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North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX November 16th 2015

After a 10+ hour flight from Shanghai, we arrived here at LAX before we left Shanghai, going backwards in time. A great testimony that our airports are waaaayyyyy behind China.......we could find NO currency exchanges that were open at 4pm, LAX time!!!! Not even in the International Terminal!!!!!! How absolutely ridiculous......insane!!!! At the Travelodge Hotel here at LAX for the night. Leave at 7:20AM in the morning on a on-stop flight to STL. VERY tired!! LIFE IS REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!!.......And, I hope it is for all of you, also!!!! Do not forget: Life is too short to stay in one place!!... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary November 16th 2015

HALLOWEEN Halloween is not something that is usually embraced, celebrated, or one of the major cultural experiences you find back in Australia. The only knock on the door I have had back at Christies in the last five years was from my neighbours little fella from down the road just last year. I felt extremely bad because I had nothing, not even a health bar, to give him. I nearly gave him a book just to ease my guilt. Yeah we have the television shows come on, maybe the music played on the radio but not many people would dress up and get into the spirit of it. I was looking forward to the experience of celebrating it in a place where Halloween is one of the major events of the year, particularly in some Canadian's ... read more
Wearing the Frankenstein Costume at School
Frankenstein on yard duty
My friend Kym and I at the Halloween Party

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff November 16th 2015

Had one last trip up to Banff and Canmore today as this will probably be the last chance I get to see the Canadian Rockies. Had a stint of seeing some wild life in their natural herd as a group of deer were relaxing in the snow and admiring the view of the mountains, went and had a dip in the Hot Springs one last time then managed to explore a part of Banff I had not experienced before. I found a slippery trail along the edge of the Bow River to find the Bow falls and a beautiful little viewing area of where the Bow River disappears into the mountains. Probably wasn't wearing the best shoes for the icy path and stairs that I walked along, up and down but managed to see some nice ... read more
Driving to the Rockies
The deer resting in the snow
Deer resting in the snow

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa November 16th 2015

Every modern nation needs a place to keep important artifacts and documents so they will be available for research and the enlightenment of future generations. In 1905 the Canadian government decided to construct an impressive building for that purpose in Ottawa, about a mile south of Parliament Hill. To this end they imported 300 stone masons from Scotland to build a Tudor Revival edifice with crenellated turret that they named the Victoria Memorial Building in honour of the late Queen. It had cost the immense (for the time) sum of $1.25 million by the time it opened in 1912. The "castle", as it is affectionately known, was surmounted by a massive stone turret which soon proved to be too heavy for the foundation; in 1915 it was removed, no doubt much to the chagrin of the ... read more
Note the heavy stone tower and dramatic window in 1912.
brief history of the building, originally intended to be THE Candadian museum
the entrance after the stone tower was removed in 1915

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler November 16th 2015

Back in the land of the maple leaf and friendly people... I have been back from travelling for exactly a month now. Feelings are bitter-sweet. Is it the travel blues? Am I depressed? Should I have stayed in sunny Australia? Am I just not seeing the doors that are to be open? I have moved back to a beloved mountain town, that I have always been in love with. The mountains are gorgeous and the seasons here are beautiful and pure. I found happiness in my life, in this same town, 5 years ago. I had a good life here, before I decided to let everything go. I think sometimes, when you get too comfortable in your life, you need to shake things up. When you are too cozy, you are blind to new adventures and ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas » Palenque November 16th 2015

Today was another long 9 hr day with a relatively short 220 km trip to Palenque firstly stopping at the normally shimmering blue pools and waterfalls of Agua Azul. Slow trip due to more winding roads dropping nearly 2000 mtrs from misty mountain forests through rain forests almost to sea level all the while negotiating over 600 speed bumps along the way to slow cars as they pass through small indigenous communities. All the way the temperature was increasing as we descended. These villages are very poor & not well looked after by either the state or federal government's & survive on growing their own corn, beans & raising chickens. Education is only to primary level. Agua Azul waterfalls are know for their turquoise colour which comes from the limestone-rich content of the water however recent ... read more
Agua Azul waterfalls
Leaf Stripping ants

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Prince Rupert November 16th 2015

C: We woke up on Sunday morning to about half a foot of snow! Roger spent quite a while digging the car out before we could leave the B and B. Our train was at 12.30 so I decided to go to a really pretty church we had seen the day before, it had beautiful icicles hanging off the sloping roof. It was Anglican so the service was quite familiar. The priest was from Essex though and had a very odd accent, Canadian with Essex boy twang! What struck me was how doughty the congregation was. As is increasingly the case at churches everywhere, the congregation was mostly fairly elderly but there was no way the snow was going to put them off. Two of the men who must have been at least 70 were outside ... read more
The train appears through the snow...
Just us...
Hope it was within the lines...

North America » United States November 16th 2015

Warrior ou sauvage ou juste crazy guys : Ce matin, le ciel était couvert. Il ne faut pas tarder. Si nous progressons rapidement, nous allons peut-etre eviter d’etre coince dans une depression… Impossible de se refugier nulle part, ici, c’est assez desertique comme endroit ! L’estomac vide, nous nous aventurons sur la route. Une petite pluie s’abat sur nous. Apres une heure, nous trouvons un petit restaurant pour nous refugier et manger un bon plat chaud. Enfin, j’ai un cafe au dejeuner ( j’en bois cinq !). Le proprietaire discute avec nous. Selon les medias, la temperature s’annonce mauvaise pour trois jours. Aujourd’hui, il nous conseille de rester sedentaire… Nous voulons absolument nous rendre a la prochaine ville ( Rock Springs) et ce n’est pas la pluie qui nous arretera. De retour sur la route, nous ... read more

Welp. Here we are again. I'm back in the blogging seat and I am ready to provide an update. Many of you may recall my post from May 1, 2014 stating that I was ready to serve. I had been nominated to Peace Corps service, and had been placed for service in Indonesia. Ultimately, I ended up deferring that nomination in order to better stabilize my personal and professional situations in preparation for such a commitment. Well, at the end of July of this year, I returned to the States in exactly just such a position. Currently, I am a Master's candidate at American University where I'm studying International Training & Education (heretofore to be referred to as "ITEP"). Part of my specific degree program includes a massive field research component. Of the 27 in my ... read more
This is how we class.
Wednesday Get-Togethers
Global Education Forum

North America November 15th 2015

As several people have been kind enough to read what I wrote, it seems churlish of me not to provide some closure to this travel tale of mine. So, last hurrah until the next airplane! Uneventful trip home. Business class on Iberia featured excellent booze in the lounge (I was able to do a taste test of four Gran Solera Reserva brandies while we waited. The winner was the Conde de Osborne label), first class "pod" reclining seats and some of the most tasteless food I have ever eaten on on airline. It did not taste bad, it did not taste of anything at all. More blah than bleah. Another lovely night at the Old Farmhouse and the Greene Oak where we startled our rather shy little server by leaving her a massive tip on finding ... read more

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