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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax August 16th 7575

Seems ages since the last message here. Sorry to hear about the storm in New Plymouth! We saw on the news that snow fell on Wellington - what's going on there? Well done Nicole with your projects! You certainly are a great all-rounder Ryan - there's not too many chaps who play rugby and chess - brains and strength WOW! How was the music fest Russell & Timothy? What was your disguise? Also how was the gig? Now, where were we travell-wise? The Cosmos tour is over and we have been spending a few days on our own in Halifax. It's been great to sleep in!!! The staff here at the Lord Nelson are great - they don't rush us and they speak English! The sea food is great - had a whole lobster each the ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 4th 2016

Blog 02-04-16 We are a pretty Awesome group! Kat and I had arranged to go to Kim's house at 10 am to try to help her with a golf cart. She stored it here in FL last year and the batteries roasted, rendering the machine inoperable. She got new batteries and a friend helped her install them and the cart worked fine but the batteries would not recharge. Oh, what to do! She called a local repair place and they told her how to change the wiring and said it was simple. Well, maybe for them. Kim had taken pictures of the wires before she removed the old batteries so we referred to them and used our logic to put red to red, black to black and don't forget to attach the connecting wires to wire ... read more
baby looking for mom
close to the campers
Alfie, an albino Doberman

North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio February 4th 2016

Despite travelling to some of the "Venice's of..." China such as Lijiang and India's backwaters of Kerala we have not had the opportunity to visit the actual Venice yet (it's on our to bucket list). We thought we would make up for it by visiting another place with the moniker "Venice of the USA". We are in downtown San Antonio.  Drawn by the lovely canals that are lined with resturants, hotels and picture perfect arched bridges that cross it, it wasn't hard to add this place to our American itinerary.  It also has a lot of uncovered history to delve into here, the main site being the Alamo. This is where Mexican troops back in 1836 attacked the mission (church) killing many Texans in an attempt to win back Texas as a part of Mexico. The ... read more
The Venice of Texas
The pleasant river canals
The Alamo

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo February 4th 2016

"Look closely. The beautiful may be small."~ This trip we've really had a chance to stop and smell the roses. Or is it stop and stare at the bodacious African red tulip which let me tell you, is in a category all of its own with its bold red blooming color. It makes you stop in your tracks. When you travel with a family you are much more inclined to be distracted and caught up with their well-being and needs. This time we've been free as the breeze to do as we please. Which is explore, and take the time to sight-see more. It's been such fun hiking the nature trails, walking through the natural landscapes of tropical flowers, plants and palm trees, past the golf courses, marinas, and bodies of water. It makes you realize ... read more
Beautiful setting for a drink
Can you spot the butterfly?
Cliff top dining

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans February 3rd 2016

Aside from the unnecessary stops at awkward times of the night we are really getting into travelling by bus in the US now. Our trip from Nashville to Memphis is probably the most amusing to date. We guess if you are a long distance bus driver you have to keep yourself amused some how. Our driver was no exception. We found ourselves chuckling away as she reeled off one liners with her southern drawl throughout the whole journey. We tried to remember some and wrote down a few. "Stop talking so loudly I don't want to listen to none of you while I'm driving'...'sir I can still hear you'..' Sir I'm not going to ask again" "I've got beef and onions waiting for me at home. I've been driving since 10pm last night and I want ... read more
Freemont street
City centre

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 3rd 2016

Settling into Thousand Trails Orlando My friends found me a site that backs up to open land that is actually a cattle pasture. There are only 6 cows and at least 50 acres so there is lots of room for them to roam. We have had time to visit with each other and catch up a little and participate in activities here. There weather has been beautiful, with sun and daytime highs in the low 80s. There is a beautiful swimming pool, rec hall, an on going rv show, bingo, socials, boccie ball, tennis and a lake to enjoy. Last night there was a fund raiser for improvements to the dog park and I was able to help make strawberry shortcakes. There were smiles on the customers faces and money raised for a good cause. Tuesday ... read more
munching on a mushroom
landing in the tree with his mate
she leaves

North America » United States » California » San Diego February 2nd 2016

very excited this morning. Just booked flights to LAX for or trip to California for Alex & Mari's wedding in June 2016 ♥... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Amarillo February 2nd 2016

I'm still loving the road trip on Route 66 with Sean! Today, we stopped by Amarillo, Texas, to take a break. We both love modern art, so of course we went to Cadillac Ranch to take some pictures - for those who haven't heard about this place, it's a very big sculpture located in the middle of a cow pasture, visible from the highway ; it's made of 10 Cadillacs half-buried nose-first into the ground, and spray-painted in various bright colors. The sculpture was created by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels in 1974. The cars represent the evolution of Cadillacs, notably the appearance and disappareance of tailfins on cars ; but what's even more amazing about this sculpture is that even if it's located on private ground, people are strongly encouraged to come and ... read more
Closer to the cars
Underside of one of the 10 Cadillacs

North America February 1st 2016

My last blog was on the 12th of November and lots has happened since. After Dan's departure I quickly learnt to work on my own, and slowly began to enjoy my own company which has proven to be a very useful tool. The month of November and beginning of December were utterly chaotic. Exam period nearly killed me, and after arguing my right to move 3 exams to return home I found myself with my feet on English soil on the 18th of December. It was an absolute delight being home, and as predicted there was a lot of crying on my arrival, many hugs and kisses and lots to talk about. Christmas was fantastic, I ate more than I should have and spent some much needed time with my wonderful family. I could not believe ... read more
Just a casual stroll through the snow
The trestle
We found a couch and decided it was a perfect photo opportunity

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto February 1st 2016

On Saturday January 30th 2016, two dozen people boarded a bus for an unknown destination. They had no idea where they were going, or what was going to happen to them that afternoon. All they knew was that they were going to soak up a series of strange experiences, adventures they could digest in their minds for months to come. This mystery 'Xperience' as they call it, was the first ever wholly unique package offered on the Xcitelife list of fun things to do. This company is hoping to design and deploy many such attractions to transform their users to become better people. X stands for Xperience, Xcitement, Xplore. Xcitelife seeks to evolve consumers heretofore content spending money on stale attractions like bars and clubs, dinner and a movie, etc, Those hapless consumers need to break ... read more
Guests sign waivers
merrymaking on the bus
More delicious chocolate

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