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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Nanaimo July 4th 2015

We drove out of Hope at 9am - a civilized hour in my humble opinion, as compared to a few of the very early starts on the prairies. The toughest part of getting ready turned out to be kitty cat. She just would not be coaxed into her carrier anymore. In the end, we had to angle the carrier so that the opening was steep enough that she could not easily climb out before we quickly closed the cage door on her. Then off into the car. Once in the car and driving, she would not come out of the carrier at all. I think she was trying to punish us for this incessant driving lifestyle. As we drove past Chilliwack (photo 1), I was instantly transported to the late 1970's and their hits, Never the ... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Portland July 4th 2015

Today we opted to sleep in. Yesterday was such a long day and by day’s end we were exhausted. Since we are no longer young a firmly established in our middle agedness, we decided to not kill ourselves with trying to cram everything in. We did have a long day of walking ahead of us so an extra bit of sleep was well in order. The Freedom Trail Our only plan today was to walk the Freedom Trail with stops along the way to see other sights not part of the trail but easy to visit as they were in the area. Many of you may be thinking of the Freedom Trail in Boston which takes you through the streets of Boston by several historical revolutionary sites, ending at Bunker Hill. Portland’s Freedom Trail is about ... read more
Amost out of pies
Along the Freedom Trail
Portland Observatory

North America » Canada » Manitoba July 4th 2015

Je pars à la conquete de Winnipeg, à pied. Je me perds un peu, aide une grand mère à ramasser les déchets devant sa fenêtre, traverse le quartier chinois et me retrouve à la sortie de la ville sans le vouloir. A cause d'un feu dans la province d'à coté la ville est plongée dans un brouillard de poussière, il fait lourd, et quand le vent souffle il soulève tout sur son passage, gobelet sac et surtout poussière. Je continue mon chemin de long de la rivière jusqu'à arriver au quartier historique de The forks, où deux rivières se rejoignent. Coin plutôt animé avec des jeux d'eau, quelques restaurants et un festival en cours. Je continue mon chemin le long des cours d'eau, ils ont manifestement eu des petits soucis d'inondation et de conception en amont. ... read more

North America » United States » Utah July 3rd 2015

Despite the fact that this was basically a travelling day, it was still a very interesting journey. I started out this morning in dreadful heat already at 8:30 a.m. and wondering what it would be like as the day progressed. The landscape was much the same as yesterday with mountains on either side of the valley where the highway is laid out in a straight line for as far as you can see. This is desert - there are no animals or birds to be seen. I think there might be rabbits out there because there is evidence on the road, at least it was something small and it used to be furry. As the morning wore on the mountains gave way to bigger mountains in the distance. There's a funny thing about large mountains. They ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Golden July 3rd 2015

It's 14.40 on 2nd of July. I had already spent an hour or two writing a pretty long entry about the next three days - Thursday, Friday, Saturday - but unfortunately my phone deleted my notes, so I lost everything. So, I guess all I can do is 'start again at my beginnings/ and never breath a word about my loss' in the words of the Rudyard Kipling poem on my wall at home. I probably won't write in quite as much detail this time around, however. So, Thursday. Thursday was Josh's birthday, so we all wished him a happy birthday in the morning - but it was still a normal working day for everyone as usual. In the morning, Matt, Josh and I begun by moving furniture and scrap wood around the site in the ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah July 3rd 2015

Lovers of history, architecture, eclectic variety, civic pride, and friendly citizens would be hard pressed to find a more perfect holiday destination than Savannah. It was Georgia’s first city, founded by General James Oglethorpe in 1733, as the de facto capital of the British colony of Georgia. Savannah was an early example of urban planning, settled by hand-picked colonists, and a model of peaceful living which was destined to grow and prosper. Its original core is the largest registered National Historic District in the entire USA, 2.5 square miles (6.5 km²) in size with dozens of houses and buildings of historical significance. As the map shows, right from its founding in 1733 it was a model town, with many public squares and parks. Today it’s the fifth largest city in the State of Georgia, ... read more
The National Historic District (NHD) has 24 public squares, shown in yellow, besides the enormous Forsyth Park.
It's the most important container port on the East Coast, and the second largest one in the entire USA.
It's a magnet for tourists that attracts over 6 million visitors a year.

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan July 3rd 2015

So it has come to the attention of my family that I am technologically challenged. The selfie stick comes out and there is a communal groan. I just can't do it. I can't hold the phone out and press the button at the same time. When using the selfie stick, I can't angle the phone to get us all in the shot whilst seeing something of the background. I have a Diploma in Professional Photography but my selfies suck! Our first day in NYC began with a hair raising cab ride down to Battery Park - at least there seems to be road rules here unlike in Paris where the roads are just a free for all. Arriving a little early for our departure to Liberty Island, we bought breakfast from a local deli and sat ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan July 3rd 2015

Its been awhile since my last entry and there is a very good reason. Upon our return from out last European trip, we were informed by our landlords that we needed to move out of our home of 10 years becasue they were getting divorced and one of them needed to live there. Well, this created quite a big change for us. We made a very big decision and decided to move to New York City. We arrived in the city August 31, 2013 and have been here ever since. While there have been some minor trips we have had no major vacations. This prompted me to start this on going blog about our domestic travels. There have already been two trips, which were not bloged about; Philiadelphia and Providence RI. I am starting with Portland ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Hope July 3rd 2015

We are safe. As we were nearing the end of today's travel, we noticed smoke in the distance, presuming it to be a forest fire. As we passed, it was a car on fire on the opposite side of the Coquihalla. Check out Global News: We are in the hotel and resting after a long drive. More updates later.... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lafayette July 3rd 2015

Bonjour à tous, Mauvaise nuit, une bande de merdeux black, clients de l'hôtel, a semée le bazar, pour commencer, dans la piscine et après dans les couloirs. La direction de l'hôtel est intervenue, mais un peu tard. ce qui fait que la nuit a été coute. Malgré tout à 7h45 j'étais sur le frontwalk de Bâton Rouge. Bâton Rouge c'est 230 000 habitants, 450 000 pour l'agglomération. c'est le 7eme port marchand des USA, malgré son éloignement de près de 100 km du golf du Mexique. La principale activité est la pétrochimie. Touristiquement, à part le Capitole, qui est magnifique, et les casinos, peu de chose sont conseillées dans cette ville. Le guide conseil fortement de ne pas rater la route de Bâton Rouge à la Nouvelle Orléans, docile, je suis le conseil. C'est vrai qu'il ... read more
Houma old town
le Capitole de bâton Rouge

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