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North America » Canada » Nunavut » Resolute Bay July 22nd 2017

“In those Northwest voyages where navigation must be executed in most exquisite sort”. John Davis, 1594 , The Seaman’s Secrets. A high plateau looms behind the lodge. I have climbed to the summit many times. but had yet to explore beyond the rounded dome that casts a midnight shadow on the Cunningham River Delta. The plateau beckoned - it was calling. It was a foggy morning, with wind and snow flurries, not the ideal time for mountaineering in the arctic, but nevertheless, it was a magical scene with dark peaks dancing through holes in the clouds. As I ascended further, the plateau revealed itself as a blurry nothingness. It didn’t wish to be seen through this blanket of fog. The gravel expanse of the plateau's surface is mesmerizing, especially in the fog. All I wanted to ... read more
Cape Riddle
Union Bay
Cape Riley

North America » United States » Utah » Taylorsville July 21st 2017

The morning holds a few dark clouds so I purchase a tarp to wrap our extension of suitcases. Although I’m getting a little more practiced in ratcheting together the rear bundle, it’s becoming a definite chore. I wish we had thought a little more carefully about how much luggage was likely to fit into the car. The morning is cool and the air smells slightly of ozone and fresh pine. We backtrack along 20, still beautiful and traffic is light. We turn south onto I-15 towards Idaho Falls and our eventual destination of Salt Lake City. The drive is pleasant enough, the mountains slide into high desert; the hills on either side brown and irrigated farmland is a stark green contrast in the valleys between them. We cross into Utah and the mountain range to the ... read more
Welcome to Utah
Salt Lake City Skyline
Temple Square

North America » Canada » Yukon » Dawson City July 21st 2017

Bonjour à tous, Ce soir je suis dans la ville que de plus en plus de français voient très souvent à la tv, dans les émissions sur les chercheurs d'or, les trappeurs, etc, toutes ces émissions tournées soit au Yukon, soit en Alaska. Petite info le fleuve Yukon ne fait que 3885 !. Il prend sa source près de Juneau et se jette dans la mer de Bering. Hier en me couchant à Tok, j'était heureux, car le ciel était pur, et il faisait 27°, ce qui augurait une bonne et belle journée pour aujourd'hui. Revers de la médaille, jusqu'aux environs de 23h le soleil à tapé dans la chambre, et c'est devenue une étuve.Ce matin le ciel était gris clair, avec 17°. Ma première photo je vais la faire tout près de Tok, la rivière ... read more
Dawson City
hotel de Tok

North America » United States » Alaska July 21st 2017

The adventures went out to catch a helicopter ride to go dog sledding, as you do in Alaska. Brian had a date with Geary kiddos and I had date with a movie and hair salon. Nature interfered again and a weather warning meant no helicopter flight . Devastation for the gang only solve by drinking no not us we went in search of more adventure. Zip lining and suspension bridges for most of the gang. Dinner was followed by the rock on show where we grooved on the dance floor even Brian and Dave had a boogie. ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska July 21st 2017

Day 22: the Hubbard Glacier So we were prepared ,up early to have breakfast and then head out to get a spot on the helipad. No one told the restaurant our plans so it wasn't open. Eventually we got breakfast and as we sat there eating blocks of ice started to appear in the water. Small rock shaped ones then huge boulders then small icebergs. We quickly headed to the helipad. The view was amazing, it was pretty cold. We even saw and heard bits of ice falling off the glacier. The rest of the day was pretty casual with rough seas and the need to pack in a small cabin not a good combination for some. Can't believe our cruise ends tomorrow. We now have to source our own food and activities. Lucky we are ... read more

North America » United States » Wyoming July 21st 2017

Today, we start our Yellowstone adventure. We allowed ourselves to sleep in a little because we were not able to get to bed until late. We got ourselves around and headed into the park. It was about 10AM and the line to get into the park from the west entrance was ridiculous. Once we entered, we saw that there were a 2-3 campsites that were still open. We had reservations at an Idaho state park for the night, but if we could stay in the park and unhitch, that would be ideal. So we made a beeline to the northwest corner of the park to try for a site at either Indian Creek or Mammoth campgrounds. The route that took us up there was under construction, which made the road rough and slowed us down. When ... read more
Roaring Mountain
Indian Creek campsite!

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat July 21st 2017

Had a phenomenal drive through Lake Louise and Banff this morning. Fires have started in Banff so the smoke was an issue again. We'll have to return to this area someday, we got robbed of alot of beauty because of the forest fires! When😊 we got to the east side of Calgary the landscaping went flat- no mountains or trees. Hot and windy. Mainly ranches and fields. Miss the mountains so much!! Ordered in Chinese. Think Rainy will be happy to get home. This heat is hard to adjust to.... read more

Today is our last day in the mountains. As we travel further east and south, the land will get flatter and the weather will get hotter. We will miss the mountains - a lot! Today we are headed for Charlotte, NC, home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. But before we go, we have one last pass over the mountain as we bid farewell. The weather report for today is HOT! It's supposed to be bright and sunny and over 95 degrees. So we had a quick breakfast and tried to get out of Gatlinburg early to beat the heat. For some reason the Garmin Lady was not cooperating this morning and wanted us to head west out of Gatlinburg and onto some highway. We were having none of it, as we wanted to pass through ... read more
Looking Glass Falls - The Falls
NASCAR Hall Of Fame - Racing Film
NASCAR Hall Of Fame - Jeff Gordon Car

North America » United States July 21st 2017

We left the KOA by 9:30. Our goal was 9:00 but we did not make that. At the first gas station we stopped, they had Frostys for 50 cents. So the girls took advantage of the price. Grace got Auntie Anne pretzel bites. These are creeping across the US. Our first stop was the Fudge Factory in Uranus, Missouri. Alex and the girls were making all kinds of puns all day. It didn’t help that on the way to Uranus, we passed a road sign for route PP. Some of the roads out here are labeled by letters instead of names. Alex thought it was great we went by PP on our way to Uranus. The Fudge Factory was a candy shop that took advantage of their name. It was announced every time the door opened ... read more

North America » United States » California July 21st 2017

Super week-end à Yosemite en très bonne compagnie. Nous n'avons pas vu d'ours. Il y en a visiblement beaucoup et il est recommandé exigé de ne pas laisser de nourriture dans les tentes (même pendant la nuit, il faut savoir que du dentifrice peut être considéré comme de la nourriture) ni dans les voitures (au départ des ballades, il y a des armoires anti-ours permettant de stocker la nourriture que l'on aurait dans la voiture). Nous avons croisé énormément de biches et de cerfs (deers en anglais car il y a différentes sortes de ces animaux par ici) et encore et toujours des écureuils. Après une journée de ballade dans la vallée de Yosémite, nous avons traversé tout le parc et avons dormi près de Mono Lake où des concrétions (Tufa) se forment par réaction entre ... read more
Felmards qui ne grimperont pas sur le half dome
Marius observe les grimpeurs sur le half dome
Passagers clandestins dans le camping-car

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