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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin July 15th 2013

2 days ago me and Shrey left Alice springs at 6 after packing the car. But first we went to the camel cup. It was a short race so we went after that. We Drove to Tennant Creek, on the road when it was dark we went to devils marble, a rock formation in the dessert. We arrived at 12 o' clock in Tennant Creek and had a good night rest. The day after we drove to Katherine Gorge. A river with rocks all around it, made some nice pictures. After that I went behind the wheel for 2 hours it was a nice ride. After a break Shrey drove again and we arrived in Darwin at 9. Soon gonna check out the area and see stuff here. Fun facts: Koala's have a pouch like a ... read more

Still here in Darwin, weather is great warm sunny days and cooler nights, humidity has calmed down.Have had my car serviced and the vans wheels aligned. Had a couple of days not doing a lot, just lazing around, the caravan park is great with a good size swimming pool.Did take a run out yesterday on the Arnhem highway, its amazing what you see out here.A pub called the Bark Hut which has a collection of Emu's and snakes and the pub is full of memorabilia, on the walls and in sheds.The other pub we visited is called the Humpty Doo which has it's own characters lounging around. Also visited a dam called Fogg dam which is now part of the wetlands and a sanctuary for birds and crocs great place,along the road we spotted a wild ... read more
the wet lands
the wet lands
the wet lands

16/1/13 We landed in Darwin at around 3.20am, and went through immigration and customs, hoping to be delayed as long as possible, seeing as we had no hotel to go to until later on. We were through to arrivals by 4am, and found a table near the only cafe in the arrivals area. We got a caffeine based drink to try and keep us going, and a managed to sign on to the wifi at the airport- which kept us occupied for a while! We got something to eat after a while (first taste of how expensive Australia is!), then decided to get a taxi around 7am to our hotel. It cost us $27, exchange rate about $1.5 to £1. To our surprise and joy, the lovely lady on the reception desk at our hotel let ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin April 26th 2013

Landing in Darwin it was hard to believe I was in the same country. It was midnight, but still 27 degrees, and steamy with it. Of course more sensible people than I would have looked at a map before getting on the plane. It turns out that Sydney is over 3,000 kms away. I might as well have landed in Indonesia. Day one was a trip to Litchfield National Park, only around 130kms from Darwin. I seemed to have inadvertently booked myself on a day trip targeted to backpackers. The owner of the company picked me up from the hotel and drove me down to the meet the bus. He told me he came up from Melbourne 20 years ago and he couldn't believe his luck when he arrived to be a tour guide. "I was ... read more
Good reasons to fear crocs
No, I don't want to hold him myself, but he would make a lovely handbag...
Life size killer croc - more than 8 metres long.  HUGE!

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin April 13th 2013

We had set up at Hidden Valley, a caravan park outside of Darwin, with nice grounds and a nice pool, and decided to give it 5 days before lowering the price on the car. Since we were (very) low on money and had no idea of a) when we would sell the car or b) how much we could get for it, our days consisted of devising ways of evading the extremely sticky heat while spending as little money as possible. This included eating through our reserves of canned food, spending time at the library (free though sloooooow wifi, and amazing aircon), visiting the Northern Territory Museum, which was like a glorious refrigerator and is home to the best natural history exhibit outside of New York and a really extensive Aboriginal art & culture exhibit as ... read more
On the safe side
Waterfront wharf
Here's looking at you...

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin October 15th 2012

So it came time to finally leave Perth. It is strange how time can fly - you put your feet up for a couple of weeks and seven months have flown by! We were glad to have visited Western Australia when so many other travellers pass it by. We were particularly glad to have met some great people. In particular Leeann (our Aussie Mum) and Georgia & Peter, who welcomed us into their homes/lives and made a faraway place seem like home. We truly are blessed. As you can imagine there were some emotional goodbyes and several 'last suppers' before we caught the flight to Darwin on a wet Perth morning. Darwin is some 4000km (sorry mum it's all metric here! - F) north east of Perth on this vast continent, which means not only were ... read more
Flight to Darwin
A night time visitor
The Darwin Museum

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin June 16th 2012

(A poem scribbled together during an afternoon of rum drinking in the sun in Broome...) For gold will turn to dust and steel to rust Hearts are bound to stop And as memories are forgot The future will surely fade Only this moment hold its value As this moment is all Time lends us And Time is the ruler of all things He will see every King fall and every hero die. In the shadow of the world and measured against eternity Nothing can maintain Nothing but Now.... read more

I had envisioned sitting here in Darwin writing this blog with wonderful aerial photos of the Bungle Bungle range from out little 8 seater plane and raving about how awesome our scenic flight was. However, as many of you know, it was not meant to be and instead we ended up with an experience that we don’t wish upon anybody. However, between the last blog and this one, much has happened so I shall come back to the flight in due course (parents, you may want to skip that section!) After leaving Exmouth, we headed across to Karratha where we experienced an unusual juddering in the van. Thinking that we had shot the suspension, bent the axel or done some other major injury, we called upon the trusty RAC from Karratha who did a sport check ... read more
infinaty pool over lake Argile

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin February 23rd 2012

Also meine neue Bude ist zwar keine Königssweet aber trotzdem ziemlich gemütlich. Habe die Möbel alle herumgerückt bis es mir gepasst hat :D. Die Küche is nebenan. Ist allerdings eine Gemeinschaftsküche mit meinen Nachbarn. Es kommt mir so vor als wäre ich der einzige Student in unserer Bude :D die anderen sind Bauarbeiter die gerade neue Studentenwohnungen errichten. Leider hatte ich noch keine Zeit Bilder von der Uni zu machen aber sie werden bald folgen. Aber checked mal den Strand aus. Der ist awesome ;) Könnte dort stundenlang sitzen und chillen. News of the Day sind: Es gab zwei Gewinnspiele an der Uni bei denen aus allen Studenten 2 Sieger gezogen wurden. Und ich habe beide gewonnen :D Heißt ich habe einen neuen Laptop und ein Gratis Fitnesscenterzugang mit allen Yoga und Kampfsportartkursen :D My new ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin February 22nd 2012

"Hey Buddy, take off your cap and empty your pockets." Das war die Begrüßung der Australischen Zollbehörden in Melbourne bevor sie mein Passfoto mit mir verglichen und meinen Rucksack auseinandernahmen. Der zweite Satz nachdem sie herausfanden dass ich in Darwin studiere war: "What the fuck are you doing up there in the NT (Northern Territory)?" "You wanna get eaten by crocodiles?" Da bekommt man natürlich ein gutes Feeling :D Als ich dann nach 38 stunden flug und Wartezeiten an den verschieden Flughäfen (Doha und Melbourne) angekommen konnte ich mir selbst ein Bild von "Crocodile City" machen. Es ist eine Art relaxtes Dschungeloberösterreich. Aber dazu morgen ;) For my english speaking Friends: "Hey Buddy, take off your cap and empty your pockets." That were actually the first words i heared when i stepped on australian ground. :) ... read more

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