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North America » United States » Florida » Ormond Beach March 19th 2015

I am combining 2 days in this blog to try and catch up. I can't remember all the things I did so I'll try to hit the highlights. Yesterday I discovered that 2 of my friends from home are here in this campground, one is acturally next door. I didn't know they were coming, they just surprised me. Yesterday, Joan had trouble with her camper, a Roadtreck, and she had to get it fixed immediatley, her gas line was broken. So both Joan and Joanne went to Daytona to a chevy dealer and they were able to fix it for them in 2 hours, very fortunate. I took Oscar for a nice hike then decided I better get to the beach before I had to leave and never got there. It is just a 6 mile ... read more
pelican fly-by
the deserted beach
beautiful powdery sand

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas March 19th 2015

When we talk about Las Vegas, we usually think about gambling at casinos, strolling around theme hotels, and watching exquisite shows. However, another highlight is eating buffet. One of the best buffets in Vegas we would recommend is the Buffet at Wynn hotel. Although a little more pricey ($49.99/person), you can get the top quality, flavorful, and authentic gourmet meals. We went in Christmas day so it was a bit crowded. We spent two and a half hour waiting in the line!!!. However, it was worth every cent we spent and minute we waited. This is the best buffet we've ever had so far. For me, somehow, life is like a buffet. When we go to eat buffet, there are many options of food to choose from. Whatever we choose there is no right or wrong. ... read more
Salad bar
Tomahawk Oak Grilled Ribeye
Tomahawk Oak Grilled Ribeye

North America » Canada » Saskatchewan » Saskatoon March 19th 2015

To Canada for Alec's funeral We had spent Friday, Feb 27th in Kaohsiung grading papers, assignments, working out, researching for our upcoming trip to China, and resting. We even treated ourselves to a Skype visit with Mom and Dad in Canada for almost an hour, then watched a few episodes of Boardwalk Empire. We went to bed around midnight. At 4:12AM, we got the call informing us that Dad, Alec Tarasoff had passed away while getting out of the jet tub at his home. His tired heart had finally given out. He had been joking and in good spirits moments before with Mom. Maurice scrambled to get flights. We got a flight on Monday and arrived back in Canada the same evening. While Maurice made travel decisions Linda planned for her substitute at the school for ... read more
Our Tribute to Alec John Tarasoff
Doris with oldest son, Jerald
Jack, Linda, Doug and Jerald Pay Tribute to Dad

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City March 19th 2015

Spring has finally arrived here in the Midwest, and Fiona and I decided to celebrate by taking a road trip to Oklahoma City (OKC). What is at OKC you may ask, and that is a good question, because the answer is not much! However, the main reason for our visit was that OKC is almost halfway between Kansas City and Dallas where our good friends Leanne and Andy now live. Although Fiona has visited them a number of times, I had not seen them since they made the long trip out to Australia three years ago, so this was a great opportunity to catch up with them. We loaded up our massive-ass car, somehow managing to fill it to the brim for a three day trip, and headed off on Friday afternoon after an early knock ... read more
Bricktown - OKC
Bricktown Ballpark
Built on Oil!

North America » United States » California » Bodega Bay March 19th 2015

I am sorry it has been two months since my last post. Even when you are on vacation life gets in the way.....we are in a beautiful spot on the ocean in Bodega Bay, California. We have been here since Tuesday, March 16th. It is a beautiful spot near the California coast. Jason, our son and his girlfriend Jenny are coming to meet us here on Friday for the weekend. Then we have to head towards home..... It has been an incredible is amazing how fast the months go by. The weather has been so great all the way from Mazatlan. The pictures I posted are a collection of the last month on Stone Island and our trip home so far. People always ask "what do you do all day?" Well....some days we just pick ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles March 18th 2015

Madison and I have reunited after spending a week in Southern California with our friends. We were spoiled with lots of treats and down time at the beach. Madison lived the Hollywood life for a while and I roughed it in Joshua Tree climbing around on big rocks. Our friends took great care of us knowing that we had been living out of a van for a few weeks. Thanks Arielle, Mara, Lane, and Jason! We're so grateful for a restful week, but we're definitely happy to be on the road together again. As I type this, we're driving into Sequoia National Park! Enjoy some of the pictures from this past week and we'll post again soon!... read more
We made it!
Resting at the Top
Joshua Tree

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg March 18th 2015

We arrived at our gatlinburg cabin :) it's so secluded and beautiful! We went into gatlinburg for pattys day and had a blast. We will spend the next 5 days here enjoying nature and the company of each other!... read more

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta March 18th 2015

What a welcome site this place is, probably very touristy, but so pretty! This ship company just don't get it right, only 8.00-3.30 here today, so much to see and such little time! We would definitely like to come back here, so relaxed, lots to do, great restaurants and bars. Took a private tour with two other couples, sooo good - our tour guide Hugo was such a gem and loves his city, even with all the changes over the years - he would have been at least 65 years old - so friendly and I bet he has a sore throat, didn't stop talking for 4-5 hours - took us to the newer parts of Puerto Vallarta, the old and into the rain forest and also to a Tequila Distillery, more samples!!! and margaritas as ... read more

North America » Mexico » Michoacán March 18th 2015

Over the weekend of my dad's and my birthday, I traveled to a ranch called San Cayetano in Zitácuaro, Mexico, to observe the migration of billions of monarch butterflies. The trip was a birthday gift to my father. I was expecting that the ranch we went to would look more like a farm with cows, stables and fresh hay, which was a scene I remember from my trip to south Germany, but I was surprised of how different the ranch looked compared to my memory. When I arrived on the 28th of February 2015 with my parents and some friends that accompanied us, I found myself in a paradise soaked in sunshine, which had a humungous colorful garden, which was calm and filled with silence because a forest enclosed it. It was as if I were ... read more

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