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North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Ajijic April 18th 2019

April 15, 2019 We have this feeding routine down to a science. First, the hummingbirds have to get their daily fix, two feeders full of 4 to 1 sugar water, 2 bottles. Then, the pups remind us vociferously that it is time for their chow. In the morning, it is all dry and the predicted response is – meh. In the evening, they get canned food mixed in and I have yet to see a speck go to waste. So, today, we are meeting the folks that we are replacing for our second house sit. Actually, while writing this, we have already met. What delightful people. I will post a link to their blog if I can get some Internet later tonight maybe.( ) It is not cooperating with us today and I am writing this ... read more
The Photog Never Gets in the Pic
Inside Viva Mexico
Group of Ladies Planning a Function

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Ajijic April 18th 2019

With this blog, I don't seem to have much control over picture and text placement, either that or I just haven't figured it out yet. Anyway, this is a collection of miscellaneous photos of the pups we are watching right now, some of the foliage around the house, me cleaning the patio table where we eat most of our meals, and some random shots of the Lake Chapala Society grounds and the cafe menu.... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Ajijic April 18th 2019

This is Semana Santa in Mexico (and probably a bunch of other places, as well), and we hear it gets pretty crazy in town during this time. The folks from Guadalajara are all off and one of their favorite places to vacation is Lake Chapala. I don't believe I have previously mentioned that Lake Chapala is the largest lake in all of Mexico. I have even heard stories that they shut off the water in Guadalajara during this time to clean the water transport system since everyone is gone. Anyone who stays knows to fill their tinaco (roof storage) and aljibe (underground storage) and maybe even their bathtubs. The Tapatios (people from Guadalajara - and you thought it was just a hot sauce!) overrun this area, so we plan on spending the next few days at ... read more
What you see upon entry.
Verduras - Produce Dept
Slicing Sandias (Watermelons)

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles April 18th 2019

Weather: sunny and 80s and gorgeous States: California Cities: LA (Burbank, Pasadena, Beverly Hills Miles: 20 miles Hours: 1hr Restaurant: Lanstra’s Bistro, In and Out Burger Hotel/Home: Springhill Suites LA/Burbank Movies: Audible What a great day! It was an all around great day. The weather was sunny and warm. We started out at Warner Brothers. What a great tour. Thank you Wendy and Kevin for telling us to do it. We really liked it. Now, we are all movie and theater people so we really enjoyed seeing where movies we love are made, costumes, sets and the hope of seeing someone famous. Which we didn’t. It is a tour on trams but we also got off and went into prop buildings and costume displays. Super cool. We saw movie and tv sets that would blow you ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Moab April 17th 2019

Perhaps no more iconic scenic landscape exists in the American west than Monument Valley, Utah. It appears in auto commercials, travel advertisements, and most notably, the Forrest Gump movie. I think it is the most "American" of all American scenes. Besides an iconic symbol of the American west, Monument Valley is the "sacred heart" of the Navajo Nation. Is it the pure beauty, the ruggedness, or the Navajo spirits that draw us here? Yet, it looks so familiar since we have seen it so many times on TV, and the internet. And those who know say it looks the same, whether 300 or 3000 years ago. The sky might be a different shade of blue, since we are ruining the environment, but the canyons are as deep and the sandstone buttes as towering. The magic of ... read more
Where is Forrest?
The Needle
Navajo country

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca April 17th 2019

We left Oaxaca City for Monte Alban one of the first planned urban areas in the Americas. The drove out of the city was a riot of color. Purple jackaranda trees competed with the beautiful orange of the Poinciana and the bubenbilla to use the Spanish spelling. We would never think of putting those colors so close together in our yard, but they work beautifully here. Monte Alban was a large complex with temples; residences, an observatory and all that was required of a bustling civilization. There is evidence of trading with far away places and the walls tell the story of battles and conquests. Smaller carving show people suffering from various diseases and it is believed that these were used as medical texts. It is easy to imagine this place full of life, waiting for ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Burbank April 17th 2019

Weather: sunny and 50s/60s/70s/80s States: California Cities: Santa Cruz, Monterrey, Pebble Beach, Carmel, LA Miles: 323 miles Hours: 5 hrs and 21 min Restaurant: Hotel/Home: Springhill Suites LA/Burbank Movies: Audible: So long Santa Cruz and hello highway 1. Well, it’s reputation certainly Ives up to itself. It is one of the most beautiful drives that we have ever done. It helps that we had a perfect day of blue skies,, 50s and 60s and the bluest waters you’ve ever seen We highly recommend the drive. You have every shad of blue on your right and every shade of green in the rolling hills and mountains to your left. There are some breathtaking hairpin curves where, at one second you have a lush barrier or guard rail and the next second it flattens out to a sheer ... read more
Sea Lion beach
Santa Cruz Capitola Pier

North America » United States » New Jersey » Newark April 16th 2019

With my 34th tax season behind me, we now begin our 7thtrip to France. Like our trip to Italy, we once again splurged for business class tickets. Flying United this gives us access to the Polaris Business Class Lounge. Like the Air Canada lounge in Montreal, this is a very posh and comfortable space. Everything is gratis. The major It difference between the United and Air Canada lounge is that in addition to the buffet they have an order off the menu dining room. I spent a few hours at the office doing client billing and then left a bit before noon to meet Jerry at Penn Station. We decided to get to the airport a few hours early in order to be able to take full advantage of the Polaris Lounge. We are very excited ... read more

North America » United States » West Virginia April 16th 2019

This trip officially started last night when we left for the airport. It was a comedy of errors! The meeting point was St. Marys and we were all late. After going through the final touches of what we needed to take or leave (purses, cords & cables, snacks, etc.) we were loaded and on our we thought. I realized I forgot my folder with all our boarding passes, reservations, etc at home. God bless my Chrissy for running those down to Friendly for us. Next, Marsha couldn’t find her passport...another stop. Once we made it just above Clarington, OH, I realized I forgot our theater tickets!! Another call home and brother Jamie agreed to meet us at New Martinsville to bring the tickets and have dinner with us. At last we were on our way....again!! ... read more

North America » United States » California April 16th 2019

Weather: sunny and 60s States: California Cities: San Francisco and Santa Cruz Miles: 70 miles Hours: 2 hrs and10 min Restaurant: Hula’s Island restaurant Hotel/Home: Movies: Audible: Escape From Alcatraz Today, we voluntarily went to prison. We walked where the infamous criminals walked. We met my sister, Heather down at Pier 33 to take a boat to the iconic Alcatraz. The skies, as blue as they could be. Weather in the 60 with a warm sun. We caught the 910 boat on the same waters of San Francisco Bay as those whose fate was sealed by their own felonious actions. It was a 20 minute boat ride to the island which is really a panoramic site to see from the Bridges to the city skyline to the island itself which was not as ominous as you’d ... read more
Dinner restaurant
San Fran
Boat to Alcatraz

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