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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin June 19th 2015

Charlotte had to leave at midday, therefore after the 10am check out we went down to the water front and found a nice shady patch to sit in near the lagoon. After a while I went in for a swim, the water was much cooler than I expected it to be. It was more like the sea off Cornwall during summer. So I just had a quick swim around the fountain and the warmed up again in the sun. We then had an ice cream before we walked to the bus station and said our goodbyes. Rather than go back to the hostel I got a hop on hop off tour bus ticket, which enabled me to get all the way up east point. The first stop I got off at was the Australia museum. This ... read more

Not a lot to report about today's ventures. We don't have a vehicle so decided to catch a bus into the city for a nice breaky. Its quite hot again today and getting more humid and we want to get the most out of this beautiful city before we head off. The bus system is very good here. Picked us up right out the front of the park and straight into the city. Its about a 15 min drive I'd say. And for 2 seniors, guess how much?? $2, yep for 2 people. You can travel for 3 hours for a dollar each. Got to use my newly arrived seniors card!! Ha ha! There are SOME good things about getting older... We thought we'd better have something healthy this morning. See the pics below and you'll ... read more
Darwin city
Darwin city
Darwin city

A relatively quiet day today. It was another very hot day and we were still a bit sapped from yesterday. I did start the day with a very beautiful swim again. It sets you up, love that warm water! Later Rob caught up on some reading and I popped into the local shopping centre and organised some bits and pieces. We won't get any real decent food options from here on so trying to stock up as best we can. Made a nice pot of chicken soup in the Thermo shuttle! Will be very handy in little frozen packs on the road. It was getting seriously hot so we both went for a swim. The water had heated up even more but was still very refreshing. The Bago is going in for it's service tomorrow and ... read more
Darwin sunset
Arafura by sunset
Deck Chair cinema

We made up for the in house day yesterday. We were up and about fairly early and got the fishing gear all sorted. I made some sangas and cold drinks as its even hotter today. Our first stop was for bait, and then off to Elizabeth river. Its a tidal river that runs in from the Arafura sea. We heard that there are some massive trevally in this river and ideally you'd head out in a boat. But we joined in with the number of other hopefuls on the jetty. Luckily there were some canopies over the jetty because the sun was pretty intense even though it was pretty early. An old greek guy told us that there wasn't too many fish out there today.. Mmmm not such a good start. but then all of a ... read more
Elizabeth river
Nightcliff jetty
Nightcliff jetty

Well if you can get through the Blog without yawning today, I'd be very grateful! It was a pretty ordinary day. Mind you it did start off with an early morning swim, managed to get the beautiful pool all to myself! Oh and the air temperature at 7.30 am was about 28 degrees and the water temp about 24. So not too shabby! Cooked up a canadian breaky and cappacino, as I'd worked up an appetite doing laps. (yeah I guess we are really glamping hey!). After a lazy read I got stuck into it! Time to do some house work! Changed the sheets, did all the washing, defrosted the fridge and freezer, washed down all the surfaces, even vacced the lounge seats! Phew! Bago looks as schmick as ever though! In the mean time Rob ... read more
East Arm boat ramp
East arm boat ramp
East arm

Lazy kind of day today. Not a lot to post about except hot, sunny blue skies, swimming pools and palm trees. Not too shabby! Did start the day with rolling the dice by getting a hair cut. Always nervous letting someone new chop my hair but it was necessary. Went okay though, will keep me going for a while. Did a fair bit of running around trying to buy a part for the gas bbq ( a regulator thingy, or some such thing!) and buying some wool for the many driving hours coming up, down the west coast, we made out way back to the Bago. Its very hot today so after a bit of lunch I hit the pool. Very very nice. Had myself a beer, the another swim. Its a pretty hard life up ... read more
Darwin day 2
Darwin day 2
Darwin day 2

We couldn't post last night as we were as we stopped in a somewhat spooky road side stop with no service. But it was the best we could do after a very long 700 k driving day again. (Robs thinking of taking up long haul truck driving after this!) We had breaky at the Daly waters historic pub. Its a very cute place! Pretty eclectic and a must see. They have some pretty big nights and would be a very popular stop over for back packers etc. (Worst coffee EVER though!). And we had a super stop over at Mataranka Hot springs later in the day. Its a magnificent place and whats more it's free to swim in the hot springs! Its well worth the stopover, the water is an average of 34 degrees and is ... read more
Daly Waters
Daly waters
Daly Waters

A beautiful day “down under” awaited our arrival! A very warm welcome for our first visit to Australia and Darwin. Darwin is a resort town that had been destroyed a couple of times over due to World War II and a cyclone that hit there in 1974. Fortunately it has been rebuilt and is modern, clean and attractive. We walked around the town park and then boarded an amphibious vehicle for a short tour around town and the harbor. The best part of the ride was meeting some Darwinians who were very friendly and asked lots of questions about New York. One guy wanted to know if we received a pension or had a self-made pension. I replied that we had both and wondered about him. He said that he was on a disability pension and ... read more
Our Home!
Our Tour Boat and Bus
We Are Goin In!

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin February 20th 2015

Hi followers and bloggers, The effects of the cyclone at Wagait (which is located directly to the east of Wagait, more towards Kakadu NP) had died down slightly. There was no more thunder or lightening but heavy down pours. Which meant after having a lie in and catching the ferry in to the city at 11.20am we got drenched. Our bags are also soaked L I’m currently drying out my sleeping bag this evening. Jenny was good enough to drop us off at the ferry port and also pay for both of our singles back again!!!! She really had exceeded all expectations of a couch surf host-beyond generous and welcoming. We also saw one of the guys on the ferry (Simon) who was at the darts last night, he gave us a lift to our hostel ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin January 10th 2015

We arrived in Darwin in torrential rain and its rained on and off ever since. Apparently the wet season has started later than usual this year and is now making up for lost time! We arrived at 06.00 so the first thing Brian wanted was breakfast. I wanted sleep. I found the overnight flight very tiring and not something I would do again. Anyway sftrr breakfast and sleep we took a stroll in the wrong direction! I thought that the taxi driver had said turn right out of your hotel band its a short walk to the harbour. We should have gone left! You know how there are some parts of every city where you don't take visitors.. we eventually found the city centre. It's a small city with just over 100,000 population. Lots of history ... read more

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