stef hacking


stef hacking

filling my summer(15th june- 28th aug) by travelling up the east coast of oz before uni in october.. first destination - Melbourne- Hotel Backpack/Bakpak

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape Tribulation August 26th 2006

hey ll..well the time has finally come its the last blog---wwooo!!! :( so i arrived in cairns last sunday after going to a croc/snake farm. these crocs were giant -(5.2meters) huge- they were awsome- the guys that ran the place were kinda retarded and didnt seem to treat teh animals well- they bashed teh crocs with rakes n flung snakes over people- as u can image i stayed well away from the snake throwing- n when they tried i gave them a look like- "i will kill u n sue u and ur family if u put that thing anywhere near me"- yer even after holding one they still creep me out. but yer after trying some crocadile kabab-wasnt 2bad- quite fatty- on watched my mate woody get his hand forced by the retards toget his ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mission Beach August 19th 2006

well im only really saying something short now because iv paid 4 an hours internet cos it was worth the money but cant think of anything else 2 do for last 10mins ..and leave 2mo morn.....but seeing as u can pay for just 10 mins im getting my moneys worth by filling in one of these! not much 2 report from mission beach APART FROM I JUMPED 14,000 FOOT OUT OF A PEREFECTLY GOOD PLANE AND LANDED ON MISSION BEACH ITSELF...oh my god...was the most insane thing ever-was so incredably awsome--was so jelous of the guy who was strapped to my back that did on average of 8 a day...(that totals to over 6,000)-i felt safe--ish!!!!.....i cant describe it..iss just incredable- however, once moving closer to open plane door 14,000 ft up..ok that scary but when ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Townsville August 16th 2006

hey right well i think my last blog was about me n my irish freinds on magnetic..well left them tby choice but i had already booked accomadation elsewhere...but this turned out to be so chilled n i finally got to hold a koala.yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy..there so cute...but also a baby croc...and a snake...i have never nearly been scared to tears...but as sum may know..i hate snakes...make my skin crawl..but thort gunna do it...erggg..was horrible there just as creeepy, n slithery n freeky, n unpredicatable as i already known them to be...errggg...feel grosse just thinking about them but did it..made unwanted friends with molly the carpet python--so yay-i think!? anwyas spent the rest of the week tryign to save sum money cos this yonglaa trip had taken a big hole in the buget but being on magnetic ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Magnetic Island August 9th 2006

well from airlie i booked my yongala dive.this is supposed to be one of the ebst dive sites in the world and somethign that i had been looking forward to for soooo long.those that know me know abou me n my diving...anyways booked it all up n have jumped back on the oz experince cos was able 2 get an awsome deal..and so they were guna drop me off in ayre to do this awsoem all was going along swimmingly, until was dropped in ayre n know1 had got hold of me to tell me that it had been cancelled for 4 days!!!!!!!!! arrgggg...n let me tell u wot u can do in ayre for 4 days..BUGGER ALL-quoted from reception lady at my hostle..damm...get me out of this hole were my thorts..anyway luckily was able ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Whitsundays August 2nd 2006

wow...well had manbk 9 hr bus journey from 1770 to airlie beach but finally got off coach ...very stiff and was hit with heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 yeeeaaaaaaa!!! more sun!!!!!!! got straight 2 koalas n saw em n the guys from hervy bay so went to get smoothy n chill, on the beach...i then found heaven....a make your own jewelerry store..n all the wooden jewerrlly omg....i was so hapopy i was in there 4 poss n hour...i met loades of people who i met at either byron n was great...had 2 hold back..could have spent way 2 much money in there!! anyways then went to the lagoon..oz have quite a few of these manmade lagoons...and jsut chilled in the sun all day long...was awsome 2 just chilll!! anyways seeing as me n kate had been chilling quite a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Lady Musgrave Island August 2nd 2006

hey guys omg this day trip i did was up there on one of the best days iv had. it was my 1st whole day of sun and man was it hot!!..i got up early and got to this big motor boat for the tour to this entire coral island. its paradise. white coral beaches, these trees that looked like mangroves that grew on the coral...and the water was crystal and the snorkelling was beautiful..also went on glass a bottom boat and the coral was so shallow we were only just missing it.. I FOUND NEMO!!!!!!! yaayyy...pugs i have now seen 1 too....HA~! ooooo that day so so food all day...snubathing for the 1st time since i left england....hours of snorkelling...not a cloud in the sky...o yer...whales, dolphins turtles jumping out the water...finally got my ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Bundaberg July 28th 2006

yo right got into bundeburg at about ahlf 12 at gniht,....n after many phone calls at hervey somewhere let us there we are walking thru deserted bundy trying to find the'e finally got the name,.the guy there couldnt say or spell it!..anyeway got to possible the tackiest palce wed stayed at n went to the day went on 2 dives..transport n dives 4 $50 which was cool..n they were cool..very shallow waters, soft corals n pretty reef fishg but they were cool..the dive guy didnt have much clue..he kepot going to serface to see whare we were..but hey ho..anyway then got lift with them to borgara beach which was nice, spent the afternoon there..oo got a about an hour of sun!! n then embarked on another mission back to bundy..last bus we were ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island July 28th 2006

hey hey right got to Hervey bay and got breifed on all the self driving in fraser..which went on 4 ages but was kinda handy seeing as u are totally cut from the outside world and left alone with dingoes!!..anyway got put into our group--not the biggest laugh in the world....there were 3 couples..that hardly spoke a foreign girl n this guy that our freind lucy had got with in byron..ahaha...anyway after coming awayt thinkin gok we'll make it good..and at least the boys are there...these woulld be the 2 guys n girls we met on our noosa bus. nayway that night ahd a huge mexian and strated havin ga good time n bonding with the guys.girls n this other guy called dave form there dgroup..there group was cool!!! thank god were thinking..anyway wake early and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa July 28th 2006

hey all well things have been very busy recently so iv quite a bit 2 catch up on after (brissy (baby)) we got to noosa but this was no ordinary journey--nooo nooo..mission is closer to the truth! we spent day looking around brissy which is nice and then caught train back to vic's(kates cousin) to catch the train n then greyhound bus to noosa..sounds simple...let me explain a story of misfortune, 3 girls and missing certain forms of transport..and also slight resentment to brissy travel people!!! firstly after vics we managed to catch wrong train..dam it n started going wrong our defence it said airport and seeing as we were going to the travelcentre...where u can also- we thort- catch we thought in short timing that getting on aiport train was ok...not..anyway soon realised ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay July 18th 2006

hey hey. just left byron bay which has been awsome...we arrived n it rained for 1st 2 days..i mean terrential(spelling?!) so didnt do much..but the 2nd day we were quite thankful of the rain because we hit the "party bar" cheeky monkeys..n well partied pretty hard..n we had awsome room mates so littlerally didnt leave the room all day but had a little mini party/goss/laugh in our room..yes ..but all day...we got changed 2 go out again..n carried on partying..met the ppl from oz experience we met at barrington tops which was wicked n again had a good night..then had a very funny insident after club shut at 3..we desided to go to the baekery..yes the only things that are 24 hrs in byron are the 2 bakery's?!!? lol..anyway whilst we were choosing there was this ... read more
aarrr nimbin!!
our little beach party
eric n dave

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