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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin April 30th 2006

Here we go again. Vi skulle som sagt afsted paa en 7 dages tur til Darwin med en masse interessante stop undervejs. Turen der gik under navnet Red Rocket startede kl. lort i Alice Springs. Vores foerste maal var Kings Canyon med enorme kloefter og spektakulaerer klippeskraaninger. Derudover saa vi en lagune med vand og palmer kaldet Edens Have samt the Lost City der var en staerk kontrast med udtoerrede floder og forkulede traeer. Bagefter tog vores aboriginal chauffoer Troy os til vores overnight camp naer Uluru/Ayers Rock. Her noed vi en Aussie Barbie (australsk BBQ) for derefter at drikke et par oel eller tre ved vores kontrollerede bushfire. I takt med at baalet langsomt ebbede ud fandt vi som de sidste vores primitive bivuakpose (kaldet "swag") frem og noed den enorme sydlige halvkugles stjernehimmel. Naeste ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin April 12th 2006

Hello all! I have just had an amazing three days in Kakadu National Park with Pat from Kakadu 4wd safaris! Having not really planned anything in Darwin, or really realising there was anything interesting to do in Darwin, we were convinced by several people we met along the way that Kakadu was wortha visit. Unfortunately when we arrived in Darwin we were told there had been large amounts of flooding and that Katherine (a town near the park) was totally under with water and people were being evacuated out of there! Never-the-less we decided to book a tour and experience what we could of the park which we could get to through the water. We spent three days wandering around Darwin waiting for Sunday to arrive so we could start our tour. When to day came ... read more
Lovely rock pool!
Frilly the Dragon

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin April 8th 2006

As you can see, despite having only been in Oz for 4 days, I am already picking up the lingo. Well here we are in Darwin. Having been told by a couple of guys in Singapore that people only go to Darwin when they're on the run from the police or want to disappear, we are pleasantly surprised to find that Darwin is quite small and dull, and doesn't appear to be particularly infested with dangerous escapees... The main danger appears to be to out piggy banks - Australia is seriously expensive. We have been spoilt recently I guess with food being ridiculously cheap everywhere we've been, but the prospect of daily living costs here is plain scary!!! Our flight from Singapore was slightly more exciting than we might have liked, with a combination of us ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin February 7th 2006

DAY 1~ Got picked up nice and early at 06.30 ready for our Kakadu experience!! We jumped into the front of the van thinking we had the best seats in the house...we soon realised that they were by far the hottest as we were sat right on the engine! Also in the front was 2 other couples, both English, Anna & Iain and Sara & Chris, oh and also our gorgeous guide Brad! First stop was Litchfield National Park! This was the place where they filmed crocodile dundee which wasn't too reassuring as we were walking through the bush! Next we stopped off to see some of the largest Termite mounds some reaching well over 12foot! Unfortunately we couldn't visit the famous Jim Jim falls & twin Falls as they were completely overflowing because of it ... read more
Chris, Shuya & Sean
Hungry Crocs!
swimming time at one of the beautiful waterfalls

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin January 7th 2006

Up early and decided to see some of the sights first on the list was the jumping crocs.... read more
old croc
jumping juvenile
jumping croc

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin December 28th 2005

Voila deja trois semaines que nous taillons les manguiers, non loin de Darwin. Au rythme de 10 heures par jours sous le cagnard et en gigottant beaucoup, on a trouve la formule miracle pour avoir la ligne tout en se faisant plein de pepettes... Je pense que l'on va breuvete l'idee. Apres avoir passe un noel peu conventionnel, un super barbecue avec nos collegues de travail en short et t-shirt, nous avons termine le champ assigne. Tres tres ravi de quitter enfin la ferme, c'est le coeur en joie que nous rangeons Raymonde et nous preparons a prendre la route, surtout que notre prochaine etape se trouve au centre d'un magnifique national park, classe patrimoine mondial, le KAKADU NATIONAL PARK (kakadou dou dou...), on a vraiment hate. Derniere nuit a Darwin, dans une ruelle a cause ... read more
Peinture rupestre
arbre a pates

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin July 29th 2005

Today we will complete our last day of travel on the tour bus we expect to arrive at hotel in Mitchell St Darwin sometime in the late afternoon. First though we are travelling to Litchfield National Park with the main attractions being unusual termite mounds, four great waterfalls and some curious sandstone formations. We first encountered the amazing Magnetic Termite Mounds all lined up in a North to South row with the highlights being the giant mounds built by the Cathedral termite. We then visited some of the falls that spill off the top of the escarpment including Wangi Falls which has a pleasant rainforest hike which we both enjoyed before climbing the trail that leads up above the falls which has some stunning views. After getting hot and sweaty we walked back down and climbed ... read more
View from the top of Wangi Falls
Wangi Falls
Memorial to Japanese bombings WW2

The mission is to introduce Josh to the family and we are NOT nervous (ah-hem). As Darwin is the destination, a few side trips are definitely in order before we venture to the Top End. We flew into Sydney, hung out with some friends and then escaped the city by train to the Blue Mountains...ahhh, fresh air. Well, the Blue Mountains are incredible!! Although our pictures don't really portray them as 'blue', from a distance they definitely have a hazy blue look about them. There is tonnes of climbing to be done but unfortunately its way colder than expected right now. I guess that is understandable in the middle of winter. We found it really hard not to at least try a few routes but eventually gave up. Instead, we went on a few hikes. The ... read more
Sunset at the Blue Mtns.
Long Way Down
Sydney Opera House

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin July 27th 2003

Yes its true. My days in this giant landmass are finally ending. We had a few extra days in the city of darwin...which for the joe's should maybe ring a it was an important city in WW2. It was bombed several times trying to fend off the asian menace.... But anyway...we have made the best of this time. For the first time in my tender life...I have partaken in a Free Beach....which you may know as a nude beach. Lara had done this in Brazil and I needed to even the scales, so we went. The name free beach is actually a nicer name for it...because thats how it feels to be galavanting around in the buff.....Free. The beach was pretty it wasnt too weird either. The best part is that I didnt burn ... read more
very nice
Camel Kisser

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