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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Barrington Tops February 18th 2019

img= Every camping or hiking trip will have its own list of essentials. While the size, style, and condition of those essentials will vary, the list itself is non-negotiable. If you are new to hiking and looking for a simple and straightforward guide on essentials for typical Australian conditions, here it is. First Aid Kit Camping and hiking involves a fair degree of risk. It may only be a splinter, a grazed knee or a cut. But, this is especially true if you are taking the kids, you can guarantee a few war wounds, bites and scrapes. A first-aid kit is essential. It should be a complete kit able to help you take care of bleeding, breaks, and bites. Matchboxes Where possible, add m... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Barrington Tops November 10th 2011

Hi friends and family, Rodger and I went bush this week for a few days with my cousin Marise, hubby John and Sam the dog (John UK – Marise is one of the twins). I just want to try out our travel blog and see if it still works. Sunday 30th was my mum’s 87th birthday and our planned outdoor event had to be cancelled due to rain. Tuesday 1st November is our Melbourne Cup – which is a BIG horse racing day in OZ. I held my usual Cup party, but I have given up on the big garden parties now and have a few selected friends invited for a ‘High English Tea’ event (No alcohol....would you believe?) This year I served for hot/cold savoury food – Crumbled chicken slices on a bed of herbed ... read more
Our nomad camp
Rodger and John
John' scones cooking

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Barrington Tops March 31st 2010

So we are all settled in watching a crap DVD about people getting lost in the jungle while making a film about Vietnam war, in the middle of nowhere, with no one around (at least that is what we think) when suddenly the Tank starts to rock. I look at Shenton and he looks at me, neither of us are moving so what can be going on. There is not a breeze in the air and I for one am a little bit scared. Shenton jumps out of the Tank and without touching the ground is on top of Tank with his head torch on. I hear him moving around then he shouts to me " get my gun out" I play along, as the most dangerous object I have to hand is his glasses case, ... read more
Amazing views
Misty views
Road to salvation

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Barrington Tops March 30th 2010

So after our coastal drive I decided to take a bit of a detour inland to a place called Barrington Tops National Park. It is 176,000 hectares of wild unspoilt rain forest and in the winter has snow. The drive out thorugh a place called Gloucester was pleasant enough and we were forewarned by the information centre that we needed to take all our own provisions as there is nothing in the park once you get there. So we headed off with a full tank of petrol and enough food and water for a few days, even though we only planned to stay for one night. Well true to form as soon as we entered the rain forest, you guessed it, it started to rain. This was when we discovered that Tank's windscreen wipers didn't work, ... read more
Its raining men
Devils hole

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Barrington Tops February 28th 2010

Steve and I drove to Gloucester today, stopping at Wards River on the way. Gloucester is located on the northern boundary of the Hunter region in the foothills of the Barrington Tops World Heritage Area; forming part of the hinterland of the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. A rural community with spectacular scenery encompasing pristine rivers flowing around the Bucketts Range of mountains. * Famous for gold deposits and the bushranger "Captain Thunderbolt" * 271 km north-east of Sydney, population 2,600 After setting up camp, we went for an afternoon drive into the Barrington Tops National Park. We stopped at Devil's Hole Lookout and at Poleblue Camping Area. It was very hot when we returned to the van so we went down to the river to cool off. ... read more
The Mountain Range
Gloucester Caravan Park
Devils Hole Lookout

Day 35 - North Narrabeen to Bretti Reserve And we’re off! Tom Tom navigates us away from the city through the ‘back streets’ and out on to the Pacific Highway heading for Newcastle. There were no pangs of ‘oh, just another day in the blue sky on the beautiful beach hun’, the sky wasn’t particularly blue and the wind was getting stronger by the minute! It’s a shame that we can’t make the trip we’d originally planned, following the coast but it’s just not worth the risk because of the recent floods. We past tantalising water fronts at Mooney Mooney and Toronto but keep focused on the mountains ahead! And there it was a camel! Clearly something we were expecting!! Our route must surely be one of the lesser travelled ones but it’s stunning! We come ... read more
Set up for fun at Bretti
I couldn't focus the camera, I was shaking with fear too much
Bill tends to his fire

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Barrington Tops January 1st 2008

After hearing such great things about the Barrington Tops wilderness area we decided it was the place to work off some of our Christmas indulgences with some bush walking and camping. The 27th of December 2007 dawned bright and sunny - a welcome relief after the weeks of rain and overcast dull skies that Sydney has been suffering under. With our cat safely locked in the house with many bowls of water and with his Aunt and Uncle booked to come and visit for feeding and cuddles during our absence we packed the car and headed out of the city. The long and exhausting crawl under the harbour then north to the freeway was hard going but finally we hit the open road! The drive was fairly uneventful until we turned off the bitumen five kms ... read more
Meeting some of the locals
The Gloucester Falls
Blue gum forrest

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Barrington Tops October 28th 2007

25.10.07 Early rise today as we had to be out of the appartment before 10 am. More difficult to pack our suitcases already after one week. That isn't promising! We took a taxi to pick up our rental car which turned out to be much more expensive because we decided to buy of the liability of 10000 $. We managed to get out in the traffic and out of Sydney without great difficulty, what a relief! We took the Pacific Highway towards Newcastle and it took us 2 hrs on a partly scenic drive to Raymond Terrace where we stopped to have lunch and bought groceries for the next couple of days. We fell for the fresh fish in Woolworths. It took us another hour to reach Riverwood Downs where we arrived at 3.45 pm and ... read more
Riverwood Downs 002
Riverwood Downs 003
Riverwood Downs 004

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Barrington Tops November 22nd 2006

Tue So 7 am pickup with first stop being Surfers Paradise were Stinger our driver let us walk down to the beach and we said goodbye to Kat and Eleni and Eugen. Then we stopped at Byron Bay where we picked up Sten and then onto Surf camp. We had a lesson that afternoon and got taught how to stand up on the board first on the sand and then out to waist deep to try it out. I managed to stand on my first attempt and then took a long time to do it again. Wed The morning was spent back out on the waves, it was hard work but lots of fun. In the end there was just Karen and I and 2 other girls and the last wave of the morning all 4 ... read more
Surfers Paridise
Possums at surf camp
Surf camp

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Barrington Tops July 13th 2006

heya every1! right well sydney-- i dont think i left a stone unturned here...iv spent more money then i think i ever but was awsome..stayed at wake up! n here goes...kate arrived early on the 6th (her b'day) n we heard that if its ur b'day u cn get 2 the zoo 4 99c so thats what we did---very cool!!! em then arrived n we then went to the ice bar ...-16c and u got 2 wear coats and boots n cool gloves n everything was ice---very cool.....then its was my birthday and we went whale watching---awwwsome--watched whales for 3 hours..saw 2 breach...very cool!!..the other 2 got sick...felt bad they spent the whole time pretty much lying on the deck whilst i ran around like a mad thing taking pics(not good 1's may i frustratedly ... read more
blue mountains
1st aboriginal

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