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North America » Canada » British Columbia July 21st 2019

On the 18th, we woke up early, and Dave took us to a nearby McDonalds to find our poparide driver, Tricia. I had been researching ways to get from Calgary to Vancouver. I really wanted to include Vancouver on our trip, but we're on a pretty tight budget, and flying, train and bus all were too expensive, so I was looking up ride share options. There were several different spots I posted on (kijiji, a Facebook group), but the site that I found our ride was poparide. You can post both looking for a ride and offering a drive. Drivers can't be looking to make money, just to be covering their fuel costs. They post the trip date, time, seats available, room for luggage, pick up and drop off points and price per person. For our ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Fort Nelson July 20th 2019

Right now we are at Fort Nelson, leaving in a few minutes for a 2 day stop at Liard River Hot Springs. There is a Provincial Park there with power....but most importantly a natural hot spring. Mom stopped there 6 years ago and enticed Lu to try it. she so loved it that it is now a 2 day spot. Was suppose to be 3 until car troubles. Personally, I like showers so I won’t be going with the girls. Us boys will hang out at the rigs...separately of course. Yesterday was a long travel day with dirty roads and the rigs were caked with mud. But it finally cleared and was a beautiful drive along a wide with 300 foot moved green grass then the trees. Mom said it reminder her of the toll roads ... read more
Dawson Creek
Dawson Creek

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City July 20th 2019

As one note of interest, we wanted to comment on how very clean we have found Quebec City to be on this visit. We don’t know if it is because it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, whether it is because they have just finished having and then cleaning up after their annual 11day summer music festival, or whether Canadians are just automatically super clean! At any rate, and for whatever reason, this is an exceptionally clean city! Our intention and plan for the day was to walk around the city on the top of the wall that surrounds most of it. That turned out to not be totally possible. Quebec City (and we assume the Provincial government) is in the throes of repairing many things in this area, the wall being one of the many ... read more
Re-enactors at St. Louis Gate
At The Citadel
Ship on St. Laurence River

North America » United States » Colorado » Winter Park July 20th 2019

Beamer is feeling a lot better today. He is not fully recovered, however he has a lot more pep in his step. As a matter of fact, at the end of this day, when we arrived at Bob and Gloria’s ski lodge, he immediately started jumping up and down and running around like a little kid. He remembers this place and he likes it here. Perhaps he can detect the scent of his little friend Pierre. He is now laying in front of the fire relaxing and watching the flames. He still won’t eat his dog food, but that’s not because he is sick, it is because he got spoiled by the people food we fed him during his recovery. Did I say he was spoiled? We hit the road this morning at 7:45 and 77 ... read more
The source of the black smoke
The cause of the black smoke
The people who think it is just fine

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 19th 2019

We’re waiting to go to the airport hoping the flight can leave on time. A number of flights have been cancelled this week because temperatures have been too hot for planes to take off. But it’s only 35 so far today, not as hot as expected so fingers crossed. We have met up with Alison and Lance from the American Queen so did a river and lake architectural cruise this morning. A real relief out on the breezy water. The skyline is spectacular from the water with lots of parks and amenities, including a science museum and aquarium on the water front. No condos or hotels are allowed in order to give people access to the shore, although there is a 6 lane highway between them and the shore, accessed via underpasses every so often. It’s ... read more
One of many iron bridges
About as much room as on the Ohio
A dramatic design

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City July 19th 2019

First, a few facts of life in Quebec: 1) The croissants here are TOTALLY different than anything by the same name I. Have. Ever. Had. Just saying... 2) Folks from Quebec put maple syrup on anything and everything. 3) Québécois can build any building on any elevation, put stairs on it, and call it done! And it is! We slept in this morning, so didn’t finish breakfast until after 10:30. Luckily all we had to do to start our day was walk across the plaza and board our Hop On, Hop Off ride for today. Now for the confession of the day—I MIGHT be earphone challenged...probably not, but possibly. Our plan was to ride our red open-topped bus around Quebec City the whole circle of town and then get off and wander the rest of the ... read more
George V Place
A partial view of The Citadel
Plains of Abraham In Battlefield Park

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe July 19th 2019

We let Beamer sleep in this morning. He had a hard day yesterday and he was sleeping so soundly, we wanted to let him rest. So, we didn’t get going until 9:20 and 80 degrees. The plan for today was to visit areas around Santa Fe and Albuquerque. (Man, that name is hard to spell.) So we headed south to the big city. First stop…Costco. I was almost out of wine and who can pass up the prices at Costco when it comes to wine. It appears that there are three of them in Albuquerque and one was right on our way to city center. After making this critical purchase, we visited the business district. Interestingly, there are a lot of government buildings in the city center…the county courthouse, which is a beautiful building, the country ... read more
Downtown Albuquerque
Downtown Albuquerque County Courthouse
Downtown Albuquerque County Jail

North America » United States » New York » Skaneateles July 18th 2019

Back home for a few days after 2 weeks at our beloved Camp in NH and a night with Ben and Rachael in RI. The 2 of them are doing such good things for the Earth and its creatures. Regenerative farming carers for the environment - the land, the animals, and ultimately our health as eaters. Check out there website at Life at Camp was wonderfully restorative - spending time with old friends, mountain climbing, bike riding, sailing, swimming, etc. One of our great joys is to attend the weekly Hymn Sings at a local Smithy (old blacksmith shop). Sometimes close to 80 people cram themselves into this tiny building, including violinists, cellists, and anyone who plays an instrument who wants to join in. An old pump reed organ (which I sometimes get to play), ... read more
kip sailing 2
NH Hymn Sing.

North America » United States » New Mexico » Taos July 18th 2019

Today we were dealing with a sick dog. Beamer got into something outside last night, while Steve was walking him, and it did not agree with him at all. He has been sick all day. Hopefully he will be better tomorrow. So, we are here in Santa Fe for three days and intend to take in as much of the countryside as we have time to see. We left the hotel this morning at 8:40 AM and 81 degrees (which started out at 59 degrees at 7 AM and rose to 100 before the day was over) and headed north toward Taos. Before long we were in the Tesuque Reservation and as soon as we crossed over, we saw our first Casino. There were many along this part of our journey today. One of the first ... read more
North of Santa Fe
North of Santa Fe
North of Santa Fe

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 18th 2019

A couple of coincidences happened today. At breakfast over the road at the Hilton who should walk in but our dinner buddies on the American Queen, Allison and Lance, fellow NZers. They are staying at the same hotel and catching the same flight home on Friday night. We are hoping we will get away as a number of flights have been cancelled because of the heat and it’s meant to get hotter. This morning we woke up to an impressive thunder storm and torrential rain. fortunately we had our trusty Kathmandu raincoats with us. Not like the first day we were here when a couple of nice security guards gave us their ponchos when we were caught short at the outdoor concert arena. Free concerts or outdoor movies alternate at Millennium park but unfortunately at about ... read more
Outdoor concert arena designed by Frank Gehry.
‘Jeanne’ by Manet
‘Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’ by Seurat

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