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We awoke a bit later than usual, around 7am, and headed out for our last trip to Yellowstone, stopping on the way there at our Sinclair station for some coffee. Not long after we ended the park, I spotted a buffalo not too far from the road, so I pulled over so we could take some photos. We continued on south to Old Faithful. I noticed today that the 20 to 30 mile drives from one main place to another through the park don't seem to take nearly as long. I guess that when you are not looking so closely at the scenery, even the slower speeds and frequent stops or slowdowns, the same amount of time passes more quickly. When we reached the Old Faithful, or Upper Geyser Basin turnoff, we fairly easily found a ... read more

We woke up around 6am again, and since we already knew there was no coffee available nearby, we headed towards Yellowstone. About 14 miles down the road, we found the expected gas station (Sinclair) and pulled in to get a couple of hot coffees. Manoli got a large coffee and I got a large Cappuccino.. for 1 buck! We continued on to Yellowstone, about 40 miles from our KOA, and entered Gardiner, Wyoming without even realizing we'd crossed the border. Gardiner is the typical tourist town you expect to find, with lots of restaurants and such, and surprisingly a group of deer grazing right on the main street. When we spotted them, we had to pull in to get out and look, along with photos of course. There were 3 large deer (I believe 2 does ... read more

After breakfast this morning, we decided to go see Grand Prismatic. This is Colleen's favorite sight to see at Yellowstone, and I think it's a must-see as well. For me personally, the most memorable things I've seen in Yellowstone during past trips were Artist Point, Grand Prismatic, Old Faithful, and the limestone walls in Mammoth. So, I wanted our kids to have the chance to see most of these things as well. It doesn't look like we'll get up to Mammoth during this trip, but I'm sure we'll be back to Yellowstone again in the future. Zach and his family were still in bed, so they told us to go on without them. The rest of us headed to see Grand Prismatic. Every other time I've seen Grand Prismatic, it has been from the boardwalk. This ... read more
Overlooking Grand Prismatic
The kids with their grandma and great-uncle at Grand Prismatic
Lily Pads

Once Andrew's parents made the decision to join us and learned my parents couldn't make it, they asked if it would be OK to invite Andrew's uncle and Andrew's brother's family to Yellowstone. We said yes, of course, and have been really excited to spend time with family. Andrew's parents and his Uncle Scott arrived to Lake Village last night in time to join us for dinner. We got to visit them at their cabin at the Lake Hotel. Their cabin is very cute, and I'd be happy staying there, but it's not as roomy as ours. We have a dining table in our Lake Lodge western cabin, whereas they have only a side table. However, theirs is a stand-alone cabin, whereas ours is connected to a few other units. So, there are advantages and disadvantages ... read more
Our Family at LeHady's Rapids
Bison Near the Mud Pots
Mud Pots

Last night, we stayed just west of Cody, Wyoming at a ranch called Bill Cody's. It was a good place to stay because it was just 30 minutes from the east entrance of Yellowstone. After staying there, we decided it would have been a good place to spend a few days! They offer half day trail rides that would have been fun to do. For us, though, it was just a quick overnight. We enjoyed breakfast in the morning out on their big patio, though! The breakfast was delicious, and the view was picturesque, as we were nestled in the mountains. After breakfast, we set out for Yellowstone. The drive was beautiful, and we had no line to get in. We're meeting Andrew's parents in Yellowstone. We'd invited both of our parents to meet us there, ... read more
Trail to Lone Star Geyser
Our Hikers
Old Faithful

June10th Yesterday was an incredibly full and wonderful day. We enjoyed our breakfast and tjen headed out for the lovely day by 8 am to drive over to view the Grand Tetons in the morning. We drove north of Jackson to “Mormon Row” where some of the early settlers lived in the wide valley to the east of the mountain range. We had to take photos of the iconic barn with the peaks behind. AND Megan won the first $1 - spotting a pronghorn – our first of the trip. We continued on to the Grand Teton discovery center, which sadly was still semi-closed due to pandemic restrictions. No displays. But the gift shop was open so Jean got her hiking stick badge and essential photo book, and Andrew’s big score was a “ranger” vest with ... read more
DSC_0064 22nd January Yellowstone Park - Mammoth Hot Springs Wow what a wonderful place to visit, from the onset the scenery was amazing and along with our guide Ashea we took the boardwalk together. Ashea had many anologies, one I particularly remembered was how fragile Earth was demonstrated by an egg. For hundreds of years, Shoshone and Bannock people collected minerals from Mammoth Hot Springs for white paint. These minerals contribute to the beautiful terrace structures, along with heat, water, and limestone. At Yellowstone each year, the rain and melted snow seeps into the earth. Cold to begin with, the water is quickly warmed by heat radiating from a partially molten magma chamber deep underground, the remnant of a cataclysmic volcanic explosion that occurred 600,000 years ago. After moving throughou... read more

We did not wake up early, rarely do on these trips, but, figured we’d make it to everything in the two days we had in the area. We started at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center because it was close by and we wanted to see what was offered. The kids had to visit the animals right away and we signed the kids up for the Bear food hiding for 3:30 on Thursday. The wolf pups were out so we were all happy to see them. We drove on to Yellowstone. The kids mainly wanted to see Old Faithful so that is where we headed. On the way to Old Faithful there are plenty of areas of fumaroles, kids went wild seeing them. The wildflowers with the fumaroles in the background were so beautiful. We ... read more
2nd cub
Fumaroles in the background, wildflowers in the foreground
Old Faithful

Yellowstone is situated on an active volcano! Three major eruptions have occurred in the last 2.1 million years, the most recent only 650,000 years ago. Magma only 3-8 miles down provides the heat for the thermal features in Yellowstone. The Upper Geyser Basin, home of old faithful, is one of 3 large geyser basins along the Firehole River. We were there on a sunny day and we treated to eruptions from 3 other geysers in addition to Old Faithful. Along the many miles of boardwalk we passed numerous hot springs, mud pots, and fumaroles (steam vents). At the north end of the park, the boiling water and steam travel to the surface through limestone, which dissolves to form a weak carbonic acid. When the hot water reaches the surface, calcium carbonate is deposited to form the ... read more
Mud pot
Morning Glory

Spring in Yellowstone and all the animals are tending to their newborns. If the past 5 days we have seen herds of Bison and Elk, a couple of Grizzly bears, a litter of coyote cubs, and a mother and young Prong-horn deer. We brought our bikes to Yellowstone but there is a distinct lack of bike trails so we have only ventured out twice in 5 days. On the first day we biked from Gardiner to Mammoth Hot Springs along the Old Gardiner Road. Not far from the park gate we encountered a 3 female Elk on the side of the road. On the other side of the road were a collection of Elk calves. As it is never a good idea to get between a mother and her offspring, we waited patiently for the 3 ... read more
Biking in Yellowstone

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