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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax August 16th 7575

Seems ages since the last message here. Sorry to hear about the storm in New Plymouth! We saw on the news that snow fell on Wellington - what's going on there? Well done Nicole with your projects! You certainly are a great all-rounder Ryan - there's not too many chaps who play rugby and chess - brains and strength WOW! How was the music fest Russell & Timothy? What was your disguise? Also how was the gig? Now, where were we travell-wise? The Cosmos tour is over and we have been spending a few days on our own in Halifax. It's been great to sleep in!!! The staff here at the Lord Nelson are great - they don't rush us and they speak English! The sea food is great - had a whole lobster each the ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle September 3rd 2015

Seattle and Portland We took the BoltBus from Vancouver to Seattle at 11:30. At the US border we all had to get off the bus and take all our belongings including our luggage and go through airport style security. We arrived at half 3. I booked us on for a Duck Tour at 17:30. Our tour guide was very funny and animated and played lots of songs loudly. We went on Lake Union for part of the tour, there are lots of houses that float on the water and he pointed out one that is owned by Jason Mesnick, who was the bachelor on The Bachelor. I got very excited about this which surprised him somewhat as I don’t think he gets many British people who watch The Bachelor. We ate dinner outside at Rock Bottom, ... read more

Another busy day hiking. In total, did 4 trails within the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. I started with the 1 km Eagle Hill Bog. A wooden pathway allows easy access to the bog. This was followed by some beachcombing at Herring Cove Beach where I added two more walking sticks to my collection. Following more beachcombing at Raccoon Beach ( 2 more!), I started a 6 mile loop of 3 trails, leaving and returning to Raccoon Beach. On one of the trails was the Sunsweep sculpture, near Liberty Point; commemorating three national parks with boundaries in both Canada and the US. In all, the hike took around 4 hours, including some more beachcombing at Lower Duck Pond. The evening was spent at Mulholland Point Lighthouse, overlooking Lubec in the state of Maine. This is the oldest ... read more
Herring Cove
Raccoon Beach
Beachcombing Raccoon Beach

North America » United States » Montana » West Yellowstone September 3rd 2015

Big day running around Yellowstone, GREAT sites, great food and unfortunately Cards Against Himanity. ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Belgrade September 3rd 2015

Mercy – Muse ‘Shut up and love’ -LaVonne My brother told me once that it doesn’t matter if you slow down, as long as you do not stop. That guy I met in Canyon Village told me not to beat myself up over the passes I could not bike; it’s your adventure, you call the shots. I am having a rough pass lately, I do not feel like I am doing enough. Montana is beautiful and the sun is shinning up and proud practically everyday; but I seem to have no control over my laziness. It’s gonna come back, I am working on it. But I did go on a really cool hike this weekend, at Corbly Gulch. Following a creek up to Skyline Ridge in the Bridgers and down the same way, it was a ... read more
Corbly Gulch, the second mile
Once again, ze Bridgers
The Bridgers, Belgrade/Bozeman area

North America September 2nd 2015

The day has arrived. The day where one chapter ends and another begins. Everything one could imagine to feel, I am feeling...nervous, anxious, a bit pooped from the build-up, but above all things, EXCITED BEYOND BELIEF. No one could have prepared me for this feeling. So, I stop in Istanbul for a 2 hr layover and arrive in Berlin tomorrow at 9pm. From the airport I get the luxury of carting around 2 large suitcases plus a backpack for roughly an hour before arriving at my Airbnb destination in the heart of Berlin! Yay! Not too excited about finding my way at 22:00 (10pm) but for those of you who know me know I love eerie, strange situations. And for all you worriers, fret not! I come prepared...crazy eyes and all!! 😝 be on the lookout ... read more

Spending 3 days on Campobello Island to hike the trails and see the sights. Although you can drive to Campobello Island via a bridge at Lubec Maine, living in New Brunswick, I travelled by small ferry (free) from Letete NB to Deer Island. Another ferry takes you from Deer Island to Campobello Island - a short 20 minute trip. Once on the island I visited the information centre of the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. Armed with my trail guide off I went. I was hoping to get a glimpse of the rock formation - Friars Head, but unbeknownst to me at the time, one had to do the trail at low tide to see the rock. Will return tomorrow! One of the must do activities on Campobello Island is to visit Head Harbour Lighthouse (also known ... read more
Ferry from Deer Island to Campobello Island
Leaving Deer Island Point on ferry
Arriving Campobello Island

North America » United States » Illinois September 2nd 2015

Short day today, a long tow went southbound at 5 in the morning while we were at anchor, not good. Sure enough we left at our usual 7 am and ended up waiting 2 hours at the lock behind that tow. No hardship, we had a nice breakfast fixed our anchor light problem and other little boat chores. It was really hot with hardly a breeze and a hot sun. We have reached the junction of the Illinois River and are back in Looper territory, a road travelled before when we did the Great Loop. We are anchored behind Slim Island just off Grafton Illinois. We got here early so lots of time for relaxing today. Played the guitar, listened to music and watched the Redneck fishing. Three boats making the Asian carp jump while they ... read more
From our anchorage
Relaxing at anchor
The captain on the sun deck

North America » United States » Nevada » Wells September 2nd 2015

Burns, OR to Wells, NV Who's idea was this anyway? Going into Nevada in the summer is crazy! I wanted to get NV on my state map, the states I've camped in, and it was just a short hop to NV then on to Utah and I get 2 states I've not been in yet. Don't know how much time it added to the trip but the scenery was not my favorite and it is hot and dry and very windy. Good thing there is nobody on the road because I got blown over 1/2 a lane even though I was being very careful. Sudden gusts come out of nowhere. I left Burns about 10, I am slow to move, and headed south on 78 which was a very smooth 2 lane 55 mph road through ... read more
the high desert
the hills

Livingston to Beartooth Pass This morning we were straight into Yellowstone NP. Our first stop was the terraces, they were very beautiful with all their icy looking platforms and colours and I couldn't help but wonder if New Zealand's pink and white terraces would have rivalled these if they were still visible. Stopping here was probably my favourite attraction of the day as the park just got busier and busier with RVs and tourist buses 😁 Next we rode to the middle part of the park, on the way in I spotted coyotes, loads of buffalo and antelope. No bears today!! Aside from the ever present awe inspiring mountain vistas there were also guysers aplenty, burbling mud pools and pretty sapphire blue pools of very hot steamy water. We rode around in here until about 4.30 ... read more
Lake Powell - just before ascending the Beartooth Pass
There may be bears here, or people out walking
Little Bear Lake

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