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North America » United States » Iowa » Winterset May 16th 2022

Today we embarked from Missouri to Iowa. It was only 167 miles but took almost 4 hours due to most of the drive was all rural backroads. We were very happy to see the campground in Winterset, it is a city park in a quaint little town just south of Des Moines. We setup and left right away so that we could take the Madison County Covered Bridge tour. There was a total of 6 bridges all originally built in the late 1800s, only one of which could still be driven through. They were all beautifully restored and maintained. Nates favorite bridge was Holliwell built in 1880 due to the unique architecture. Many of the bridges were featured in a book “Bridges of Madison County”, that was later adapted into a movie with Clint Eastwood. The ... read more

North America » Canada » Quebec May 16th 2022

I am sitting in airport waiting for Austrian Air check in to open. Trip has been smooth so far beyond “the bathroom incident” In Halifax airport. When I popped in a woman informed me that of the ten stalls, only one had toilet paper. How odd! And it was only nine a.m. I went off seeking more toilet paper, I mean just how awful an impression for women disembarking from the next plane. Not many workers around…..I found a lady at the tourist bureau but didn’t know what to do. Three burley border guards walked by and I stopped them to ask. They seemed perturbed by my request for toilet paper and even one guy had the nerve to touch his gun and tell me that they had better things to do. 😒 I refrained from ... read more
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All my possessions for next six weeks

North America » United States » Iowa » Grimes May 16th 2022

We were taking our time this morning and I was working at the table when I noticed a deer come right into the campground. He hung out and ate until being spooked by a big class A came by and scared him off. After this we drove to Jester Park, IA to camp for the night. Nates perspective for the day: Today was just a short drive an hour between campsites for a one night stop over to see the High Trestle Bridge near Des Moines, Iowa. I was in disbelief on how easy the drive and set up went. We got in, we had lunch, we went to downtown to get gas, and we went to 2 thrift stores. I got lucky and found another travel toolbox. We came back to the trailer. Tina caught ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia May 15th 2022

The attachment for iPad works! One more thing checked off my long list. My village is home to Thinkers Lodge national historic site that displays a Nobel peace prize and a Lenin peace prize. The village nam, Pugwash, is famous for world peace. international Pugwash organization continues to meet to w towards nuclear disarmament.... read more
National historic site
Backyard gang.
Spring is about to burst into bloom

North America » United States » Utah » Saint George May 14th 2022

OK. Only 2 days before we leave. I am testing to make sure this blog is going to everyone. Let me know if you get this and want to receive this blog... read more

North America » United States » Missouri May 14th 2022

Not much to write today. Our next scheduled stop is Winterset Iowa; however, the drive is a bit longer than we'd like with the travel trailer. We drove a short drive up through Missouri to the halfway mark, Thousand Hills State Park. This state park is 3,000 acres and feature a beautiful lake in the forest and Native American petroglyphs. We took many walks in attempt to see deer but did not see any during the daylight. After dark Nate took the Segway and was able to spot a few. We got up early the next morning again to find the deer but still nothing. It was a bit rainy and chilly out. I enjoyed watching Nate as he stood in the field with his arms out wide as many swallows flew all around him.... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Pugwash May 13th 2022

OK OK OK I am getting on a plane Monday and flying to Vienna, Austria. I have a EuroRail pass for 30 days and intend to explore parts of Europe where I have not ventured, and return to some that I visited too many years ago. It has been a decade since I left North America, and after two years of covid, I am more than ready to wander into new cultures. Perhaps this is not the best month to leave, as it is lobster season and all of my gardens are about to bloom in a couple of weeks, but it should be less crowded in European countries and not so hot along the Mediterranean sea. Friends from France are visiting now, and enjoying lobsters fresh from the sea.... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Valley Park May 13th 2022

Today was AWESOME!! We got up early and got to Lone Elk Park before it even opened. I'm so glad that we did because as soon as we went through the gate, we saw two deer being cute together. After that we came upon a gaggle of geese, babies included, all cute and furry. And to think it couldn't get better, we came upon a herd of male elk. After this we came into the bison habitat area where we were fortunate enough to see a calf bison with its mother. It was so nice because the wildlife was accustomed to being around vehicles, so they were not startled. This gave us plenty of time to watch them and take photos. Plus being the first visitors, we didn't have to worry about being rushed from other ... read more

North America May 13th 2022

JOHNNY'S JOURNEYS: WORLDS FAIRS 1982-1984-1986 1982 – KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE June 24, 1982 (Tuesday) The Singles Sunday School class at Spring Hill Baptist Church in Mobile, AL has a very active group of people. With much anticipation, 40 of us board a chartered bus for Knoxville, TN. We're on a four day excursion to the Worlds Fair!! There will be two days for traveling... 510 miles each way... and two full days at my first Worlds Fair. The Knoxville International Energy Exposition features exhibits from 22 nations. Also, there are 90+ companies and private organizations that will take part. Officials think there will be close to 11 million people that will visit here before the Fair closes in October. Reservations had been made for us at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Restaurant for lunch. After eat- ing, we ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Saint George May 12th 2022

Only 4 days left before Dave and the girls plus Darrin depart to invade Paris and Italy. This trip has been in the planning stage for the past two years now we are finally going. I will try to keep the blog updated each day with pictures. No guarantees after a day with the girls, but I will try. Get ready for another adventure. Back to you in a few.... read more

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