Day 34 - Darwin - housekeeping day...

Published: May 11th 2015
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The scenery for the dayThe scenery for the dayThe scenery for the day

Looks pretty nice though
Well if you can get through the Blog without yawning today, I'd be very grateful! It was a pretty ordinary day. Mind you it did start off with an early morning swim, managed to get the beautiful pool all to myself! Oh and the air temperature at 7.30 am was about 28 degrees and the water temp about 24. So not too shabby!

Cooked up a canadian breaky and cappacino, as I'd worked up an appetite doing laps. (yeah I guess we are really glamping hey!). After a lazy read I got stuck into it!

Time to do some house work! Changed the sheets, did all the washing, defrosted the fridge and freezer, washed down all the surfaces, even vacced the lounge seats! Phew! Bago looks as schmick as ever though!

In the mean time Rob went out an about organising a service for the Bago and getting the BBQ gas issue sorted. So a very productive day. Can't be just all fun on holidays!

We did go out a bit later to suss out a few fishing spots for tomorrow. (That should be fun!) Tried to get onto the East Arm port area (live cattle freight
East Arm boat rampEast Arm boat rampEast Arm boat ramp

Some serious fishing out there, but not sure about the ramp
and all sorts of things leave from here) but your man soon told us to hop off! He did suggest the boat ramp a bit further over though.

Went for a bike ride around the park, this place is massive. Remade the bed (OMG that is the WORST job). Try putting a fitted sheet on an odd shaped mattress with head clearance of 75 cm. At 33 degrees and high humidity, its a real challenge!

So thats pretty much it for this day. Hope it wasn't too boring for a blog post!

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East arm boat rampEast arm boat ramp
East arm boat ramp

It's surrounded by mangroves so hope we get fish not snags!
East arm East arm
East arm

This is one of the fishing places we may go tomorrow!
East ArmEast Arm
East Arm

Its part of the Port of Darwin.

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