

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin July 12th 2017

Darwin is a beautiful city! The beautiful sunsets over the water, the beautiful green gardens, the unbusyness and laid back lifestyle and history around every corner! Driving in to the city on the main road in at 10am on a Monday morning, Nathan and I had one other car traveling the same direction as us on a four lane highway!! Would definitely have been much busier in Brisbane lol. We stayed for 5 nights at a little WikiCamps place called Lucy’s Rest (Lucy being the the lovely dog who visited us daily with lots of Licks!). It is very much a bush camp and only about 20 minutes outside of the city centre. Nathan and I went to the Military Museum which holds so many items and information about the wars that Australia have been involved ... read more
Wongi Falls - Litchfield National Park
Florence Falls - Litchfield National Park
Lost City - Statue like rock structure

Just a few pictures from Katherine Gorge and Darwin (including Litchfield National Park and Adelaide River). We are leaving Darwin today and heading to Dundee Beach for a couple of days, I'll update with a full post when I have more time.... read more
Nathan Fishing Beautiful Sunset
Freshwater Croc Katherine Gorge
Aboriginal Art Katherine Gorge

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Katherine June 30th 2017

We finally have phone service again, the Optus network is definitely not great up here, though Telstra is also a bit hit and miss also. We are currently in Katherine on quite a cool morning, most of us are wearing jumpers and long pants right now. It has been really warm especially when up near the ocean to the north. Since my last post we have come a long way. After leaving the Isa on Wednesday we headed north on a very rough dirt road at night to get to Gregory Downs Station and spend a few days with Mitch. We arrived at about 9.30 at night, we mostly sat on 40 to 50 km/h because it was really rough, we worried what damage we were going to find when we arrived but over all the ... read more
Floating on the Gregory
Nathan about to jump in the Gregory
Nathan with the first fish caught on the trip.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mount Isa June 20th 2017

We are finally off on our 10 week adventure!! Leaving Bundaberg and heading for Perth via the top end. I wasn't going to bother doing a blog this trip but I have had quite a few people ask about it that I've decided to do one again. If you are interested in hearing about what we are doing then feel free to subscribe and you will receive an email each time I post a new post. We will be heading to remote parts of Australia so these posts may be very irregular. We started on Sunday morning and were planning to leave early and head out to Flemings place and leave all together. Except our lights on the caravan didn't work! Poor Nathan spent a bit of time trying to work it out, it seemed we ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Roma August 13th 2009

We left Mount Isa quite early on Monday morning heading south east, so we could make Longreach before dark. We traveled through Cloncurry, McKinlay (we stopped at the Crocodile Dundee Pub), Kyuna and then Winton. At Winton we looked around at some of the local attractions including a statue dedicated to Banjo Patterson who wrote Waltzing Matilda at a nearby station. We also saw the building where the first ever meeting took place for Qantas. I read that Qantas was conceived in Cloncurry, born in Winton and raised in Longreach. Just next door to the Qantas building is a wall that has been made by a man called Arno who is an eccentric, which was very interesting to look at. He has added all his junk to the fence and it has become one of the ... read more
Musical Fence
Stockmans Hall of Fame
Friendly Cat

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mt Isa August 9th 2009

After leaving Alice Springs we traveled most of the day only stopping a couple of times, with one stop being at the Devil's Marbles. These roundish rocks are all in piles, balancing on eachother and looked pretty cool. It was nice to get out and stretch our legs mostly though lol. We stayed at a free camp spot along the Barkley Highway towards Mt Isa, about 70k out of Tennant Creek. We met an older couple traveling who invited us to their campfire. It was a nice night drinking tea/coffee and chatting. We spent the whole next day driving and arrived in Mt Isa to visit Neil and Lisa about 5pm on the Thursday. When we arrived Neil said what a great time to arrive as the Mt Isa rodeo was in town which is the ... read more
Mt Isa Rodeo
Fred Brophy and his boxing boys
Nikki and I at Rodeo

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Alice Springs August 4th 2009

Internet and phone reception can be a bit iffy here in the centre of Australia, so its been a little while since my last blog. Our second day at Uluru, Nathan planned to climb the rock in the morning but when we got there it was closed due to high winds at the summit. Disspointed we drove out to the Olgas which are in the same national park about 40k from the rock. The Olgas are huge rocks all bunched together in one area, sticking out in the mostly flat landscape. We did a few walks around there and had lunch then decided to head back to the caravan park to wait for sunset to take pics at Ayres Rock. On the way back we looked through the binoculars just to make sure the climb was ... read more
Nathan climbing the rock
Sunset at Ayres Rock
The track we climbed to top of canyon.

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru July 30th 2009

Coober Pedy was a very interesting town. The landscape surrounding the town is just piles of what looks like sand for approximately 30k north, south, east and west. Beside the piles of sand is mines (holes) that people have been looking for opals in. The town is also famous for its underground buildings including churches, motels and houses. We stayed at a caravan park in town and due to water shortages (because it very rarely rains there) we had to pay for any water we used, that included showers lol. We went for a walk down the main street and looked at an underground museum. We also did a bit of noodling (called this in Coober Pedy but more commonly known as fossicking) and found a few opals which was really exciting! for me anyway lol. ... read more
Undergound Church
Ayres Rock
Artwork on the Rock

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Augusta July 26th 2009

We woke up on the Wednesday morning expecting wind and rain but were pleasantly surprised to see sunshine and not even a slight breeze! Wow we couldn't believe it, we would not have to drive into the wind across the Nullarbor. We packed up and headed south towards Norseman and then east along the Nullarbor (Eyre highway). The trip was quite warm during the day but really cold in the mornings. It was quite diferent this time with just the 2 of and no Flemings to chat to over the UHF. I finally got to see a camel, but it was dead :( It was about 5k from the road and I most likely was hit by a truck ....... I wonder what condition the truck was in after hitting it!! We stopped to take a ... read more
Scarecrow Tree
Undies/Jocks tree
Nathan adding to the Jocks tree

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalgoorlie July 21st 2009

After leaving Brad and Vicki's house we took a detour into Lake King to see the lake and the town. The town has approximately 50 people and consists of a general store, a chemicals shop, a tavern, netball/football fields and some public toilets so it is really really small. The lake is quite large but has very little water and looks like a lot of salt flats. We then traveled north back towards Hyden/Wave Rock again. We took a road that was a shortcut to Coolgardie to save us going down through Esperance, which saved us about 300klms. The road was mostly dirt (about 140k of dirt), or I should say mud and very orange. Our car and van were covered!! We stayed the night in free camping spot along the highway 120k west of Coolgardie. ... read more
More Mud
Blasting in the Super pit
Nathan holding on to the air drill/jackhammer

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