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North America » Canada » Yukon » Beaver Creek City May 30th 2015

Distance driven: 320 miles / 515 km Today’s trip: Fairbanks, Alaska to Beaver Creek, Yukon, Canada Border crossings: 1 Brown bears spotted by the road: 1 Schools with Kindle e-readers visited: 1 Everything has gone really smooth, and trip is off to a great start. By the time I arrived at Fairbanks late Thursday evening and got to my hotel, the time was well past midnight. I guess that I had forgotten exactly how far north on the map Alaska and Fairbanks really are. Being this close to the Arctic Circle also means that the summer never sets; rather the sun just moves laterally along the horizon throughout all night and refuses stubbornly to ever set. It’s been a long first day for sure. First things in the morning, I picked up the bike from the ... read more
Unpacking the bike
Wendy with her e-readrs
Day 1 Fairbanks to Beaver Creek

North America » United States » Alaska May 30th 2015

During our 2 week journey on the inside passage we visited and learned about 3 native cultures. These cultures have much in common but are also different. They all share a love of the ocean and a reverence for the land and the animals. The First Nation people in this area had the resources and time to develop a rich artistic tradition which is coming back again. New artisans are now carving wooden masks that are used in traditional dances. Poles are being carved again to memorialize a great person or tell the history of the people living in a long house. Poles are also used to tell cultural stories which are being passed on to a new generation. These poles have never been worshiped in a religious way by these cultures. They see them as ... read more
totem images
Cultural Center

North America » United States » New York » Long Island » JFK May 30th 2015

Well, here we are. Our final day in the states before we jet off to (literally) the other side of the world! After our 9-hour delay in Baltimore (for a 45-minute flight), we've been spending a lazy couple of days in the eastern part of Long Island. Great food, great weather, great friends...we couldn't ask for a better send-off! This whole month has been so memorable, from our killer going-away party in Colorado to our whirlwind cross-country trip to visit family and friends. Each and every one of you has done your part to make us feel loved, and believe us when we say that we're going to miss you more than you know! As the old saying goes, "Make new friends but keep the old, for one is silver, and the other gold." Undoubtedly we ... read more
Do We Look Excited Yet?
Wine Tasting
Keeping' It Classy

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando May 30th 2015

Back in America, but not quite finished with all my travels yet. I'm visiting my family in south Georgia until Monday, when I'm returning to Athens and my current "home." They picked me up at the Orlando airport on Thursday night, and my first food back in the country was Waffle House! And my first drink was some sweet tea! I don't know if it could get more southern than that, at least for a late night stop. I would also like to add that I can, under no circumstances, recommend flying into the Orlando airport - the first thing you face when coming back into the country (or entering it for the first time) is a massive wall of inefficiency at the passport and border controls. Ugh. It also didn't help that it felt like ... read more
All my "souvenirs"

North America » United States » New Jersey » Newark May 30th 2015

Yesterday was a long 380 mile drive to New Jersey, near to the RV depot in Middletown NJ. More than double the furthest we had gone in any one day before but we settled down to it and, nine hours later, arrived at Allaire State Campsite. A bit of a pit really and a sorry end to our trip, albeit the evening was spent packing and sorting out. Up bright and early this morning for the hand back to Road Bears RV. It felt quite strange handing back what has been home for the last three weeks. It has been an utterly amazing experience, exceeding every expectation. Thank you my wonderful husband for planning, paying, driving, putting up with me generally and making it such a fun, fabulous trip. Our flight is being called as I ... read more

Bonjour à tous Comme prévu hier au soir je suis allé souper sur le port Provincetown, juste pour vous, j' ai pris de nouveau une "chowder" (pour ceux qui n' ont pas lu, allez voir le jour 4) et des raviolis garnis au homard. Une dizaines de ces raviolis font environ 40 de ceux que l'on connait. Une ventrée!. Heureusement que je ne mange pas le midi, et que j' ai pas mal marché, si non ce n'est pas moins 10 kg, mais plus 10. Malheureusement ou heureusement je vais quitter la région de pêche. En partant souper vers 19 h j' avais remarqué, à l'hôtel, quelques couples une dizaine de personnes, assez bruyants, autour d' un barbecue. A mon retour 2½ plus tard, les bières, aidant, le volume avait bien monté. Je finis le blog ... read more
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raviolis au homard

I am getting excited to travel to Spain. I am most excited to explore the city, meet my host family, and practice my Spanish. I am nervous about understanding people in the city and finding my way around the area. I am very excited! Heather... read more

North America » United States » Texas May 30th 2015

In a few hours I will board the plane to my first true abroad experience. I've traveled to Central America on two separate occasions, but only for short periods of time. This time; this experience is for nine weeks and I couldn't be more thrilled. Leading up to today, I thought I was fully prepared. I wasn't nervous, but more so excited and eager. I talked to many friends and family about where to go, things to eat, and the best ways to travel. I kept a list of notes and highlighted my favorites that I definitely don't want to miss. I was fully confident until my close friend started the countdown. One sentence changed it all: "You know you'll be gone in 20 hours, right?" That was all it took for me to question if ... read more
Torchy's Tacos

North America » United States » Alaska May 30th 2015

Hey Folks, All is grand with us. We have just completed a mesmerizing journey on the Norwegian Jewel to Alaska. We left from Seattle and sailed to Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, all in Alaska, then onto Victoria in British Columbia, returning 7 days later to our original Port. Words cannot do justice to the magnificent scenery we saw , so hopefully our photos will. We had an amazing week, filled with breathtaking scenery and adventures, including a whale watching tour and a canoe trip that allowed us to get up close and personal to a glacier. Again, words cannot describe the wonderment of not only seeing a glacier, but also hearing the thunder like sound, when a chunk of ice fell into the water creating an iceberg. Truly incredible! Along with the gorgeous scenery we saw bald ... read more
Our suite.
Pretty excited.
Full throttle.

We once again awoke to another beautiful day, in fact clearer than the day before. We all slept like the dead last night, and didn't get up until 7:00 am. As Bud and Jan had never been here before, they decided to take the bus excursion with John and Diane, up the Denali Park road. This is a 6 1/2 hour trip. Sandy and I had decided that we were going to unhook the RV, drive up the Denali Road as far as Savage River (12 miles) and see if Mt. McKinley was visible today. After that we were going to do some fishing. After a nice breakfast, and getting our fishing gear all sorted, we headed off for the Denali Road. The climb up the mountain is quite spectacular, with drop offs, and snow banks ... read more
Denali Park Road
Scenery on park road

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