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North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Ajijic April 21st 2019

One of our duties at our first house sit is actually optional. The homeowner told us we could either continue feeding the hummingbirds or let them find their own food amongst the thousands of flowers surrounding the house. We had hummers at our house in Alpine, CA and we loved watching their antics, so we decided to continue making the recipe (boil four cups water and add one cup sugar). We put out two feeders each morning and they are literally mobbed by the hungry little hummers. The most we have counted is between eight and a dozen (they are hard to count when flitting around). Each feeder takes about half a regular sized Mason jar, so two feeders = one Mason jar each day. We make about four jars of the juice per session.... read more
The Lineup
Coming in for Landing on Runway One
Make a Hole!

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Ajijic April 21st 2019

I think we both had a case of cabin fever. We have been couped up for a couple of days avoiding the crowds of Tapatios (people from Guadalajara). We like to be out and about, and my plan for this trip was to eat at least one meal out per day. That is mainly to keep Rose happy and to prevent a mutiny. We had invited the cleaning gal and her family to use the pool today, and after they got in and expressed their exuberation, (I think we had like 6 or 7 teenage boys here) we thought it might be a good time to go down the hill and get some food. Man, would I like to have some of those kid's energy! So, we made our third trip to Tony's Campestre. First trip ... read more
Food Service
Rib Eye
El Bar

North America » United States » Arizona » Williams April 21st 2019

Weather: sunny and 80s and gorgeous (Vegas), 60s and beautiful (Williams) States: Nevada and Arizona Cities: Las Vegas and Williams Miles: 230 Hours: 3 hrs 15 min Sites: Hoover Dam Restaurant: at Excalibur, Hotel/Home: Lovely Little Log Cabin in Williams VRBO #1083110 Movies: Audible: Resisting Happiness (get you thinking book- has a religious base- it is good) Easter Sunday was perfect. We Packed up our room, grabbed a bite for breakfast and headed to mass on the Strip or behind the Strip, Roman Catholic Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer. That is a mouthful. We arrived early obviously because it is Easter and we are in tourist land and in Vegas. Three bad combinations for arriving to church late. Those who only go on holy days, those who go on vacation and those in Vegas who ... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Ajijic April 20th 2019

In the United States, we tend to see certain types of Mexicans. The honest truth is, to most US citizens, anyone who speaks Spanish is a "Mexican." Thankfully, anyone with at least half a brain knows that not to be true. We are getting the full immersion experience here in Lake Chapala. Both Rose and I speak Spanish, and I note that I am getting a lot more comfortable using the language. Many of the gringos here never bother to learn anything more than "buenos dias" or "gracias." They really don't have to since this is a place with a huge expat community and most of the folks in the service industry can speak passable English. I love seeing their faces light up when we respond to them in Spanish they can actually understand. But let's ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas April 20th 2019

Weather: sunny and 80s and 90s and gorgeous States: California, Nevada Cities: LA (Burbank), Las Vegas Miles: 269 miles Hours: 4 hrs 22 min Sites: Hollywood sign Restaurant: Other Mama Hotel/Home: Fairfield Movies: Audible: Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly Our alarm went off at 6:45. I wanted to forget the alarm and go back to sleep but not as much as i wanted to go on the hike. Our plan was to eat a meatless breakfast for Good Friday and hike to the Hollywood sign. I researched how and where to access the trailhead for the hike but I was nervous that it wouldn’t be that easy. It actually was easy.We arrived around 8:30 AM. Blue skies and 60s increasing by the minute which is why we started early. We parked and started up the dirt ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis April 20th 2019

Trying out a new blog site since my old one doesn't exist anymore. Time to move on. Dot and I are getting ready for our trip, figuring out what to take, doing a little shopping, etc. Can't wait. Only a few weeks away.... read more

North America » United States » South Carolina » Santee April 19th 2019

I wrote the following over several days, so it might not flow as well as others I have written, and I finished it up when I got home. Seems like my iphone really chewed up data while I was at Santee SP, and I used it sparingly. I am now home and can add the few photos I need to easily. Read on: Friday found us using another segment of our Atlanta CityPass and touring Fernbank, a Natural History museum with walking gardens. The special dinosaur exhibit was amazing. Featuring the flying Pterosaurs, there were many mini films, interactive displays, and hands on features pleasing to both children and crusty old seniors. We were told there were 500 kids there that day for class trips, and they were loud. Being an experienced Nana Field Trip Chaperone, ... read more
Bobbi flying like a pterosaur
selfie at Confederate monument

North America » United States » Utah » Moab April 19th 2019

While not the most appealing of names for a state park, Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah is a treasure to visit. Most spectacularly, the Park is a peninsula of rock, towering 2000 feet above the Colorado River. You can just imagine how it got its name. The most interesting to me is the "cowboy" legend, using the point as a corral for wild mustangs roaming the mesa. They herded the wild horses across the narrow neck of land onto the point. From there, the 30 feet wide neck was blocked off with branches and brush. This created a natural corral with sheer cliffs on all sides, leaving no escape. Cowboys picked the best horses, and let the others escape. It was not unheard of to leave the horses corralled on the point, and left ... read more
It is a looong way down
See the water?

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Ajijic April 19th 2019

Today is Good Friday and that day is a big deal in Mexico. We decided we would avoid the crowds and possible drunk drivers by staying off the roads today. Instead, we took a nice walk UP the hill from our house. We had to sneak away from the dogs and we were successful in doing that. So, Lake Chapala is about 5200 feet elevation, on a tropical latitude. It is not very humid at all which accounts for the title they claim of the "Second Best Climate on Earth." The lake moderates the temperatures. EVERYTHING grows here. We started walking up the hill and it was not long before we were sucking wind, literally. It was difficult for our corpulent little bodies to get enough oxygen. But on we pressed, until we came to a ... read more
The intrepid hiker, lost in the roots of a giant tree.
The view from the road.
Catching my breath under a shade tree.

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