Day 36 - Darwin and Deck Chair cinema

Published: May 13th 2015
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Darwin sunsetDarwin sunsetDarwin sunset

This was WOW!
A relatively quiet day today. It was another very hot day and we were still a bit sapped from yesterday. I did start the day with a very beautiful swim again. It sets you up, love that warm water! Later Rob caught up on some reading and I popped into the local shopping centre and organised some bits and pieces. We won't get any real decent food options from here on so trying to stock up as best we can.

Made a nice pot of chicken soup in the Thermo shuttle! Will be very handy in little frozen packs on the road. It was getting seriously hot so we both went for a swim. The water had heated up even more but was still very refreshing.

The Bago is going in for it's service tomorrow and we have to drop him off by 7am so we had to get a few things organised. Then we headed off into the city to go to the Deck Chair cinema! It's a brilliant place and I'm pretty sure it's unique to Darwin. Of course you couldn't imagine a more fitting environment. Its set just near the wharf area, surrounded by lush trees.
Darwin sunsetDarwin sunsetDarwin sunset

Blood red sun
And the weather, after dark, is simply perfect for this kind of thing. It cools down just enough to enjoy the freshness of the warm air. Magnificent. You can buy cooked meals there and sit out amongst the citronella candles. The seats are simply deck chairs! They supply cushions as well. We bought a beer and sat there watching the sun go down. The sunset was a red as, with some bushfires in the distance causing the red sky. Incredibly picturesque.

The screen indicated that possums could raid the food left near the seats and just on dark, a possum with a wee baby on her back, was jumping in amongst the seats, eating any scraps she could find! I tried to take photos but they weren't real great. She was very bold, even hopping up on some chairs. She would just appear under some peoples chairs and freak them out!

They were also advertsing that after a certain screening next week, you could volunteer to stay behind and help rid the place of cane toads! Happy to give that a miss.

The movie we saw was called the Homesman. It was very interesting, very different and
Arafura by sunsetArafura by sunsetArafura by sunset

People go out for sunset cruises, they would have got their money's worth tonight
ever so slightly weird. As the cinema is run by Darwin Film society I'd say it qualifies as a 'fine film'. Worth seeing, thats for sure. And if you get to Darwin, make sure you go to a film at the Deckchair cinema. Its a really beautiful environment and world famous!

So that was our day. Relatively quiet but also quite splendid! Not sure what we are doing tomorrow, as our 'home' will be spending the day at the Bago 'day spa'! We will see where the day takes us!

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Deck Chair cinemaDeck Chair cinema
Deck Chair cinema

It was a bit hard to take photos but here it is
Deck Chair cinemaDeck Chair cinema
Deck Chair cinema

Another view
Deck chair cinemaDeck chair cinema
Deck chair cinema

Robs lounging back!
The possum food theirThe possum food their
The possum food their

See the wee baby too

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