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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Devils Marbles April 27th 2015

BIG travel day today! Won't be able to upload photos I don't think because we are going to free camp at The Devils Marbles and there's bound to be no signal. We Have just turned left at the t intersection of Stuart highway and Barklay highway and are heading towards Alice springs. It's unusual to have any signal on the roads, only usually in towns, so I'll make the most with just a small post so everyone knows we are still around! We left Mt Isa about 9 am after stocking up with groceries. Very good food prices in Mt Isa, best we've had since we left! We didn't get to say goodbye to mein hosts at Argyllia as the office wasn't opened. :( They were so lovely I wanted to thank them for their hospitality. ... read more
Northern Territory!
Northern Territory

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Devils Marbles February 26th 2015

Hi Bloggers and Readers, We left Banka Banka Station early morning, we were so happy to leave this place as it was so hot and sticky and neither of us slept well there!! We went to Tennant Creek to re-fuel and a restroom stop; everyone got drinks and food as it was a long drive to our next stop: the Devils Marbles!! As it was 500KM drive we kept ourselves busy watching TV programs, chatting, reading, and playing catch. Devils Marbles aka Karlu Karlu are granite boulders, which have come through from the magma from the earths centre. They an amazing site to behold. I hope the photos can do them justice!! We climbed up on them all to get some great photos. Jerry the tour guide and all 19 of us got kicked off this ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Devils Marbles September 20th 2014

While eating breakfast, we started to look at what was down the road from here to Alice Springs, as this is all new territory for us from this point. We don’t need to sight-see here as we did it last month so we’re pressing onwards. The first spot that was on the map was the Devil’s Marbles. I’d checked it was a bitumen road on the short detour needed to see them – it was. As we pulled off the Stuart Highway onto the detour we could see lots of enormous boulders in front of us on both sides of the road. They were truly amazing. Some had been split in two and they were all weathered and rounded, some were even complete orbs perched precariously on top of other, bigger monoliths. There was a short, ... read more
What Bird Will Emerge from This Egg?
Aliens Arrive at Wycliffe Well
The Alien Touch

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Devils Marbles September 29th 2013

After a day of frivolity at Daly Waters, it was time to continue south and do what the early coastal explorers couldn't do, head for the centre of Australia. So, we passed the road that leads into Arnhem Land and saved ourselves many hours of dusty teeth shaking driving to the north. If you do this trip, there is the same event in reverse to rejoin the Stuart Highway. We are neither equipped for that adventure or so mad keen to see the very north of Arnhem Land to attempt such a trip. Once again, we were not sure where we would get for the day, but with temps in the high 30s, it didn't make sense to sit in a hot van admiring dust and flies. So we took a peep at a number of ... read more
The big lift
Looking towards Tanami Destert
Tanami Desert

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Devils Marbles November 8th 2012

After lots of goodbyes, one last swim in the pool and stocking up on food, we hit the road and drove right out of Camooweal. 15km down the road, we finally we made it into the Northern Territory! Cue the first time change during our trip! Bizarrely the NT is half an hour behind Queensland so, because daylight saving has ended in Victoria, we’re now 1.5 hours behind Melbourne. Pretty strange… where does the half hour go?! The NT also has a higher speed limit of 130kph on the open roads. Not that our van is capable of that anyway… To our relief, it was a cooler than usual day so we weren’t sweltering in our van. Faithful old Alabama made the 260km trip to Barkly Homestead without a hitch. I had expected Barkly to be ... read more
121109 1
121109 6
121109 9

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Devils Marbles September 26th 2012

The drive to the Devil’s Marbles was fairly uneventful. Just driving, driving, driving. Then again we did cross the Tropic of Capricorn, fuel at the UFO themed service station and stop in Barrow Creek … an experience we could have done without but one that added to the richness of our experiences. We were in need of adding a little fuel to the tank to ensure we could make it to the next major fuel station. It was also time for a morning break. We knew as soon as we saw the town it was not the most desirable location to stop, but stop we did. The public toilet block had a BIG sign informing everyone from near and far that they were out of order. Greg pulled in to get fuel but there was no ... read more
130 – Go Greg go!
UFO centre of the world
Joan capturing the dingo

We drove through the desert into Northern Territory heading for Ayers Rock. There's not much to see along the highway but we did stop at the Devils Marbles, a bunch of rocks shaped by the elements that were pretty fun to climb!... read more
Massive 50m long road trains
Watch out for kangaroos!
Northern Territory Border

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Devils Marbles November 23rd 2011

It’s a long way between sights out here but when you do get there it is pretty awesome! This is also turning out to be a good time of year to be traveling through here as there are very few tourists which means plenty of room to camp. The rain has started and the place is beautiful and green which is such a contrast against the red dirt. We stayed overnight in the camp ground at the base of these “Devils Marbles” massive boulders which have formed from the erosion of the granite. There was 2 other campers here and we all enjoyed the changing colours of the marbles as the sun went down. We also got to watch the build-up of a storm which pelted rain on us later that night. Our Avan has 2 ... read more
Storm Brewing at the Devils Marbles
Peter Having Some Fun

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Devils Marbles November 21st 2011

We have finally left Queensland and we’re in the Northern Territory!! It’s our 13th Wedding Anniversary and we end up at the Barkley Homestead for the night. The campground and facilities are great. We spent the afternoon in the pool and enjoyed our anniversary dinner in the Homestead’s Roadhouse Restaurant. Not romantic but very nice atmosphere and food. Thanks Mum for the card! The next morning we got on the road early and headed to Tennant Creek. We didn’t hang around for long, just stopped for fuel. Not really a tourist destination in our books! About 200kms down the road we were flagged down by a lady on her own with a blow-out tyre. She had a jack but not the lever that attaches to it to make it go up? Apparently if we didn’t stop ... read more
The Barkley Homestead
Errol & Ruby

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Devils Marbles September 12th 2011

Today was another travel day, but it also gave us our first glimpse of the outback characters one often hears about. Departing Alice Springs, our first stop was at Ti Tree, lured by the signs advertising mangoes and wine tastings. Mangoes are not in season at present, so that was disappointing. The Asian man operating the shop offered us a tasting of mango wines. Such a wine tasting we have never had. It was like speed tasting. I think we had sampled four different styles in two minutes. Armed with a delicious bottle of fortified mango wine and a mango ice-cream each, we continued our journey. Next stop was Barrow Creek, a seemingly run down roadhouse amply surrounded by rubbish. Sitting near the door was an older aboriginal woman armed with a rolled up canvas, which ... read more
Desert Sculpture - Aileron
Barrow Creek Roadhouse
Barrow Creek Telegraph Station

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