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Utah 2020 9 Utah Road scenery 2020 9 Arches National Park, Utah 9-17-2020 Arches National Park, Utah 8 gio sang toi bat dau di den Arches National Park. Phong canh Utah tren duong di dep mac dau toi da di Utah may lan truoc. Toi ghe qua Castle Valley vi doi nui voi dat da do tuyet dep. Tu day toi di thang den Arches National Park va den noi khoang 3pm. Arches National Park: park nay co hon 2,000natural sandstone arches. Park nay nam tren salt bed tao nen spires cach day 300 trieu nam. Salt flat day ca ngan feet tren Colorado Plateau ben canh song Colorado cach day khoang 300 trieu nam.khi ma bien chay qua vung nay. Nuoc bat dau bot hoi va sandstone bat dau tu lai de tu tu tao ... read more
2020-9 Arches National Park, Utah 9-2020

North America » United States » Utah » Arches National Park September 7th 2019

Today was mostly a driving day to get us from Utah to Wyoming for our two planned fishing trips. We started the day at Arches National Park Arches has a variety of Rick archways as well as unusual rock formations, with most of them having names. Some if the names were Balanced Rock, Double Window, and Delicate Arch. If you’ve ever seen a Utah license plate with the red arch, it is Delicate Arch. You can drive through the park or stop and hike. We mostly drove but I wanted a good picture of Delicate Arch so I hiked a little more than a half mile to get my picture. You might think that a half mile or more is nothing. That’s what I thought! I’m here to tell you it was tough. It started out ... read more
Arches National Park
Arches National Park
Arches National Park

Yes, more rocks. We really will get to some lush scenery soon. But the American Southwest is mostly about deserts, rocks, geology and dry landscapes. The last three blogs (Grand Canyon et al, Zion et al, and Kodachrome et al), along with this blog, all took place within six days. We were taking so many pictures that we got to a point (more than once actually) where we put the cameras away because we were tired of taking all these pictures, just to take them back out five or ten minutes later and take more pictures. :-) “Stark, exposed, and unforgettably spectacular, Arches National Park boasts the world’s greatest concentration of sandstone arches - more than 2,000, ranging from 3 feet to 300 feet, at last count” (Lonely Planet, USA, 2018, p. 885). Some formations were ... read more
Arches National Park
Arches National Park
Arches National Park

We arrive at Arches National Park in the afternoon after driving from Blanding. We could not get camping reservations so we drive to the only campground in the park to see if there are any cancellations. It is raining so we are hopeful. The campground has been fully reserved but only about 20 percent of the campsites are full. Even though the campground is mostly empty there are no campsites available. Fiery Furnace is a labyrinth of narrow sandstone canyons, to enter the Fiery Furnace you must accompany a ranger-guided hike or obtain a day-use permit. We tried to reserve a spot on a ranger-guided hike before we left for our trip. All of the hikes were booked. We stopped at the visitor center which is located near the park entrance and asked if we could ... read more
Hiking to Delicate Arch
Hiking in Fiery Furnace
Another Arch

Ok I know I'm doing three posts in one day but I do like the fact that there is another place besides facebook to talk about my travels. Also I know that I am doing two posts about Utah but I honestly feel like the national parks in Southern Utah are also a must see. A few months ago while I was out of school a few buddies and myself left for Moab Utah to hike Delicate arch and the two windows. Even though I have been to arches several times. It never ceases to amaze me how breathtaking the natural rock formations are. Even if you are in Europe it is totally worth the time and effort to fly to Utah and hike the beautiful red rock trails. I guess my one pro tip for ... read more

So we have finally arrived at our last stop in Utah: Moab, a city near Arches National Park. The heat has continued so we were glad to have some shade in the campground. We made sure we got out early to do our hiking. And the wind was often with us. It was so windy when Dianne was preparing supper one night that she put the salad on the plates in Ziploc bags so it wouldn’t blow away. Arches National Park The park is aptly named. Most of what people come to see is arches and there are lots of them. The park is huge and you can put on a few kilometres getting from one place to another. There is a lot of up and down travel but this lends itself to lots of spectacular ... read more
Arches National Park
Campsite visitor
and a little rest

North America » United States » Utah » Arches National Park November 6th 2017

Arches National Park is a 5 minute drive north of Moab and home to more than 2000 natural arches. The arches, mesas and spires are the result of a fascinating geological phenomenon, 350 million years in the making. We have spent many hours over the past week exploring the park and just a few of the arches accessible by hiking off the park highway.... read more
Balancing rock
Landscape arch
Pine Arch

North America » United States » Utah » Arches National Park September 24th 2017

Red Hued Delicate Geological Rock Formations; For this Fall Break 2017, I decided to take off a few states from my list of 50 States of the United States. This also gave me the opportunity to tick off 3 National Parks from the 59 recognized Parks in the United States. Driving from Arizona - Utah - Idaho - Montana - Washington - Oregon - California and back to Arizona. Talk of the great American road trips. Wilson Arch: When we entered Utah, we made a stop at Wilsons Arch; Natural Sandstone Arch in Southern Utah.Our drive to Salt Lake City from Flagstaff, AZ was going to be rather long and monotonous, so we decided to make a stop at Arches National Park, seeing as it was already on my Bucket list as well as the 59 ... read more

Our plan to get on the road early holds firm, mostly with the assistance of Adriana and Wesley waking up at 6.30am to cook us a delicious breakfast. I make multiple trips down the 3 flights of stairs with the suitcases to begin the ritual of loading. Antonio’s done something clever to reduce the number that need to be strapped onto the back from five to four; this allows a new configuration which hopefully keeps everything far enough away from the exhaust. I don’t believe I mentioned it prior, but we have melted the tarp and a couple of the handles from the cases by getting them too close to tailpipes. I have visions of us zooming down the interstate like a rocket with twin streams of fire and smoke trailing us upon re-entry. By 8am ... read more
Arches Vista
Balancing Rock
Highway 6 canyon

North America » United States » Utah » Arches National Park October 15th 2016

Saturday October 15 - After Goblin Valley we drove on to Arches National Park. A popular park on a Saturday is not ideal, but it wasn't so bad. We stopped at the visitor's center first, to see if we could get tickets to join the ranger-led tour of Fiery Furnace the next day, since you can only buy them in person in October, but no luck. They were sold out for a week. I had been hoping to do that hike, but it was ok. There was plenty to do. We decided to walk to Delicate Arch with the time we had left that day. Delicate Arch is THE arch that everyone has seen pictures of, the one on the Utah license plate and quarter. You can see it from a distance from two viewpoints, but ... read more
Balanced rock

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