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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin September 1st 2020

After another magnificent lunch we arrived into Alice Springs at 1pm. There are excursions included in the fare and we had opted for the Alice Explorer. There was another out to Simpson's Gap but Ken and Edna had taken us there last year. We were the second to last group off the train and had to wear masks for about 100 metres until we had given our border entry forms to the police on the platform. Then it was into the bus and off. Our driver was very glad to see us as this was his first job for four months.We drove around the town and our first stop was at a Reptile Park. This turned out to be suprisingly good ad the presenter was an enthusiast who knew his stuff. Inside there were many, various ... read more
snake in the reptile park
Black snake

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin August 31st 2019

Having left Komodo Island, we had more sea days as we cruised east to Darwin, our next port of call. We were to arrive around 4.00pm, but we were delayed as another vessel was berthed at our wharf. There are many things that happen along the way while at sea, most are enjoyable and entertaining, but for some, a perfectly good cruise can turn into a nightmare. This cruise was no different. One passenger took very seriously ill about 7 hours after departure from Singapore. Another tripped on the deck and broke an arm. Closer to Darwin, another passenger took ill and the care flight helicopter met Pacific Dawn at sea to winch up a patient and take them to Darwin's Hospital. The evacuation is a slow and precise flight process in co-ordination with the ship's ... read more
Pacific Dawn all lit up
Rescue at sea
Rescue at sea

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin March 8th 2018

This leisurely meander up the east coast of Australia combines five ports and five sea days and provides a good study of OZ. About 90% of towns and people are located around the coastal edges. The rest is a huge expanse of the Never-Never---as the Aborigines call the outback. This barren wasteland is but a cover for the vast mineral treasure chest which lies beneath its surface. These resources provide the fuel which feeds the economic engine of Australia. Author Bill Bryson noted that Australia is the only island that is a continent and the only continent that is a country, and what a unique country it is. Brisbane is a city filled with towering building cranes heralding a growth boom along the Gold Coast. Spending a day in the quiet Whitsundays near the Great Barrier ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin February 28th 2018

Finally time to make it official... Although they had a civil ceremony in Langkawi with a Pirate Party afterwards it was time to make it official. As they have now left the boating life and moved to Darwin, it allowed Joe's family all to be there (well almost). His oldest son baby decided to arrive the same day so a double celebration was to be had! The ceremony was lovely and emotional as these occasions can be, and enjoyed by close friends and family. It was lovely to be there and witness the vows made, having his family there this time was very special and made the occasion. Congratulations Mr & Mrs McDonnell. ... read more
The Ring

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin July 12th 2017

Darwin is a beautiful city! The beautiful sunsets over the water, the beautiful green gardens, the unbusyness and laid back lifestyle and history around every corner! Driving in to the city on the main road in at 10am on a Monday morning, Nathan and I had one other car traveling the same direction as us on a four lane highway!! Would definitely have been much busier in Brisbane lol. We stayed for 5 nights at a little WikiCamps place called Lucy’s Rest (Lucy being the the lovely dog who visited us daily with lots of Licks!). It is very much a bush camp and only about 20 minutes outside of the city centre. Nathan and I went to the Military Museum which holds so many items and information about the wars that Australia have been involved ... read more
Wongi Falls - Litchfield National Park
Florence Falls - Litchfield National Park
Lost City - Statue like rock structure

Just a few pictures from Katherine Gorge and Darwin (including Litchfield National Park and Adelaide River). We are leaving Darwin today and heading to Dundee Beach for a couple of days, I'll update with a full post when I have more time.... read more
Nathan Fishing Beautiful Sunset
Freshwater Croc Katherine Gorge
Aboriginal Art Katherine Gorge

In Darwin from June 2nd to June 19th due to Peter's Mum Beth, becoming unwell and passing away. The temperature was always in the mid 30's by midday and the humidity 80% to 100%. The kids and I sayed at The Free Spirit Resort and Howard Springs Big 4 Park. The two caravan Parks we stayed in had great Pools and facilities. Many an afternoon and evening was spent swimming and having a quiet drink with travelling comrades. The kids loving the jumping pillows. The only problem I encountered was Free Spirit's lack of compassion when Pete's mum passed away and we were forced to change caravan parks.... read more
Howard Springs Big 4 Caravan Park Pool
Howard Springs Big 4 Caravan Park Pool

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin October 13th 2015

Arriving into Darwin at half five in the morning with hardly any sleep, it was a welcoming sight to see my mate Will waiting with a sign welcoming me to Australia, even though he had spelt my name wrong. I have known Will for years through the British Army and he had taken the jump to transfer to the Australian Army last year and had only been in country for 7 months. In fact Will was the one that persuaded me to go travelling for 2 months around South East Asia towards the end of last year and given me the travel bug.For me this was a temporary move back into normality as I moved into his spare room, for Will it was a chance to catch up and find out all about my adventures so ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin August 17th 2015

Well folks, we reluctantly left Camooweal with only a short stretch on the Barkly Highway to the Northern Territory border, then a few more hours drive, turn right to the Three Ways Roadhouse, the intersection with the Stuart Highway, needing fuel we stopped to be greeted at the bowser with a sign "Leave your photo id with the operator before these pumps will work", a welcoming introduction to the NT, ok, fuelled up and asked if we could buy wine, by this time I realised this man had a severe attitude problem, he looked at his watch, said "its after 2pm, ok, wait in the bar area", so we waited and waited, probably 20 minutes before he walked behind the bar, one label only, bottles, ok, I asked for a small taste, horrified, he asked why, ... read more
Daly River Pub
Daly River Pub
Elsey Cemetery

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin July 23rd 2015

Monday 20thJuly Our over night flight proves a little difficult as I get the largest chap on the plane next to me. He's so big that he can't fit between the armrests and has to put them down after he's seated. His knees hit the seat in front. I feel trapped in the middle seat and can't even see around him. To make things worse the child in front on us starts crying as soon as we take off and continues for the next 5 hours. Sleep is impossible. We land at 4am and as it's dark we decide to stay in the airport. We eventually decide to take the 8am shuttle bus into town. There's no timetable, the buses only come to meet the flights except by 8.30 it's still not come so we share ... read more
2 Christine & Spitfire at Aviation Museum
3 Botanical Gardens
4 Mindil Beach

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