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North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio August 3rd 2022

The Tower of the Americas is the second highest free standing tower in the USA, with the first being the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas and the third is the Space Needle in Seattle, both of which we have visited (see and respectively). Sorry America, but they are all outdone by the CN Tower in Canada (see ). The tower and a lot of the city centre regeneration, including the Riverwalk, seems to be linked to the 1968 World Fair, which is frequently mentioned. If I am not mistaken, it was a similar World Fair that gave rise to the Space Needle in Seattle. Perhaps we need the 2023 World Fair in our home town so that the whole world can see what Hemel Hempstead has to offer (and I cringe whilst I'm writing this)!? I ... read more
Colourful Riverwalk
Star Gazer
The Tower of The Americas

North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio August 2nd 2022

I am clearly still partially on UK time as I was awake early so walked out to The Alamo which was only five minutes away and was illuminated at night. It is surprising what a difference moving 500 miles to the west makes as sunrise was significantly later than it had been in New Orleans. I got talking to the Alamo Ranger who was outside the site even at that time in the morning. It seems that the UK and the USA were actually on the same side in the conflict here. Whilst that is always the case now, the British are usually the bad guys in American history (see ). Apparently there were people from 12 different countries killed here. We are booked on an audio tour tomorrow, so we will find out all about ... read more
The Riverwalk
Riverside Bells
Texan Merchandise

North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio August 1st 2022

There was a laundry near the hotel and we had considered getting some washing done to make sure that we had enough clean clothes to last until the end of the holiday. Unusually (or maybe not for New Orleans) the laundry had a voodoo theme. After consideration, we decided that it was not worth the risk of cursed laundry (oh, and we didn't really have time given the long journey that we had ahead). The estimate for that journey was seven and three quarter hours plus breaks, so we decided to not had hang-around and we were on the road by 9.00am, which is early by our standards. The Interstate 10 was just a couple of miles from our hotel and then that would take us to within a few miles of our destination in San ... read more
The Voodoo Laundry
543 Miles
Interstate 10

North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio May 5th 2022

I had the opportunity to visit San Antonio recently with a friend and explore what they had to offer. I wanted to share a few pictures with you all as it is a beautiful place. I don't have pictures of the Alamo here as I visited it and completed a full tour a couple years ago. Initially we visited the "Nowhere Bookstore", an independent bookstore created by author Jenny Lawson. We then followed the Missions Trail and visited three of the Spanish missions found in the area. An evening stroll on the Riverwalk - San Antonio's prize walkway that runs for miles throughout town. There are some lovely sculptures and we were looking specifically for bats as the area is known for having massive numbers of Mexican free-tailed bats. We didn't have luck with the bats ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio September 9th 2021

Breakfast this morning was to be provided by Wyndham Resorts at our sales pitch. When we got there we were told no coffee because of Covid. Now anyone who knows Terry Wilson knows he needs a cup of coffee to get started each day. I must say he behaved very nicely on only juice. I was hoping this would be short. As soon as we sat down I told the salesman we really weren’t interested in making any kind of purchase, we were only interested in the gifts. He did cut his presentation somewhat short and we were in our way in about an hour. First up was to find a cup of coffee. McDonalds to the rescue!!! We found the McDonalds right around the corner from The Alamo. We then headed off to The Alamo. ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio September 8th 2021

Breakfast at the La Quinta was the best. It was like any other hotel breakfast but, just like any other kid, I LOVED the waffle maker. The waffles were in the shape of Texas! I want a waffle maker that makes waffles in the shape of WV!! We didn’t have as far to travel today, which was refreshing after our long travel day yesterday. This part of Texas was a mostly flat, farming community At one point it was flat and as far as you could see and on both sides of the road were wind turbines. I have never, ever seen so many. I tied to capture it on the camera but you just had to be here!! Getting to San Antonio was easier than we expected. There wasn’t a lot of traffic and it ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio July 28th 2019

Although we travel a couple of times per year, trips to destinations in our own country have been more limited in the last several years. We had both wanted to visit the great State of Texas but somehow, we had always put off a visit there. And, while I had never been to the “Lone Star” state, as a young child my husband had been through the ‘panhandle’ with his parents when they took long driving trips every summer. Texas is famous for many things and places: being part of the ‘Wild West’; the famous Battle of the Alamo where the Texans fought for independence from Mexico; being the home of the notorious outlaws Bonnie & Clyde as well as the famous Texas Rangers who finally ended the pair’s robbery and murdering spree; vast oil fields; ... read more
Hotel Valencia
San Fernando Cathedral Altar

North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio July 13th 2019

We woke this morning to sunny skies and calm winds, a great relief from yesterday, when the winds in Holly Beach were so strong it was difficult to close the car door. We left the hotel at 7:55 and 81 degrees and hopped right onto I-10, which was right outside the hotel. The first leg of our trip took us to Houston. Of course we passed the obligatory fuel plants along the way, one in particular looking like a monster of an erector set on steroids. And one gas plant had the biggest flame burning at the top of a chimney that I have ever seen…seems like a real waste of fuel, but I guess there is a purpose in this. And after checking the internet, the expert authority on everything (not), it seems that these ... read more
Natural gas plant
Houston skyline
Houston Skyline

North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio March 1st 2019

blog 03-01-19 The River Walk After the usual morning routine, I washed off the car just to get the worst of the dirt off. I sure felt better even though it's not "clean". Back to my favorite parking lot in town I found the entrance to the river walk after buying my tour ticket from the information center. There is a whole world down a flight of steps that is festive and colorful. There are shops, restaurants, colorful decorations and hoards of people in this secret little world. Oh, and a river. I found the line for the tour boat and after a short wait we boarded Harold's boat and our instructions if we fell overboard were to stand up and walk to the nearest shore, it's no deeper then 5 ft with a concrete bottom. ... read more
the path leading the way to the river
our tour guide

North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio February 28th 2019

blog 02-28-19 The Alamo The weather was cold and rainy this morning so we snuggled back in bed for a while. After our walk I did a few chores then decided to go into town to see the Alamo. It was about a 25 min trip and it took me that long again to figure out the one way streets and find a parking spot. It was one of those lots where you go to the kiask and buy the number of hrs you want. That accomplished I walked a block and found the Alamo. Right in the middle of town surrounded by big beautiful live oaks and walls that have all been reconstructed. I talked to people at the information center about the river cruise and where to park for that and how to get ... read more
about a 150 yr old live oak
doors to the Alamo
the museum and gift store

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