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North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth December 6th 2007

Time is beginning to fly by as our January 15th departure date draws closer and my sleep habits are beginning to reflect it! Last night I sat up in bed and thought, "ziploc bags! I wonder if I can get ziploc bags in Tanzania!" So, I've begun my "short list" for the final box of a few last minute items I think might be hard to find once we get there. I've decided, come what may, I'll be alright if I can take some hand gel, hand wipes, and of course, ziploc bags, (Tomorrow I will probably think of some other little thing to make my life easier that must go in that box as well). We have been so blessed in that the Samfords (another family moving to Tanzania to work with the school) are ... read more
Moving the Light Stuff
The Holidays

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth October 23rd 2007

Hujambo Wenzi! (Hello Friends!), I certainly hope all is well with all of you and your labor in the Lord is going strong. We are back in Fort Worth,TX for a few days for some much needed r&r. We will have the opportunity however, this Wednesday evening, to present the work at Roanoke, TX not far from here. We then will be heading out again this Thursday, making our way to Hattiesburg, MS where we will stay with the Upchurches for a night. The next day we will head out for Hoover, AL where we will present the work. We are looking forward very much to seeing brother & sister Upchurch again and the brethren at Hoover as well. As difficult as it has been, traveling and raising support, it has been a real blessing to ... read more
In the Driver's Seat
The Girls

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth September 26th 2007

This wasn't an actual travel, but I happened to be in Texas. After many many visits of Texas that mostly were like airport - hotel - airport, I finally saw an actual town. Previously, I had an image of Texas as endless highways in the plain view, cookie cutter house complexes and huge shopping malls. Now, I also can picture the horses, cows and saloons. Some statistics claims that Fort Worth is a big city, but we were actually more interested to see the famous Stockyard Historic District and the daily cattle drive. We saw some images of the drive in the airport and thought it was a big deal there, so we absolutely had to see that. The drive happens every day in the morning and at 4 pm and it's basically cows walking through ... read more
Saloon goers
Horse decorations
Cattle drive

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth June 10th 2007

We've been visiting Paul's family for almost two weeks, spending time with his grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins in Fort Worth, Texas. His mom even came down for a couple of days, and his brother for a couple of weeks. Mostly we just spent time hanging out and enjoying the weather. We had to change our truck and camper tires, as the truck tires were pretty bald and the trailer tires were starting to tear up a bit. The new ones have a 60,000 mile warranty, so they'll definitely last us the rest of the trip!! One of our mini adventures was simply a dinner at Wing Stop, where Paul dared his brother Brandon to eat 3 hot wings spiced with habanero peppers. Well, Brandon was $20 richer, but his mouth wasn't too happy! On ... read more
Paul Knevil
Hot Wings!
Red Snapper!

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth June 3rd 2007

We headed up to Fort Worth for a weekend. Stevie wanted to see the hospital he was born in before he got adopted. I naturally took this as an opportunity to tag along and head to Fort Worth to check out the museums there. Our first stop was at the famed Water Gardens of Fort Worth. Located in downtown the gardens are a relaxing place to take a break. The gardens were so futuristic looking back when they were built that they were featured at the end of Logan's Run, the classic Sci-Fi movie. Its just mostly water flowing over brown slabs but watching it cascade over several times in several patterns creates such a unique place that I can see why people fall in love with it. You can venture down to the bottom of ... read more
Fort Worth Water Gardens #2
Fort Worth Water Gardens #3
Fort Worth Water Gardens #4

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth March 24th 2007

I got my high art and architecture fix at the Kimbell Art Museum and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth—they are conveniently located across the street from one another in the Cultural District. Designed by master architect Louis I. Kahn, the Kimbell is one of those places where archigeeks like myself make pilgrimages to. It’s a travertine temple to late Modernism. The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth was exciting to see because I haven’t seen any of the architect’s (Tadao Ando) work in person. Lunch at the Modern’s café, Bon Appetit, was delish and the stylish Saarinen dining chairs fit right in to the well-designed space. The day ended with a fantabulous late dinner at Lonesome Dove Western Bistro (billed as “fine urban Western cuisine”) located in the historic Stockyard District. I had ... read more
Kimbell Art Museum, Ft. Worth
Kimbell Art Museum, Ft. Worth
Museum of Modern Art Fort Worth

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth March 4th 2007

After spending the day in Dallas, we decided it is only fair that we do the same in Fort Worth. So we all hopped in the car and headed out into traffic for the 1 hour ride Dallas to Forth Worth. During the entire ride to Fort Worth I was thinking it would be pretty much the same as Dallas, and mostly I was right. We arrived in downtown Fort Worth, and had no trouble parking the car. This was due to the fact that the streets in Fort Worth are largely deserted on the weekends, but anyway at least we had made it. Now it was time to see the sights. We walked the streets and saw what we could, but fairly quickly we just ended up sitting in bar to pass the time. When ... read more
Fort Worth Stockyards
Theatre in Fort Worth
My Sister on a Toy Horse

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth April 2nd 2006

Here we are somewhere in TX headed for Memphis. James Taylor-"You've Got a Friend." We've been playing old 60s music & it'smaking us sentimental. We are cousins so far removed but connected in some mysterious way. We had breakfast with Kay's sister, niece, nephew & nephew-to-be, Aren. Aren is studying for the ministry, which really piqued Betty's interest. They got so involved in conversation, Betty didn't tell Kay's sister goodbye & is now feeling guilty. This is our 4th trip together. Kay & Betty are the storytellers. They carry & tell the stories of the grandmothers & grandfathers. It's our gift to the present generation. Somewhere in E. Texas got gas & 2 cowgirl hats. Betty got a pink one = Code Pink. Just 2 cowgirls on the road. Kay's hat is a "real" cowgirl hat. ... read more

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