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We did not wake up early, rarely do on these trips, but, figured we’d make it to everything in the two days we had in the area. We started at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center because it was close by and we wanted to see what was offered. The kids had to visit the animals right away and we signed the kids up for the Bear food hiding for 3:30 on Thursday. The wolf pups were out so we were all happy to see them. We drove on to Yellowstone. The kids mainly wanted to see Old Faithful so that is where we headed. On the way to Old Faithful there are plenty of areas of fumaroles, kids went wild seeing them. The wildflowers with the fumaroles in the background were so beautiful. We ... read more
2nd cub
Fumaroles in the background, wildflowers in the foreground
Old Faithful

Yellowstone is situated on an active volcano! Three major eruptions have occurred in the last 2.1 million years, the most recent only 650,000 years ago. Magma only 3-8 miles down provides the heat for the thermal features in Yellowstone. The Upper Geyser Basin, home of old faithful, is one of 3 large geyser basins along the Firehole River. We were there on a sunny day and we treated to eruptions from 3 other geysers in addition to Old Faithful. Along the many miles of boardwalk we passed numerous hot springs, mud pots, and fumaroles (steam vents). At the north end of the park, the boiling water and steam travel to the surface through limestone, which dissolves to form a weak carbonic acid. When the hot water reaches the surface, calcium carbonate is deposited to form the ... read more
Mud pot
Morning Glory

Spring in Yellowstone and all the animals are tending to their newborns. If the past 5 days we have seen herds of Bison and Elk, a couple of Grizzly bears, a litter of coyote cubs, and a mother and young Prong-horn deer. We brought our bikes to Yellowstone but there is a distinct lack of bike trails so we have only ventured out twice in 5 days. On the first day we biked from Gardiner to Mammoth Hot Springs along the Old Gardiner Road. Not far from the park gate we encountered a 3 female Elk on the side of the road. On the other side of the road were a collection of Elk calves. As it is never a good idea to get between a mother and her offspring, we waited patiently for the 3 ... read more
Biking in Yellowstone

This is a place to put on your bucket list f you haven't ever been here. Breathtaking views and sights. Nothing anywhere compares to it! Saw almost every animal in 2 days without a huge effort. Bison Jam was outstanding and they were so close to our car that I could feel their breath coming in the window of our car. Outstanding! Another National Park visited and my favorite... read more
YellowstoneNationalPark 002
YellowstoneNationalPark 003
YellowstoneNationalPark 004

Day 1: Fly to Salt Lake City and 3 hrs drive to Idaho It was 96 degrees Fahrenheit when we landed at Salt Lake City at 4 pm. It was the beginning of our most coveted Yellowstone and Grand Teton trip. The turbulent flight was attributed to very hot weather. In fact, the pilot joked that he was glad the flight had brakes that worked! After a grocery stop for water and snacks, we drove 3 hours to Blackfoot in Idaho. The drive was through a barren but picturesque landscape with one big city Pocatello. The mantra that night was 'early to bed and early to rise'. Weather forecast for next 2 days was bad with 60 percent rain and thunderstorms and we just kept our fingers crossed! Day 2: Yellowstone (Old Faithful, Upper Geyser Basin, ... read more
Day2 Grand Prismatic Spring
Day2 Morning Glory Pool
Day3 Mammoth Canary Springs

blog 09-03-17 Yellowstone Falls Our destination today was Yellowstone Falls so we tried to get an earlier start, didn't happen. The entrance to the park was about 10:45 and we took the east route toward Tower and eventually Canyon. The road twisted and turned, up and up passing magnificent views of mountains in the not so far distance and beautiful meadows. Unfortunately the wild life had gone to bed for the day and refused to show themselves. The temperature was warm again so I don't really blame them. As we drove higher and higher we noticed traffic ahead and thought OH Good we'll see some animals. Not to be. The traffic was stopped with people out of their cars walking around and looking ahead. We had passed an ambulance earlier coming the other way but didn't ... read more
Yellowstone canyon
this tree hanging on for dear life
capturing the falls

Day 10 Victor to Kalispell As I mentioned previously, Ken suggested we leave at 6 this morning to make the most of our day. I attribute today’s success in Yellowstone National Park to this idea, but as I shall now demonstrate, implementation was a team effort. I volunteered to take the “futon” last night. I say “futon” because if it were a real futon, one could conceivably sleep on it. This was some sort of freak European couch that folded down into a flatter, less functional couch which the soul-less Scandinavian designers claimed you could sleep on. Ha. Sure. Maybe if you’re drunk or faced with the prospect of sleeping in cattle class on a 15 hour trans-Atlantic flight instead. Each section of this couch thing wasn’t overly comfortable to begin with and the sections were ... read more
Jackson Lake
Old Faithful

09-02-17 Old Faithful Out about 10 and we drove for 2 hrs to get to Old Faithful. There was construction and lots of traffic, who would have thought there would be traffic on Labor Day Weekend! When I made the plans for this trip I just didn't think about it being Labor Day won't make that mistake again. It took us 15 min. to get through the gate then along the way every attraction had " full" signs at the entrance to their parking lots. Our destination was Old Faithful, the most popular attraction in the park, so I was nervous what mess we would find. There was some traffic but we managed to find a parking place and found out that we had 45 min to the next scheduled eruption, give or take. There was ... read more
our raven friend at Old Faithful
it's starting
it's getting higher

Tuesday. 29 August, 2017 I was worried about getting a campsite in Yellowstone, but Kerry assured me there were plenty of walk-in sites available. We had a beautiful drive down from the campground to the north entrance at Gardner. At the gate the campgrounds were listed and showed which were already full and which had sites available. We decided Norris would be centrally located and was fairly close to the north entrance. Wouldn't you know, the road was under construction, with one lane traffic and long waits. We estimate it took us 45 minutes to go the 15 or so miles. I was much relieved to see that Norris CG had sites open when we arrived at last. But the fun was just beginning. The woman registering campers was on her second day of working there, ... read more
Yellowstone NP
Yellowstone NP
Yellowstone NP

The day started in Bozeman, Montana, and finished in Idaho Falls, Idaho....yes it was a very long day....but what a beautiful day spent mainly in Wyoming. Can you visit the Yellowstone National Park in a single day. It's difficult, we did it...let say I have the felling we may have seen 75% of the main sights. The Yellowstone National Park is the first and I believe the biggest National Park in the United States. It is adjacent to Teton National Park, but that will be for another visit for us. Yellowstone is not only a first for Tanya, it's a first for me too...and what a place! We had no idea how beautiful is this place. It is end of August, and they still have tourists all over. But the park is so huge that it ... read more
The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
By the Albright visitor center...he stay there for hours...
Just amazing, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

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