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North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX December 8th 2021

The honor of the worst seems to always fall onto Allegiant, Spirit or Frontier. Per Trip Savyy, here are their findings: At the very bottom of the domestic airline rankings are Spirit Airlines (score: 2.5) and Allegiant Air (2.8), both of which are budget carriers. But the third worst U.S. airline is one of the big three: American Airlines. Bounce gave the airline a pretty low score of 4.2; it's still vastly better than Spirit and Allegiant, but far below the top domestic scorer, url= read more
Reality or ??

North America » United States » California » Lone Pine December 7th 2021

Written in 2016. Manzanar War Relocation Center was one of ten camps where Japanese American citizens (like my parents) and resident Japanese aliens (like my grandparents) were interned during World War 2. In 1942, more than 120,000 men, women, and children were ordered to leave their homes and businesses, and detained in remote, military style camps in tar paper barracks. Manzanar is the closest relocation center to us, on the west side of U. S. Highway 395, almost equidistant from Reno (245 miles), and Los Angeles (226 miles). The nearest to... read more
Classroom doubled as mess hall
Cramped Quarters

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago December 6th 2021

Art Deco architectural style is all about streamlined surfaces, linear and geometric shapes, symmetry and a dose of glamour all beautifully explained by Mike. The Chicago Motor Club building now a hotel but still retains its art deco features. Not only was it a “monument to the progress of motordom,” it was a monument to the progress of capitalism and the prosperity of the 20’s. Everything about the building screams money, power and progress, especially the lobby. On the wall is a 29-foot mural depicting the important national highways and cities of the time, with many of the routes leading to Chicago. The Carbide & Carbon Building designed by the Burnham Brothers and completed in 1929. Supposedly it was designed to look like a champagne bottle, with its golden top and green-tinted terracotta facade. The gold-leaf ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki December 6th 2021

Breakfast has not been properly thought through; it consists of Everything Bagels, topped with a thick coating of garlic and onion, and blueberry cream cheese. This morning daughter no 1 wants to go on a whale watching trip. On an island with a reputation for big waves. With storms forecast and a wind advisory in place. I cannot be tempted to join her, so she sets off for the marina alone. I am, of course, right and pretty soon she texts to say all boat trips have been cancelled. So we agree to meet at the mall 2 miles away. She has the money belt containing all our cash, so walking is my only option. Instead of sending me a block up and along a street lined with shops, Google maps sends me a block down ... read more
Heated trainer dryer

North America » Canada » Quebec December 6th 2021

La Rencontre is the largest cast bronze sculpture in Canada. Created by the Cooke-Sasseville. The sculpture consists of two young white-tailed deer perfectly balanced one on top of another with hooves touching. Like a reflection on an iced-over lake, their mirror images symbolize competitive sports and back-and-forth conversation. The base, adorned with ice skate cuts, is reminiscent of the Limoilou district’s traditional stair rails. Briser la glace Created by sculptor Éric Lapointe pays tribute to Jean Béliveau and the As de Québec, the professional hockey team based in the Colisée de Québec from 1928 to 1971. The imposing 28-foot sculpture captures the larger-than-life nature of the player nicknamed “Gros Bill.” Thanks to the piece’s complex planes and angles evoking this player’s quick changes in direction, the anamorphic work of art shifts and evolves as... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu December 5th 2021

Today we have hired a car and are driving round the island. I have checked out the itinerary of the many island circle tours on offer and plotted a similar route. Our route is 105 miles, but as I will be navigating (without the benefit of wifi), the actual distance could be anything really. We collect the car at 8 am and set off for our first destination- Halona Blowhole. The car was cheaper than anticipated but the insurance comes with a $1000 excess. We stop to watch the crashing waves force a fountain of water through the blowhole at about the same time as everyone else doing an island tour this morning, then return to our car. W have to wait for 6 coaches to reverse perilously close to our $1000 excess before finally managing ... read more
Halona Blowhole
Makapu’u Point
Chinaman’s Hat

North America » United States » Missouri December 4th 2021

Sunday: Decided to check out some St. Louis open houses. It's an interesting city with some super old mansions and some super run down neighborhoods and trash... I went to 5 houses 3 which were reasonable ok condos or houses in the 110k-160k range and then I spent some time in some gorgeous mansions. One which was over 7,000 square feet!!! Had it's own humongous arcade room. Even so, it was going for 950k. In the evening I signed into virtual bookclub! Wednesday: Went to an Irish bar not too far away which had an Irish band jam session. Thursday: Found an event online called "beer and christmas carols" apparently that was a ruse to get people to come to church... very not clear about that. Soooo that was interesting. Let's bribe the non-jesus lovers with ... read more
Arcade room in the mansion
Bar K
More Bar K

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki December 4th 2021

Today we’re going to Hanauma Bay – basically a drowned crater full of coral reef and exotic fish. It’s not easy (or cheap – at $25 a head) to obtain tickets; there’s a strict quota with tickets going on sale at 7 am each morning and selling out in minutes. We have managed to score some tickets for this morning. To reduce pollution, they have withdrawn the bus route which used to service the reserve, so the only access is by private vehicle. Only in America would the banning of public transport be considered a pollution preventing measure. So, after breakfast (there’s some leftover bagel which I tear up and leave on the balcony for the birds) we book an Uber and ride the 12 miles up the coast to Hanauma. We spend the morning swimming ... read more
Hanauma Bay
Hanauma Bay
Hanauma Bay

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Waikiki December 3rd 2021

Today we are going to climb to the top of Diamond Head Crater. Starting from the hotel, it is an 8 mile round trip. I’m all for catching a bus to the trailhead, but daughter no 1 will not be persuaded; we are going to walk the whole way. The Visitor Centre is actually inside the crater, so we must skirt around the bottom then walk through a tunnel which passes through the middle of the volcano. Then after purchasing a ticket, we can begin our ascent. The first part is along a concrete path, then as we climb higher and steeper, we follow a trail around the crater. The final part consists a large flight of steep stairs, a tunnel and finally a spiral staircase inside a vertical tunnel. To make it harder, masks are ... read more
Walking through a volcano
We’re walking up there!?
Diamond Head Crater

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu December 2nd 2021

Before an afternoon of beach and cocktails, we are going to fit in some culture with a visit to Pearl Harbor. First, breakfast at a nearby bakery where I buy the cheesiest cheese stuffed cheese topped cheese croissant. Then we catch the bus to Pearl Harbor. We take a wander round the harbour and museum, which tells the story of the attack, which took place 5 days short of 80 years ago. The Americans had moved dozens of ships and hundreds of aircraft from the mainland to Hawaii (so basically half way to Japan) yet were totally unprepared when the Japanese turned up and attacked. In just 2 hours, most of the boats were sunk and most of the aircraft destroyed with the loss of 2400 lives. 900 men died on board the USS Arizona, which ... read more
Cheese croissant
Pearl Harbor
USS Arizona Memorial

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