Photos from North America

High Rated (4.5)
the bee hard at work gathering nectar
day 2 of the cactus, not much change
1st day seeing the cactus
Road winding through Zion Canyon
Welcome to Zion
the OH God shot
The Manatee
Really stretching!
P1040426 1
Wild Horses
Yellowstone National Park
Grand Teton National Park
Grand Teton National Park
Tea Time
The Sea Ice
Banff National Park
Woolly Goat
March of the Musk Ox
David has a quiet evening fishing.
Sunset over Lake Ogallala.
Clydesdale stallion at the farm!
Clydesdale mares and foals enjoying the pasture.
Der Granville Public Market.
Murals in Iqaluit
Saguaro National Park (prickly pear cactus)
Der Grand Canyon.
Pop goes the Mobula
The Flying Mobulas
Douglas Squirrel
Beautiful springtime in Utah
The Kakabeka River
Setting off!
On the Pickerel Trail
Keeping an eye out
Last of the Great Cardons
Too Cool for School
Seal Selfie
Can't Count them
Stop following me you Asses
Mexico - Both Dangerous and Beautiful
Beep Beep
Another Tequila sunset
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